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  1. Yeah. just its a bit out of place. i mean i reeds dont show up in forests. ponds sure.
  2. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Gameplay] Platform [*]Steam Version Number 73726 Issue title Reeds in the forest. Steps to reproduce 1. generate custom sandbox world any options. 2. tada! Describe your issue Well yeah reeds in a forest! the custom sandbox is bugged. Bad. at least make it so everything sticks to where it is suppose to be.
  3. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Gameplay] Platform [*]Steam Version Number 73726 Issue title No Beefalo Spawning Steps to reproduce 1. Generate a Sandbox world any type will do 2.Play normally and go to a savanna any will do. 3.??? 4. BUG! Describe your issue Absolutely no beefalo spawn in savannas in fact savannas are acting to much like grasslands and are cluttered with rabbits trees and rocks. I have even gotten an entire island that was a savanna and I had no beefalos!.
  4. well it is a beta... but i was talking about sandbox. I just got an entire huge island that was a savanna. and no beefalos. this is actually really annoying becuase I keep having to start new worlds.
  5. Beefalo are not spawning in my savannah biomes... making this really hard to prepare for winter.
  6. if it was an anagram then the answer would be either bank ax or ax bank
  7. sorry for double posting but also try matching the connect the dots with the deerclops animal thing from the previous big update trailer.
  8. it looks like a camp fire? is this related to the morse code cards?
  9. Hmm I just discovered this feature my self. if you press the key combo it shows in the settings you should be able to use it, just check to make sure it is disabled, also open the program before running don't starve.
  10. Hounds: RUFF RUFF ME: HOLY SH** WTF AGHHHH RUNNNNNNNNNN. OH WAIT I HAZ SPEAR. (I Died that time.) Tentacle: WTF is that thing? ahh spiders! (Watches as fight begins between the tentacle and the spiders, needless to say they both died at the same time looting for me!) Spiders: I can take these! oh yeah! Treeguard: (Sunset) Holy **** what is that thing! get back to camp! run for your life! Jumping Spiders: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH... (Dead) Spider Queen: I haven't encounter one yet, hopefully Soon.
  11. I don't mind just calling it the island, it seems perfectly fine and trying to come up with anything else, well nothing really suits it. and it adds a bit of a mysterious factor to it because it makes you wonder whether it had a name in the past.
  12. Open characters will be fine, (Hopefully) because as far as we know they have no plans of removing the current characters.