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Looking For More Weirdness In Your Life, Well The Search Is Over


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Are you looking for somebody crazy? then I'm your gal!

So hop in, and hang on. As this out of control flaming train makes it's inevitable decant into madness, for all those on board

I welcome you!!

What will be posted here:

  1. drawings (colour, pencil and charcoal)
  2. writing
  3. painting
  4. cosplay stuff
  5. and some other bits and pieces

I'm going to be posting a heap of arty things here so get ready.

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These are some pictures of a lighter that I'm making for surprise surprise a Willow cosplay.

I already have a black skirt, white t-shirt, red jumper and shoes. I'm looking for a wig that's close to what willows hair looks like, then I'm going to use hair spray to keep it up.

So while I look for that I'm concentrating on props, like the lighter and Bernie the bear.


The first image is what I'm hoping it will look like, the others are my one.

I cut shapes out of cardboard then used glue and news paper to strengthen it, I did like three layers of this. Then put glue and kitchen roll over the top, as it's easyer to paint on. will have more picks when it's painted.






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4 minutes ago, ImDaMisterL said:

That looks so cool 0-0

 Thanks!! when I have everything together I'll do a photo-shoot. A fiend of mine is doing Wilson, so I'll take some pictures of them as well. properly be a little while though as they have to make a wig for it.

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14 hours ago, DragonMage156 said:

That's cool :) I'm pumped to see more! ^_^

Also, have we met? You're profile pic looks vaguely familiar...

I think we might have, I was very in to the forums at one point. Had some story stuff going and a role play, but I left for other fandoms, back now!!

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Here have some ocs, think fast!!!

*throws them at you literately*

The first one is Nimra, they are a biological engineer and part machine, this is an updated version of them.

The second one is Wek a crazy little animal boy, thats been in the don't starve world so long he dosen't really remember anything else, he hangs with Nimra in her lab.


P.S. Go ahead and ask them any questions you might have.



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20 hours ago, DragonMage156 said:

I'm guessing Wek was brought into DS when we was young (maybe even younger than Webber) and just sorta became 'feral' like the story of most wild childs. I almost mistook him for a girl however due to his long hair. How old is he now if I may ask?

First Wek doesn't care what you call him, usually uses male pronouns or just says his name (e.g. Wek doses what boss says, Wek will bite you!) Nobody taught him about this stuff.

Anyways to the bigger question!

When Wek first come to DS he's 3, time passes he meets the pig men that raise him, after that he's around 6 - 7. Then he go's crazy and spends most of his time with the hounds, he turns 9 some where around here. Finally he meets Nimra by this point he's 12.

from my head-cannons about peoples ages, he's a little younger than Webber who I always thought was around 12 -13, and Wendy at 13 - 14.

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A birthday card I made for a friend.

Wilson is the one shouting at the bottom. He apologise profusely for WX's behaviour and reminds you that he doesn't have any empathy, so things like cards are hard for him. Well at least that the excuses he's going to go for.



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10 hours ago, minespatch said:

Impressive with getting the font close!


You wouldn't want to know how long I had look at WX, and what he says in game to get it right, I feel like I now know him too well.

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