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  1. "Unreachable". A picture is worth 1,000 words...
  2. Today one of my dupes sat down next to a plant to eat his lunch and stifled half my garden... When I went from 4 dupes to 5, my entire base started overheating. I had to kill off a dupe.
  3. Unfortunately the game doesn't keep track of your individual food items. So if you have a food storage box with old food in it, then harvest fresh food and put it in there, ALL your food gets deleted.
  4. Just that one time. I reloaded and have been playing that game for hours now.
  5. First crash in 114 hours of play time. Just going about the normal daily routine when I got a CTD. SimDLL_CRASH_release_208557_20170302-09.5218.dmp Dank Deep 5 Cycle 60 (1).sav
  6. Damn! That was one of my favorite features...
  7. I suffocated 2 of my dupes. About half a day later I get a red pop-up message box that one of the dead dupes is lashing out to relieve stress, and has broken a building (she didn't, of course). The message also didn't go away until I quit and restarted the game.
  8. Try right-clicking the Steam icon in the system tray and selecting Library. Then right-click Oxygen Not Included and select Properties. Select the tab labeled "local files", and click the button labeled "verify integrity of game files". On the Local Files tab, make sure that just above the buttons it says Disk Usage: 890 MB on drive (whatever drive you have it installed on). It almost sounds to me like the game files aren't even installed on the computer.
  9. I've seen this behavior many times. It seems if they have a "move to" order queued, they don't take into account that the block has been removed. I get this all the time when trying to force a dupe to dig the block out from under their own feet so they'll fall. They destroy the block, then magically float in the air for the second it takes for them to climb onto another block.
  10. I have a game where a coal generator @1,689.2 degrees fahrenheit is sitting in a puddle of water @74.6 degrees. The water won't heat up. In the same game, I have liquid oxygen @-294.34 degrees below zero sitting on top of contaminated water @90.3 degrees, with carbon dioxide above the liquid oxygen @79.2 degrees. I have solid oxygen @-185.76 degrees below, sitting on a gas permeable tile @75.6 degrees, surrounded on three sides (as well as the square it occupies) by contaminated oxygen @80 degrees. So yeah, there's a huge issue with heat transfer.
  11. Trying to attach a file, kept getting an error on uploading. Here is a save with the bug: http://s000.tinyupload.com/index.php?file_id=81771427105734089260 Check the coal generator on the bottom-right. I've disabled the hamster wheels. To drain the batteries quickly, turn on the switch on the bottom-left by the thermo regulators. Even though I've mined coal and had the dupes put it in the storage compactors, and have all dupes set to "job deliver", they won't feed coal. They WILL however, disable and enable the coal generator easily enough. The coal generator is set to priority 9. They finally delivered coal a day or two later.
  12. I hope they can fix this soon. Really kind of impossible to play if you can't use items due to fear of precious water loss. So when the object pauses, or turns off/on, it's "forgetting" the amount of liquid that was inside? Is that your conjecture, Risu?
  13. Just a quick note that even though I have Steam to "always keep this game up to date", it didn't download the last patch. I double and triple checked and it said "this game is up to date". I had to use "verify integrity of game cache" to get the new files. Might want to double-check whatever you need to do to let Steam know that clients needs to download the new version. This also caused the erroneous posting of a bug by myself (that and the fact that I failed to check the game version number): That issue appears to be fixed now that I have game version 208196.
  14. This was due to two things: Me not checking the game version number, and Steam not updating player's games to v208196. The only way I could get the latest version was to use "verify integrity of game files".
  15. Take a look at this video and you'll see how much liquid is going into the pipe vs how much comes out (nothing): Edit: Also note that once it hits the first pipe bridge, it's still doing the "stop and go" behavior. Then once it occasionally exits bridge #14 (top center), the blob is no longer doing stop-and-go. The Underground Cantaloupe Cycle 33.sav
  16. I've been playing a base named "Crashpad" for the last couple of days. Today I was generating new games and not really paying any attention to the name of the base. One of the new maps created auto-named the base Crashpad and overwrote my current game save! Ugh... Thank god for those auto-backups is all I can say. The game engine shouldn't overwrite save files when generating a new map.
  17. Ration Box periodically deletes all food stored inside it, regardless of "freshness". This happened to me a number of times in a different playthrough, every once in a while I'd see an empty ration box and wonder how the dupes could have eaten so much (I had about 30 mealwood plants to 6 dupes). This time I actually saw it happening and caught it on video and in my save file. Both games this happened in, I had deconstructed the original Ration Box and built 2 more. In this game (video and attached save file) I had literally just harvested 3 mealwood plants and put the lice in there, so it has nothing to do with how long food lasts without a refrigerator. To observe the behavior in-game, download and load the attached save file, then fast-forward time about an hour. It always happens at the same time every day in this save file (I repeatedly loaded an auto-save and fast-forwarded to ~10pm, when it happened every time). Also worth noting: If you load the attached save file, then immediately give a priority 9 order to deconstruct the ration box, build a new one in the same spot, then have the dupes sweep up the food and put it in the new box, the food doesn't vanish. Here's a short video where you can see the completely full ration box self-emptying: Ration Box Bug.sav
  18. If you have dupes build a vertical wall where an existing "natural material" wall is, all the resources that drop down from the material removed in order to place the tiles vanishes rather than being pushed out horizontally toward the dupes (empty squares).
  19. I took a look at this. It appears to me that mining a tile creates a vacuum, as it should. If you pause the game the split second after a tile is mined and check the gas in that spot, you will see it is very low pressure. Also remember that when dupes are standing in one spot mining, they're breathing out CO2, which when you have 3 or 4 dupes standing together will create a big pocket of CO2.
  20. I hope the developer response meant "we do not have a fix ready yet", as opposed to the second part, "we are not planning on addressing the issue in the immediate future". Mesh tile: Allows gas but not water to pass through. Totally not working on the water part. Just tried it myself and water goes right through.
  21. I've noticed this behavior a number of times now in different games I've played (different save files). A Duplicant will be on a Ladder, and rapidly move up and down 1 tile repeatedly for as long as 10-15 seconds, while their description says "moving to safety". Note that every time it happened, the Duplicant could have simply climbed up or down the ladder without an issue. I'm linking a video of the behavior. NOTE that in this video I captured the bug just as it was about to be resolved. Before I started recording, the Duplicant had already been doing this for about 5 seconds. If I had to guess, it's caused by sand falling from above the Duplicant. Note that in the video you can see that the sand being mined by the other Duplicants is 2 tiles away horizontally, and doesn't pose a threat. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I5eOVE6bzCQ