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  1. When you think you're good but then the straw hat falls apart.
  2. Nothing like hunting with your sister in BC. I mainly wanted to draw what I think Winona may look like if she’s ever revealed.
  3. @Aileen-Rose "Chomper no!" Bobbie quickly pulled the hound off of Laika. "I'm so sorry! He's not supposed to just jump on others like that!" Once tamed, Chomper had become a very affectionate hound and while it was frustrating for Bobbie, she also used it as a good sign. Animals were amazing judges of character.
  4. I just wanna snuggle him and snooze.
  5. Albert looking for evidence that could help find his brother.
  6. Willow puts an end to the terror that is the back scratcher.
  7. It's just the standard photoshop brush.
  8. "Finally, a safe weapon with which to spar with my new allies."- Wigfrid "Wigfrid keeps jumping out and hitting me with it!"- Wilson "Wigfrid keeps using it to \"spar\" with me and Lucy. We're afraid."- Woodie
  9. @JanH For this week's Don't Starve Draw Along stream, I present Willow ending the reign of terror that is the back scratcher.
  10. I miss our floof of a shih tzu, Jilly. 

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    2. DragonMage156


      Aw, so sorry for your loss :(

    3. Aileen-Rose


      Oh goodness Quoth I'm so sorry to hear that. *hug* May she rest in peace and I hope you feel better soon. Losing someone even if it's a pet is never easy.

    4. artistcrab


      awww im so sorry :(

  11. These are looking so cool!!
  12. I haven't drawn Bobbie in combat for awhile.