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Question for devs - Steam app 457140 vs 593590

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I read on the FAQ that purchasing the alpha grants you the full game on release. Pretty standard for Steam early access games. What I don't understand is the developer's decision to create 2 entirely different Steam apps. 457140 is the "full game", while 593590 is the alpha. To me, this looks as though I'm buying app 593590, which will not ever allow me to play app 457140 since that's a completely different game in the Steam store. I own quite a number of early access titles, and have never seen a developer create two separate game pages on Steam. Why? And why not simply follow what everyone else does and just change the name when it's fully released, removing the "alpha" tag? It's just....weird.

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The game isn't in Early-Access yet. 

Valve doesn't have any way to release an alpha for purchase without it entering the entire Steam ecosystem. We specifically do not want to be part of the discovery queue, top sellers, new releases and all the other stuff that goes along with a release on steam. 

It's something new we are trying out that they are helping us with. Valve created a new page for us that restricts these things (just like how we use it before it goes public). The appids are different, but the package that you get from the purchase is the same.

You can think of the "appid" in the case that you have above as a store page (for the sake of discussion). So appid 593590 is an app that doesn't show in the Valve ecosystem. But the package(game) that appid 593590 gives you is the same one that appid 457140 would give you if it were available for purchase. 

So when the games goes into early-access and full release you will be getting the full game, because technically speaking that's already what you have.  

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