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They're Coming They're Coming!

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What was everybodies first reactions to most of the enemies?


Tentacle: What the hell is that thing? I don't like it

Treeguard: *Tried to fight it and died*

Spiders: Pretty calm since I assumed they were the standard enemy of the game

Spider Queen: Klei had done a great job of making me think the spider queens would be the baddest things every so I didn't dare go near one until i realized I could kill them.

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Tentacle: WTF is that thing? ahh spiders! (Watches as fight begins between the tentacle and the spiders, needless to say they both died at the same time looting for me!)

Spiders: I can take these! oh yeah!

Treeguard: (Sunset) Holy **** what is that thing! get back to camp! run for your life!


Spider Queen: I haven't encounter one yet, hopefully Soon.

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Haha! Nice thread!

Hounds: What is that barking soun... OH **** WHY ISN'T MY PICK AXE KILLIN... Bleh (the universally accepted noise of death)

Tentacle: WTF?! Ahahahaha... I'm too fast for the purple linguine monster trolololol... Bleh

Treeguard: Ok... So I know that I could spawn a Treeguard at any moment... and it's getting late and I'm cutting into my 13th consecutive tree... HAHA THERE YOU AR... WHAT? THE WIKI DIDN'T SAY TWO OF YOU COULD SPAWN AT THE SAME TI... Bleh

Werepig:: *I knew about these via wiki and forums already* And now I'll just pull this Spider Queen to this camp of... ... ... werepigs... YOU HAVE GOT TO BE SHITTING ME... Bleh

Spider: OMG it's a 6-legged head... of DOOM!!!



Day 5 Journal Post 1- I will attempt to down the strange beast for meat and perhaps a remarkable trophy.

Day 5 Journal Post 2- Ow.

Day 5 Journal Post 3- With my attempt at downing the strange Beefalo an utter failure and my body a broken shambles to boot... I shall have to resort to eating this monster meat that I have cooked... Bleh

Day 1 Journal Post 1- Damn.

Toad: Oh look at this utterly cute jumping toad!!! THWAK!!! OWCH WTF WAS THAT FOR!!!

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Haha that made me laugh, especially the part about the beefalo.. Im actually on "lockdown" right now because I ran out of meat effigies on day 81 (Because of reckless wandering) So until my beard grows in I will do nothing but work at my camp and build bee mines and ammunition/weapons

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Spiders: Spider! Kill It!

Beefalo: Hmm looks tough... *hit*, *sees dozen of 'em raging* ooops... i think i'll go somewhere else...

Tallbird: *Takes Egg* *Sees the thing that laid it* IT WASN'T ME LEAVE ME ALONE!

Tentacle: It's stuck in a pattern! It's stuck in a pattern!

Treeguard: *ChopChopChop* Optimus Pine Appears What the... RUUUUUN!

Werepig: Day 9/10 in the middle of Pig Village at night, hey piggies you ain't going to slee... what the... AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA *dead*

Toad: Oh, a frog, cool... GIVE ME BACK MY DAMN ITEMS!

Hounds: You're wasting my time! get off me!

Flame Hound: This one looks... NOOOOO MY FLOWER PLANTATION!

Jumping Spider: I wonder how tough they are... 3 spawn at once *jump* *dead* WTF was that for?!

Spider Queen: Pffff, I've seen trees scarier than you

And now i'm going to LurkMoar

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Pigmen: Lul


Treeguard: ATTACK!!!!.....RUNAWAY!!!!!!


Hounds: (While said tailbird above is chasing me) WHAT THE **** ARE THOSE THINGS, OK GAME I GET IT YOU DON'T WANT ME TO EXPLORE. Runs back to pigmen village but on the way THE STUPID TREE IS STILL CHASING ME!! Being caught on a bridge with hounds and a tallbird on one side and a treeguard on another and only being armed with an axe I fought to the death.

Flame hounds: Good thing I'm immune to fire, ooh shiny gem

Jumping spiders: Ow Ow Ow Ow, oh hey these guys are easy to kill

Spider Queen: urr haven't seen one.

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Valkama you will love your first Spider Queen encounter :) My most recent battle with one I was setting it on fire while wearing a spider hat.. So I went and hit every spider nest around me and was setting her on fire while being swarmed by about 20 spiders. I finished off the spiders in a pig village.

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Spiders: AHHHHH, ruuuuunnnnnn.... leave me alone!

Beefallo: Oh these are nice... They should be dropping lots of meat though.... *Hits Beefallo*. AHHHHH, bad idea....

Tentacle: Pfff, these are so easy to avoid *gets hit* Oh no! ruuuuunnnnn again....

Treeguard: What the.... dead

Tallbird: After the change on their behavior (which i didn't know....): Let me just quickly get some eggs for researching purposes.... Oh god, what is going on here! leave me alone! and why the hell is he faster than me??? Let me just kill you...

Hounds: Getting nervous.... Okay that was easy.

Flame hounds: Did you just burn down all of my berry bushes????? ARGH!

Jumping spiders: WAAAAhhhhhh..... Dead.

Spider Queen: didn't meet one yet

Ghost appearing from grave: Jesus, heartattack! Ruuunnnn.... wait ??? he's not chasing me. Oh okay.

Frog: Nice, what could possibly go wrong? Oh really, are you kidding me?! Die!

Werepigs: Let's just quickly get some Pigfriends and chop some wood. Um.... What is going on? *whistling while walking away*. I can get wood tomorrow, it's not that urgent.

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Spider : Get off mah lawn!*Hits one at night* WHERE DO THEY KEEP COMING FROM?!

Beefalo:Let me pick this manure..OH GOD.Good thing they dont hit you if you keep running.

Tallbird:What the hell is that thing..Oh look an egg!Wait i didnt take it!Take that you foul beast!R.I.P.

Frog:I will destroy you!Slowly and ..AUCH WHY DO YOU FIGHT BACK!

Ghost:Getting scared,hitting it till almost no health.

Werepigs:If i recruit couple of these pigs they will help me..Wait come back to fire!There.Now sle..ARGH WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU?R.I.P.

Pigs:You arent smart..Are you...

Treeguard:Ohai,do you liek fire?


Gobbler:Mmm..walking tasty chicken

Krampus:Stop breathing at me!Bleh.OH GOD ITS IN MY BASE AND STEALING MY STUFF.Wait..Where did you go?WHERE ARE MY SPIDER EGGS?

Jumping Spider:Hey sup ..AUCH THEY HIT SO HARD...Let me kite you AUCH HOW DID ..

Spider Queen:I heard you liek spider hat...SO I PUT IT ON MYSELF!Burn in hell.

Hounds:Whats that barking?Scary..OH GOD ITS NIGHT..Lets quickly chop this one..WHAT THE HELL IS THAT THING?LEAVE ME ALONE.

Fire Hound:Good thing i have all this grass for straw rolls.Darn dogs again!OH GOD ITS BURNING...

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Spiders: Better watch out..

Pigmen: Roflmao you so cute!

Werepigs: When it's gonna stop!!?

Tentacles: No! No!! Bad hentai!

Frog: Why.. what are you doing?.. Oh! You son of a..!!

Jumping Spiders: I have an armor, I have an armor! Hahaha!

Hounds: Run! Flee! Yellow alarm! Run for your lives!

Spider Queen: I don't even wanna see that thing, I'll just put traps for webs...

Fire Hounds: IT BURNS!!

Tree Guard: Oh shiet! Run! Pinecones, save me!! *Plants like a 30 pines while running*

Krampus: I have a total of 50 hours of gameplay and believe me I've never seen that creature. It's weird...

Gobbler: You are the most stupid looking thing I have ever seen in my entire life. Don't run! COME HERE!

Beefalo: Aren't you a cutey, yesh you 'r!

Tallbird: You are very odd looking and I do not like you, sir. Oh God! STAHP! Don't want yo eggs damm it!

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Spider: *Spider dies*

Beefalo: This creature strangely resembles my cat...

Tallbird: oh an egg! Hi weird bird thing, don't mind me im just taking your egg.. WHAT SINCE WHEN DID THEY MAKE THEM FASTER THAN ME!

Hound: Umm... what's that noise... I still hear it... It stoped! OH NO HOUNDS... RUN, NOOO... DIE!!!

Tentacles: KEEP RUNNING!!!

Frog: So... these are supposedly dangerous... *attacks frog* hmm that was easy, maybe I just got lucky.

Hell Hound: Oh, no Hounds again! wait why is that one red! AHH HELL HOUND... NOO... IT BURNS!

Pigman: BACON!!!

Jumping Spider: This nest is annoying, i'm gonna get rid of it... WHAT ARE THOSE... AHH... NOO... RUUUN...

Gobbler: Oh, berry bush... WHAT!? TURKEY!?

Ghost: AHH!!! I'M GONNA DIE... Oh, lol he's not comming after me

I have not seen a Treeguard, Spider Queen, or Krampus yet...

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Spiders: I got this... B|

Pigmen/Werepigs: Oh you can friend them!? (few in game hours later) i wonder if they'll sleep at my cam- OH MY GOD WTF!! KILL THEM! KILL THEM WITH FIRE!

Tentacles: MUAHAHAHA! you cant catch me!

Frog: I'm gone go kill i- oh you son of a- what are you doing!

Jumping spiders: they're like regular spi-oh you little s***!

Hounds:whats that noise? it sounds like barking. it stopped so i guess im ok...oh look a pupp-RUNNNNNN!!! hehehe you died!

Fire hounds:GET OFF MY LAWN!! (pigs come) yeah hit them with your...um..hooves! WAIT!! MY GRASS!!MY SAPLINGS!! MY STUFF!! OH LORD JESUS ITS A FIRE!!

Tree guard: im just gonna cut this tree...(optimus pine appears)dafuq is that? hi there gentle beast of the fore- (I died)

Beefalo: im gonna kill it! (slash) OH MY GOD THEY'RE AFTER ME!! WHY SO MANY!!?!?!

Tallbird: that suspicious looking egg looks good! GET AWAY FROM ME YOU STUPID BIRD!!

Krampus: havent seen it...

Queen spider: not yet encountered

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Spiders : Kill it with fire !

Pigmen : LOL pigs that ask for meat :D

Tentacle : What is is that sound...O s*it I'm dead.

Werepigs : O great I'm dead...

Beefalo : Woha, better not to attack them.

Gobbler : Laugh...Laugh a lot.

Tallbird : What the hell is that thing O.o

Treeguard : O great... gonan die..again.

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Spiders : Lol , These are easy

Pigmen : Trololol , Poop a Rainbowfor me!(This was before they rejected non-meaty-items)

Tentacle : *Whoosh* *Dead*

Werepig : (This was today) Full moon , i'm near a pig village and I can hear them *burns down forest* Runnnn!

Beefalo : Oooh , Poop

Gobbler : Srsly? GobbleGobbleGobbleGobbleGobble...

Tallbird : Woah! I don't want anything to do with you

Treeguard : *Mini heart-attack* Just , leave me alooone *Dead*

Maxwell : Before night? Okay...

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Pig: Who are you calling an ugly monkey man?

Tentacle: What the - HOLY ****!

Hound: OH MY GOD!

Treeguard: Calm down, buddy. I wasn't cutting you down.

Gobbler: Cue Scorpion from Mortal Kombat: GET OVER HERE!

Spider Queen: *runs away screaming*

Spider: Little buggers...

Beefalo: Um...

Angry Beefalo Herd: SHHHIIIIIIT!

Ghost: GTFO!

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Hounds: *Screams*, Where the hell did you come from, bleh...

Spiders: What the hell are you? Examine spider, hmm let's get closer so I can examine you, bleh...

Pigmen: Have some meat, oh crap, that's my spear, bleh...

Werepigs: No, no, don't eat that spider meat, don't, bleh...

Treeguards: Let's kite you son of a female tree, bleh...

Red Hounds: Haha, die noobish hound, oh crap, my farm of 100 or so saplings and grass is burning me, bleh...

Beefalo: Scoop dat poop, oh crap, misclick, bleh...

Tallbird: Meat effigy time, time to die, kiting power activate, bleh...

Warrior Spider: I now know how to kite, I hear this is a tough type of spider, don't jump on me meanie, bleh...

Gobbler: I think you're hostile, haha run to the edge and be stuck panzi, *punch, punch*, oh crap, bleh...

Krampus: Cornered haha, oh what, you do 50 damage, bleh...

Queen: Hmm, I'm bored, let's have an epic fight like Etho's finale, bleh...

Frog: Oh, it's like the sound when you eat, I must be gaining HP, *waits for a minute*, bleh...

Tentacles: I can combo you really fast and stun you, oh snap, bleh...

Ghost: It's a ghost, it'll drop some spooky stuff and won't attack back, *holds down spacebar and closes guys*, bleh...

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