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Don't Starve: Resumptus

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Quoth143    12045

Friendly spiders FTW!

I vote for Lilly if female, Jerry if male. Why? *shrugs*

Most of the spiders in the game are cute, except for the queen and the scary cave ones with a shell...

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Zillvr    1795

@Quoth143, I can see that you like spiders except for the cave spiders. Maybe this fanart thread made by LiptonPee almost a year ago now will change your mind. Do note that the thread and artist has been inactive with it since January, see their last post. So be warned NOT to revive the thread. From what I've experienced, forum people don't like necros. 


I hope that has swayed your opinions on them cave spiders in what little way possible, cheers! 

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