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Found 11 results

  1. Are you looking for somebody crazy? then I'm your gal! So hop in, and hang on. As this out of control flaming train makes it's inevitable decant into madness, for all those on board I welcome you!! What will be posted here: drawings (colour, pencil and charcoal) writing painting cosplay stuff and some other bits and pieces I'm going to be posting a heap of arty things here so get ready.
  2. Welcome, This topic is where I am going to be posting most of my sketches that I've drawn over these months, it has been a couple of weeks since I joined this Forum, but it looks like my sketches may be of the like of you, aside that if I keep drawing this will assure my improvement. So today I'm gonna start this art pile with my very first drawing related to Don't Starve... Its frightening (To look at). Yep, it's the werebeaver from Woodie's transformation. I'm gonna post my other works here, so if you somehow like them, stay tuned for more! Cheers. - Doro
  3. Hi, This is my first time posting my art on the forums so hopefully I did this right. I did this drawing of Wilson and Willow for Valentine's Day
  4. AAAAAND I'M ALIVE AGAIN probably with less things than I would like to add but hey, I got more! Posting more random art and sketches I did recently. ----------------- A small dump of sketches I did of King of Science, aka my throned wilson, did it through those days while I had no tasks in the college project. I drew him in the other ways he goes by, those where he wears a mask is usually when he passes through areas of the world that he MIIGHT have caused Nuclear Winter. ------------------- A sketch I did of my throned wes, did it during class when our task was done. ------------------------------ Also during this time I have been updating a few things on a personal mod, so I did new portraits. Also got around in rather than using the given background, I gave it a shot in making my own. ------------------------------- And then finally I actually did a colored picture after seeing the rose costume, I just love vests and suits so the moment I saw Wilson's set I immediately had to draw something related. ------------------------- This I did a while ago for kind of a 'reference' of the little updates I did on my throned wilson and because I wanted to make a comparison to my old reference ----------------------- The first drawing, the bunny I did during class to try out a different coloring, it is Willoughby from DextersComicLaboratory The second was a palette challenge drawing requested by my other friend, she requested Kos and Pandelle, which is her character. ------------------------------------- This was done while taking a little break at morning. It is Speed, the lizard character and protagonist from the little game project I am in at the college
  5. Hi everyone! To whoever read this!! ( o w o ) The name's Fruitloop but you guys can call me loop! Pleasure to meet ya guys! I love Don't Starve ever since I first laid eyes on it on a gameplay in youtube and well, I drew a little addicted to its cuteness and such <3 I sure wish I could play the actual game itself for support but I cant. So my only support is through fanarts and comic So I will drop all my Don't Starve Fanarts here like a bomb I'm also working on a Don't Starve Comic. It's fun! Chapters Chapter 1: Let the show beginChapter 2: Machines and GravesChapter 3: Spiders and ShadowsChapter 4: We will take care of youChapter 5: Be Wary of the dark Chapter 6: Freezing ColdChapter 7: UnpreparedChapter 8: The First Snow FellChapter 9: Little flower
  6. Hey guys! Long time no see! I thought I'd finally add an art thread here after much debate and fighting with myself. Everyone has such inspiring work here, so I hope my doodles can entertain you! They're kind of large so be warned. Let's start... And my personal favorite... Thanks much for taking a look! I hope you enjoyed it, I'll do my best to post more on this thread in future!
  7. Hey there ! First of all you have to know that it's a new art thread I'm making, here is the link to the previous : And now, new pics ! Webber IRL : Why you would fear darkness... And how They manipulate you... What do you think of it ?
  8. Yo guys, My name is... I wanted long ago to call myself a real artist so started to draw also recenly made some sketches. Many of you are real artist and have awesome, better and better arts thus I decided, can't call myself that way so long I didn't draw all of my friends profile pics. Up to now I only could make three of them and it took one whole hour to finish one. I feel like it's harder than I thought (if yes, with all due respect to the DS artists') or just I was too slow or too lame. So here you are: Thanks for reading, rating and leaving a comment is always appreciated!
  9. Hello everybody!I like to draw and play games and lately I have been playing Don't Starve, a game that really sucked me in.Even talked my Girlfriend to try it and she loved it Also she encouraged me to draw all characters and post it here.So here are Wilson, Willow (her favorite) and WX-78. At the moment I am working on others and will post them as soon as I finish them, really hope you guys enjoy them as much as I enjoyed drawing them.Best of luck to you all! "VOODOO" WX-78 "HIPPIE" WILSON "WINTER" WILLOW "GENTLEMAN" WOLFGANG "IMMORTAL" WESToo bad it's not allowed to attach more than 5 pictures to a single post :)Good news are - Finished all characters except for Maxwell, since I haven't unlocked him yet.Cheers.
  10. I should probably get around to colouring them, but I've doodled a few things here and there just because I love this game!