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  1. Don't Starve Shower Thoughts

    that's not a beard... it's something much more crass
  2. this meatball has been nerfed substantially. 1 sad react - 1 prayer
  3. actually i'm pretty sure it's mostly because the cave guardian mod is more flashy and serves a more common purpose but hey that's just a theory a gnome theory instant edit: dammit i misread your message. i guess you can just disregard what i said above but i'm too lazy to strikethrough it yep
  4. every crying emoji react is one less plate of meatballs eaten #fightthemeatball
  5. Warly stares from afar "My job here is done"
  6. Personally, i still hunt a lot of things for normal meat and resources (i regularly kill beefalo for beef hats, hunt koealefants whenever i feel like it and fish up fish for that sweet 40 HP boost from fishsticks), but i gotta admit the monster meat + ice recipe could be nerfed. I agree with Lumina here - a good middle ground would be keeping the recipe, but limiting it to only 1-2 ice so that players will use other types of filler to make food. Most of the time i've defaulted to just using ice and all the berries the team has picked from the farms usually go unused (well unless i need some HP, then i make Trail Mixes). As for the bird thing? Doesn't really make much sense to me ATM. I think it could be resolved by making birds eat only 2 or 1 monster meat per day and then refuse to eat any more because of the poison. Or it could work by taking away the bird's HP bit by bit so you have to gauge the amount of monster meat you give it so as to not kill it. To sum it up, i'm neutral on this topic. Regular meat and other mobs aren't as useless as Curator puts it, but the meatballs recipe does need a slight nerf, as do the birbs.
  7. Is DST dead?

    DST isn't dead, i am! tho i don't really play it anymore
  8. Is Webber actually Naked?

    Never fear, Incognito Mode is here! Allowing you to search up R34 for a canonically underage spider-human hybrid with NO repercussions!
  9. I'm not saying it's terribly useful, but these ARE near-permanent lights we're talking about. And they look kick-ass.
  10. Boi did you forget everything ELSE you can use shroom skin for?
  11. if you're at a point of the game where you can fight Edgestool, you're probably already acquainted with regular Ruins trips to gather gems and materials. Making a couple of deconstruction staffs can't be that hard in that case. Plus, this turns an item which you craft with 1 shroom skin and 1 poisoned canary into 4 shroom skins and 24 saffron feathers. I'd say that's a good payoff for using up a bit of the deconstruction staff. Same for the scaled flooring, as noted above. If the item's in the game, why not use it?
  12. Is Webber actually Naked?

    ...Alright then, how about.. his and the spider's *ahem* merged together like the rest of their bodies, but it's simply hidden under his fur?
  13. Is Webber actually Naked?

    The spider is his clothes now. Let's keep it at that.
  14. Unfair? I'd say! ONI was kept secret on the forums, with people barely even knowing about its existence. I'm sure a lot of NON forum people would have loved to buy the alpha, but now they can't get it because it was basically hidden the whole time. A beta participation reward would be much better IMO.
  15. It wasn't the worst thing ever, it definitely was interesting, but i wouldn't call it "fun". Mostly trial and error, communication issues, screenshotting and a ton of imgur albums, and BUGS. OH my goodness were there bugs. Disconnections, lights not appearing, missing things, resets.. We had to do the puzzle THREE times for it to finally work and NOT erase all our progress when we finally managed to get 6 lights on the chest. And then i was simply too tired to play the game and collect everything so we just spawned the chest, the items and hoped for the best. The end result was really satisfying, but it was really annoying to get through. I can get why people hate the puzzle, but i can NOT understand why people still defend it for how clunky, buggy and annoying it was.