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  1. Where are you guys finding these lines?!
  2. Is it wrong that I am both happy and sad on this? I'm happy because we might be getting a new character but sad because there go my headcanons...
  3. “Tell me, how does it feel to run a fool’s errand?” “Watch it bonehead, Chomper will get a new chew toy if you don’t talk.” (Bobbie stumbled across the Ancient Fuel Weaver, wrapped in strong thorny vines in a large garden)
  4. Albert's new sunflower skin.
  5. It looks way cool!
  6. After reading @Zeklo's theory thread on the Fuel Weaver, I wanted to try to get Soleil to fit in more with the lore.
  7. Calling it now, the Fuel Weaver is the Ancient version of Maxwell/Wilson. Someone out to gain knowledge only for it to go horribly wrong for themselves and others.
  8. And here is the video that goes with it...(I keep spamming with the video, sorry)
  9. I made the thing faster!!

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      Ramp up the art! woot-woot.

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      Video was really cool to see how you draw :D and the 44mins one awesome

  10. I made a thing...

    It's a very long thing...oops...

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      Wait I can watch it on your tumbler.

      Very Good.


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    4. DatShadowJK
  11. Kingpin Albert isn’t above punching people or maiming them… Mostly maiming, it sends a good message.
  12. The void beyond the edges of the caves seemed endless, until Bobbie hit the ground…Her body completely broken and not an amulet or touchstone to save her she seemed to be resigned to the fate of being a wandering ghost for eternity. That is until a small flame spontaneously appeared and grew to form a humanoid flame much like the walking skeletons. The humanoid introduced itself as Soleil, once a Queen but now long forgotten in the darkness. Soleil is happy that she has company though she is sorry for the circumstances with which it happened. Bobbie asks how Soleil ended up trapped in the darkness. Soleil explains that at one point she and her sister, Lune, ruled over the ancients until THEY overpowered her with the aid of her sister’s malevolent self, Eclipse. She had seen the city fall and her sister consumed by the darkness and has lived in the darkness since. Bobbie tells Soleil her story about her sister, her friends, Maxwell, and the Codex. Soleil sympathizes with Bobbie as she understands what it means to lose one’s family, namely her own sister. She also deduces that Eclipse is the reason for Charlie’s ascension. Soleil offers to help Bobbie by revealing that Bobbie should find the Shadow Crown, the one Soleil used to wear. This would give Bobbie the power to rule, but to first find it, Bobbie would need to be revived. It is then Soleil offers Bobbie her heart. This way Bobbie will be revived and Soleil would be set free, relatively speaking. It would also give Bobbie a fraction of Soleil’s power to conquer the games between her and the crown. However, it would mean Bobbie would never be able to return to her world and would become something much like Charlie. Bobbie thinks for awhile but believes that this might be her chance to save her friends and her sister from THEM. Bobbie accepts Soleil’s heart: (I love Ava's Demon and thought this pact song was fitting)