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  1. Gorge has been great, just finished getting everything all the emoticons, profil icons, backgrounds and everybody's clothing (excluding head skins). I got a lucky drop on my most cute and wonderful boy wes and the cane skin whoop!!!
  2. Wilson has a binding around his hair to keep it in a ponytail and two beads in his beard. Maxwell ended up being a deep sea siren, with an angler theme. Was using inspirobot and it kept making ones that reminded me of Wes.
  3. Some stuff for mermay. Was looking through some posts on tumblr and saw this picture from an alien museum, kind of looks like Maxwell made me laugh.
  4. Yes, like the princess he is. A human-ish looking version of the stagehand. Circus family and mime kisses.
  5. First time drawing both of them, Walani was really fun to draw especially her hair.
  6. The person wanted a monster style wilbur, the first thing i thought of was the monkeys from wizard of Oz, so yes a little bit. Aww thanks it was a hard pose still not quite sure it looks right. Some more stuff i did for some people on discord, they drew a really cool monster version of wilson so i joined in too. The first one is with noraml eyes the other one has mutiple eyes.
  7. I did some drawings of wilbur for a friend on discord, this being the first time i've drawn him think they turned out well.
  8. I FINALLY FINISHED IT!!!!!! (well i bet i'm going to mess with a a bit more but you know what i mean).
  9. Was looking over some of my old sketch pads and found the first Don't Starve fanart i ever drew. Thought i'd do a comparison to see how much my art has improved, what do you think?
  10. Your candy bag is so cute, you did a really good job!!!
  11. It looks so yummy!!! Wish i could have a bite.
  12. Some body horror-esc stuff, been trying to practise as i'm not very good at drawing gore. Think they turned out ok i quite like the maxwell piece.
  13. Which balloon from Wes's picture makes you the most uncomfortable? I dislike the blue one with human teeth, that kind of stuff always interests me and freaks me out at the same time. (It's always the teeth that are the wost they look so out of place.)
  14. It's always the quiet ones you have to watch out for. Wes is a formidable force when insane, using his small stature, light feet and acrobatics training to get around unsees and unheard, Terrorizing his 'allies'. (Guess this is what happens when you leave a guy alone in a hellscape with no company except robots.) The survives have only had a slight taste of what he can be like, and have placed him on a sanity full regimen and diet. To make sure it never happens again.
  15. Messing around with lighting. Have had this lying around for a bit, don't think i like it enough to colour so you can have the pencil version. Don't worry they're just training, Nim's not so good at fighting so Wek gives her tips.
  16. You went a bit crazy with all the cloths, the beefalo skin trader thinks it's funny.
  17. Ding!! DIng!! Ding!! You win being an awesome skellington, and a drawing of your choice. (you only get one so pick carefully)
  18. A big drawing i did a while back of lots of my favorite cartoon and gaming characters. Sorry about the quality it won't fit in my scanner so had to take pictures. If you can guess them all you get a prize!!!