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  1. The not so serious place

    ..Okay,im going off..
  2. The not so serious place

    Sup.You know why i told you that?Because:
  3. new mob suggestion

    Handsome,it will never make in. No slender or more bacon
  4. new mob suggestion

    Ehem... Gentlemen and Ladies (and Bacon)? For first,you could fit it in the Suggestions and Feedback,not General Discussion,its easy to ask mods to move this,though. For second,i didnt even know what the mob is until you said that the mouse will grow bigger. But it would be good addition,without the 20 days,i think its fine to add. However,it should require an ingredient,like cheese,to live,and if it was huge it would require tons of it.Cheese ..You could get it from beefalo.
  5. What is your top 10 FIlm this year?

    I didnt have both.
  6. What is your top 10 FIlm this year?

    Now to my list: My little pony FiM:Season 3 (Expected,wasnt it?) Ponies the Anthology 2 My little pony FiM:Season 2 My little pony FiM:Season 1 Now to the real list: The Hobbit Avengers ..Um....Umm..........Ummm.....Nothing. ...I didnt watch any more...
  7. Pigs house party

    Damn.Terrorist on the thread! We got Yellow Code! Repeat,Yellow Code! *AI Voice* Tactical nuke Inbound
  8. I'm an artist too!

    ..Im gonna pretend you said it right and not wrong,okay?Everyone makes mistakes,we are humans after all. Nobody is Perfect.And noone is named Nobody. We can.We have psionic powers and your sensors are too weak to pick our permanent invisibilty! If that fails.. We have nukes to call down. Darnit.I posted twice this post..Whole me.
  9. I'm an artist too!

    We shall shoot you first then!You will die first.
  10. Sirmentlegens Amazing art thread.

    Well I didnt tell that they DRINK honey. Also,if they dont eat honey,how some killer bees are covered with honey when you kill them?Huh?!
  11. Sirmentlegens Amazing art thread.

    All I need to know is that they eat honey and have stingers.I can strike whenever i want. I just dont want to blow the bacon church right now.
  12. I'm an artist too!

    Only thing i am aware of is Super Bacon. But we brought cheese and flamethrowers. We will toast it with our cheese!
  13. I'm an artist too!

    Umm..No..Our recruits are the finest - most of them vegetarians,only 36.47% are Mass Murderers,29.20% Are vegetarians,100% Of them hate bacon. You shall not stop us by bacon. Also:100% of them have alien technology wich allows them to go invisible,and are enchanced by special gas wich lets them to use psionic power.
  14. I'm an artist too!

    Bacon Alert! Bacon Alert! Red Code.I repeat,Red Code. Send the spectres!Terminate the church. Nuclear Launch Detected.
  15. Sirmentlegens Amazing art thread.

    Bees dont eat bacon.So you cant. Unless you are an zergling with wings in disquise. I agree with wilson Bacon may be only in off topic zone!