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Found 62 results

  1. Wormwood stats (150 hunger, 200 sanity, 150 health) + has the "green thumb tab" (living logs, poison balm, bramble husk, bramble trap, compost wrap) + can plant seeds in the ground (basic farm speed), can heal from fertilizer for 2 hp (ash, poop, guano) + blooms during spring, monsoon, lush "it" has a passive Wolfgang transformation without the 2x dmg + lure-plants, living vines, snap-traps (without food) are neutral + immune to hay fever +/- gain sanity from planting, lose sanity from plants being destroyed (choppers, fires, diggers and picking flowers) +/- attracts bees when blooming - can't recover or lose health from any ingredients or meals - can catch on fire easily and freeze from ice flingos rebalance Wormwood stats (150 hunger, 125 sanity, 200 health) + has the "green thumb tab" (living logs, bramble husk, bramble trap, Reed roots, Light-blub roots, Lure-plant blub) Reed roots (1 living log + 4 reeds) Light-blub roots (1 living log + 4 light-blubs) Lure-plants (3 living logs + 2 eggplants + 4 light-blubs) + immune to poison when blooming (spring, monsoon, lush), immune to hay fever + can plant seeds in the ground (improved farm speed), can heal from fertilizer for 3 hp (ash, poop, guano) + lure-plants, living vines, snap-traps are neutral +/- Mix sides are the same - Downsides are the same
  2. I just want good looking interiors that are also functional without having to build big bulky structures that take a lot a space and look horribly out of place. I present some suggestions to solve this problem: DISCLAIMER: I have no idea how hard these things would be to code in. For all that I know, this could take years of work, and the Don't Starve Team is very busy with other things, but let's pretend these things are super easy to add for the sake of the suggestions. What if a furniture shop is added in Palace City? There, you could buy blueprints for things like working fridges (much taller and more spacious than iceboxes) fireplaces (good looking firepits), ovens (can cook food and make crockpot recipes with it) beds (better, infinite use tents) for you to place inside your house. The only problem I see is that they will have to have very expensive crafting recipes (probably a bunch of alloy, gears, gems and the like) for them to be balanced. In this furniture shop, we could also buy doors. Those doors can be added in the walls of the Shanty, creating another room. Inside the new rooms, you cannot place more doors. Also, this a lot more ambitious, but what if we could add stairs, creating three floors- basement, ground floor, and upstairs? If any of these things got added, I would probably spend WAY too much time inside my Shanty, and I already spend enough time in there as it is, but it would be very nice to have fully functional base inside the Shanty, instead of having to build everything outside.
  3. how to solve the continuous suggestion posts about logic gates I took this idea and simplified it. So, the ultimate logic gate is at a very advanced level on the research tree. It goes like this: This "logic gate" is taking only four tiles by default, but that can be increased or decreased (until 2*1. One input and one output) . It also has two inputs and two outputs by default (can be adjusted) What is unique in it? It has a code. To make things simple, I will talk in a language non-programmers will understand, and I will also explain everything. Here is how it is going: if(IN1) { send OT1 T } IN1 is the first input, and OT1 is the first output. Saying if(IN1) means you run what is written inside the {} only if the first input is true. You can use if(!IN1) to run the code only if IN1 is false send OT1 T means sending a positive (T true F false) single through the first output got it? Now we are moving on: if(IN1&IN2) { send OT1 F } else { send OT1 T } IN1 & IN2 means IN1 is true and IN2 is true (AND logic gate) more: IN1 !& IN2 means IN1 is true nand IN2 is true (NAND logic gate) IN1 | IN2 means IN1 or IN2 is true (OR logic gate) IN1 !| IN2 means IN1 nor IN2 is true (NOR logic gate) IN1 ^ IN2 means only IN1 or IN2 is true (XOR logic gate) IN1 !^ IN2 means not only IN1 or IN2 is true (XNOR logic gate) !IN1 means not IN1 (IN1 is false)(NOT logic gate) It can be used as IN1 & IN2 & IN3 (if you has three inputs) for example, or as !IN1 & IN2 | IN3 ^ IN4 when it runs this way: First !, then & (then !&), then | (then !|), then ^ (then !^). so that code means: IN1 is false (not true) and IN2 is true, or IN3 is true, xor ( yey, new slang) IN4 is true (tell me in the comments if this is confusing and I'll fix it) got it? else means the code after it will run only if the if before it won't run (the given value is false) we need to add just one (actually three) more thing(s): wait 5 { send OT1 T } "wait 5" means it will wait 5 seconds before running the code inside it. Can also be used as "wait 5" without {} simply wait 5 seconds before continuing. A nice feature will be a gui you can insert logic gates to, and then it will generate the code. But what about the T-switch gate? Then this comes out: variables before you run away, I'm going to show you x = T if(IN1 & x) { send OT1 T x = !IN1 } means: x is true (T is true, F is false) if IN1 is true and x is true, send true from OT1, and set x to the opposite of IN1 you can also do if(x == y) which means "if x and y have the same value, then..." (can be replaced with x & y) and also if(x != y) which means "if x and y don't have the same value, then..." (can be replaced with x !& y) So how do you do a T-switch logic gate? #if there are any mistakes please comment #IN1 is the given signal #IN2 is the locker isLocked = F if(!isLocked) { send OT1 IN1 } isLocked = IN2 else { send OT1 F } # indicates notes (like python) so now, let's add while: x = F if(IN1) { while(IN2) { send OT1 x x = !x } send OT2 x } simply, it does that: If IN1 is true, then as long as IN2 is true, it will send x through OT1, then set x to the opposite of his current state. after IN2 is false, it will send x through OT2 that can simplify lot's of things (I think T-switch also, but I can't make up my mind) now do: x = F do { send OT1 x x = !x } while(IN1) simply, do will run the code inside it, then keep running as long as the while after it is true (while will execute it only if the given parameter is true in the first place, and do ignore it at first) if any of this is not understood, or you have more ideas, please comment or actually... #just do it if(somthing == !understood | you have ideas) { comment }
  4. Hey, I love ranching but "Wrangle" critters like Vole is pretty frustrating. It could be better to stop critter movement when it is wrangling.
  5. Hello guys! (•ω•)/ A very long time that I haven’t come back to the forum, but definitely I love the update this time (^ω^) As usual, I am spamming my ideas in this post today. What I’ll introduce today is: BETTER DUPES! Get ’em into our base! Before that I want to introduce you something: The Universal Substance (first spoiler tab). Afterwards view my second spoiler tab for details of better dupes. Comments please! (•ω•)
  6. Hello guys! (•ω•) Before you read, please receive my following warnings: Welcome to the hell of coldness! (Or, Sub-Zero Asteroid) This DLC idea is inspired by Frostpunk, which is an amazing game. To survive the coldness. 1. The S.T.E.A.M. (along with start off) 2. Concept arts 3. Steam Power Usage 4. Obtaining Water 5. Next up: Food. 6. Coal Sustainability 7. Thermal Hazards 8. Accommodation & Entertainment 9. Temperature management / resistant structures, and materials 10. MECHAS! 11. 'Break'-through to the surface and special climate That's all of my DLC idea sharing. Hope you guys like it! PLEASE SUPPORT & COMMENT! (•ω•)
  7. Hello guys! (•ω•) Airlocks are great to use, as you guys know. However there’s one thing I hate: They made of metals. This thing is really a big problem in heat management unless you have a insulative chamber filled with insulative gases, this wastes lots of space. And I hope to have insulative airlocks to hold the damn hot regolith after the bunker doors open, to avoid overheating the surface facilities caused by heat spread. What do you guys think?
  8. BREAKING NEWS! FIRE SALE HERE!!! (P.S. This is not really a sale) Get annoyed by farting dupes that kept polluting the air? Feeling unsafe because of potential fart explosion globally? Want safe and convinent ways to collect those farts? Introducing the: FCS - Fart Collection Station! (Artwork will put here soon) Whenever your duplicant wants to fart, just let them sit on this and fart, the natural gas will be collected inside! TRY THIS NOW! FIRE SALE AT $0.99 ONLY! P.S. it’s not real [Brain’n Dust inc.] (Breath O2 everyday~)
  9. So the Potter's Wheel allows you to craft statues of either grey (stone) or white (marble) based on what material you place on the table, but I was just thinking it'd be great if we had a similar option for crafting the statues out of moon rock. I have an excess of it these days and it would be a lovely way to spice up the base! Just a small thought
  10. The Last Boss

    I have an idea! The number of items that can fall from the chests is high, so KLEI could give a chest by defeating the Infernal Swineclops. It would be an incentive to play!
  11. Webber ideas

    Webber is an upcoming character to Don't Starve in the Reign of Giants dlc. Add suggestions on what abilities He should have.
  12. Hey guys! My friend just got the best idea I've ever heard. Here it is:The character is called "Chestette". A female, pink version of Chester. She has a red bow on her head instead of horns. She has a purple tongue and purple feet. Unlike Chester, Chestette respawns in half of a day. Chestette is slighty faster than Chester, and it's very hard to notice. If you give Chestette petals, she will go faster for 30 seconds.Getting her: To get her, you have to prototype an eyebone. But it's not an ordinary eyebone. The first thing you need to get this eyebone is to get bones from skeletons. To dig up skeletons, you need to use a shovel, and that will give you 3 bones. To get the eye, you have to defeat to Deerclops and get it's eyeball. Now it isn't so worthless. Then, you would need 15 petals for the bow on the eyebone. This eyebone is almost the same thing as the regular one, but, it has a red bow on it. *You cannot prototype another eyebone, even if you die. The eyebone cannot set on fire. Unlike Chester, Chestette re-spawns in half of a day. Chestette has a higher pitched voice. Chester and Chestette: Chester and Chestette are one of the best combinations in the game. If you have both of them together, Chestette would be able to lay a "Chestnut" every half-day. You can eat them! If you eat the Chestnuts, you get +30 Sanity +5 Hunger +5 Health. But, if you are willing to save up to 12 Chestnuts , you can get a... drum roll please.... BABY CHESTER! He's not really sure how a Baby Chester would look like, so be creative since it's your game! Baby Chester can hold up to at least 4 slots. If Wilson examines Baby Chester, He says: "Awww, he's so cute!". *Chestette cannot get another Baby Chester no matter what. But don't worry, he will be able to re-spawn in a quarter of a day.The good things about Baby Chester: He is faster than both Chests combined. He has a really high pitched voice, (higher than Chestettes's). The annoying things about Baby Chester, because everything in Don't Starve has to be annoying, even a little: He will want food once in a while. It will whimper like a little puppy would when it's hungry. At least 5 seeds, or 3 carrots, and 1 berry should do the trick. You can use any fruit or vegetable from farms. So you don't have to worry about running low on basic food supply. *Baby Chester will not eat meat! If any mob in the game, (including you) attacks Baby Chester or Chestette, Chester will be hostile for about 1 minute. He goes faster, but he is easy to outrun. Just to keep Chester balanced with the other relatives in the Chest Family, if you decide you kill Chester, or Chestette, you will get 2 "Beard Hair". If you choose to be a soulless monster and decide to kill Baby Chester, he will drop 1 Beard Hair, and all the other items he was carrying. Killing baby Chester will also give you +20 Naughtiness Points.All credits go to my friend Michael. His Steam username is: Butchthebird. My Steam name is Demo-Knight-Ham-Man. If, for any reason, you need to contact us, please do so! *Also, my friend has another idea he wants to tell you guys. It's called, "The Thirst Meter". "The Thirst Meter" goes down faster then the Hunger Meter. But it is kind of easy to get water, the most important thing you'll need are "Water Pouches". Water Pouches can be made with 2 Grass and 1 Twig. You do not need a science machine to make it. Also, my friend has another idea he wants to tell you guys. It's called, "The Thirst Meter". "The Thirst Meter" goes down faster then the Hunger Meter. But it is kind of easy to get water, the most important thing you'll need are "Water Pouches". Water Pouches can be made with 2 Grass and 1 Twig. You do not need a science machine to make it. You can get Water Pouches from the lakes, make them a bit more common so many people don't die of thirst. You can also get Water from Oceans, but I wouldn't recommend you to drink it, it lowers -50 thirst. You can convert the Salt Water to Fresh Water if you make a "Purifying Machine". Purifying Machines can be used to turn Salt Water into Fresh Water, and you get 1 "Salt". Salt can be used to make junk foods in a Crock Pot. One Fresh Water Pouch is enough to fill up your whole Thirst Meter.You can keep hydrated from berries or other fruits.*He has a recipe that uses salt: 1 meat or 2 morsels + any vegetable + 1 salt = Beefburger +15 sanity +32.5 hunger -0 health.Recipe for the "Purifying Machine": You need 6 logs and 3 rocks.*Salt is also edible,but, : -50 Thirst -10 Sanity +10 Hunger
  13. hello.ok so i have an idea. we have ways of tamming bunnymen, pigs, spiders, beefalo and tallbirds... so what about hounds?
  14. While I was playing Don't Starve, I thought of a new idea I thought would be really good. The Happiness/Grumpiness Meter! The Happiness/Grumpiness meter could be altered where if you eat stale/spoiled food, get hurt, or if it rains on you (without an umbrella), that the grumpiness meter would increase. The grumpiness would alter your character depending on the character you have, and slightly increase thier damage. But of course, there has to be a downside to it.Wilson: Beard grows slower and/or gets itchy, decreasing sanity 1/pm per grumpiness level.Willow: Starts setting herself on fire randomly, timer decreases between flames when getting grumpier.Wendy: Gets angrier with herself, starts blaming herself for Abigail's death. -1 Health per 5 minutes, decreases by half a minute every tier.Wolfgang: Gets even more buff, but attacks have a chance to miss because of clumsy grip.WX-78 (Was the robots name?): Hunger module starts malfunctioning, starts losing hunger at a increased rate of 1/mWickerbottom: Prototyped objects have a chance to fail, without returning items. Increases by 5% per tier.Wes: Loses 3 health from maximum health per tier.Maxwell/Waxwell (Whatever): Loses 2 sanity of his starting out sanity regen per tier.I hope you like this idea. You could alter about how you would get happy again (I would think eat like taffy or something) and how you get grumpy. Thank you for your time!
  15. Mob Ideas

    I have some ideas for Monsters and Animals, pls don't flaim me k? dey r onleh ideas ;c.Now let's begin...Animals:Boars (Neutral)Health: 175Damage: 22.5Drop: Ribs, TusksSpawns: Pig VillagesThe Boar is basicly a Buffed up vers/ion of pigs, but only stronger. They are tamable by using any kind of meat, also they can't be Wereboars unlike their ancestors, aka The Pig.Their Tusks are meant for Weapons to craft, no ideas what use they can be though :l.Boars will stay even longer if the meat was cooked and not raw.7 Cooked meat = 12 1 Half daysTurtle (Neutral)Health: 285 + 50(Shell) = 335Damage: 50Drop: Shell, Soggy MeatSpawns: SwampsTurtles have the most advanced system of all time, Walking slowly... Turtles will try to attack you if you manage to find Turtle Eggs by Pitchforking the ground. If you managed to kill one congratulations, because their shells are meant to be craftable armor. They can also be made into Terrapene Soup with the Crock Pot. (aka Turtle Soup) which restores 75 Hunger.Magical Stool (Passive)Health: 125Damage: 0Drop: BoardsSpawns: Anywhere randomlyGoat (Neutral)Health: 150Damage: 44Drop: Horns, Goat Skin, and LambchopsSpawns: Forest BiomeGoats are rideable, but must be tamed by giving them 3 Carrots and Berries, they will accept cooked. If you ride them before you tamed them, they'll Double kick you onto the ground, doing 44 damage. They go around in packs, so don't you think 44 damage will be easy. Goat skins are meant to farm them by creating Grass Areas. Horns are also used to make the Demon Rant's Hat for the middle of it.The Magical Stool spawns random non-rare items, they can be in stacks or single item. They will never drop Rare objects, such as Amulets. Most Stools are rare to find, 2 stools cannot be together in 1 area, they must be seperated in another biome.Monsters:Blue Tentacle (Hostile)Health: 575Damage: 55.55Drop: Ice Spike (Weapon), Blue Skin, Monster Meat.Spawns: Winter Update might probably add a Snow/Tundra/Taiga Biome much? pls? At least?The Tentacle's brother, Blue Tentacle. The Blue Tentacle is a Rare Monster that can be spawned naturally. Since the Winter Update will be coming soon, It would decrease your warmth slowly when you are around it. It will also throw Ice/Snow at you if you are not near it, but eventually it'll come back into it's Hidey Hole. It's Ice Spike allows you to freeze your opponents, It has a durability when you use it in your Tool slot when you are near fire, and will decrease like the Spiderhat.The Crackler (Hostile)Health: 250Damage: 33.55Drop: Bone, William's SkullThe Crackler is a Wooden Skeleton near Graveyards, they came above ground for revenge and WILL kill you, Most are nearby spiders which form a deadly league. They can also be falsely reported as Meat Effigy, which are fake. Their Bones are meant to craft Tortoise Armor. William's Skull is a Headgear that was meant to be a Spoiler of William Shakespeare's Skull, It'll make all Hostile, exception of Sanity Mobs, Friendly to you but, Neutral Mobs hostile to you. Durability like Spiderhat.The KappaHealth: 275Damage: It'll do 20, 25, 30 and then 45 each hit you took from itSpawns: Swamp BiomeDrop: Froglegs, Gravedigger items, Red GemThe Kappa is a ancient mythical creature that resembles a frog and alligator that had babies, The Kappa will take the first hit and then it'll stop until it restores health, It'll repeat itself until you die, fair enough?Bosses:I didn't mention this, but I think Don't Starve needs more than 2 Bosses, don't you agree?Cerberus (Hostile, Never sleeps.)Health: 1350Damage: 100(Bite) 70(Ice) 85(Fire)Drop: Monster Meat, Ceberus's Tooth, Hell's EyeSpawns: When 101 Hounds are killed, spawns around the area near the playerCerberus is a Hard Boss, 3 Heads 3x the damage, each Bite from each head costs 100, making them the most hard to defeat boss, they run faster than the player, suggesting their big size and matter they'll probably ram you into the ocean and make you drown, Since of Winter Update they'll have a Ice Attack which 1 of the heads casts it. They won't stop to eat any meat so traps aren't suggestive. They are immune to any Fire damage. They'll drop Ceberus's Tooth and Hell's Eye to create the Devil's Rant Hat which is 1 half the durability as Nightmare Armor and 1 half the defensive counter part, but sanity will be lost.Characters (Wilson,Willow,Wendy,Wolfgang,WX-78,Wickerbottom,Wes)Health: 100Damage: Depending on what toolDrop: Whatever in their inventorySpawns: When Maxwell has been defeatedThe Characters can befriended by giving them things they can use to survive, like you. If your character is Wilson, Wilson can't be spawned, but the other characters can. The Characters will follow you until you hit your shack/shelter, they'll work to survive and trying to "Not Starve". If you help them for 7 days, they'll go survive for themselves, working as a team won't do it. Maxwell won't like it either...Sanity:BansheeHealth: 600Damage: 55Drop: Pandora's Box, Nightmare Fuel, Devilish LampSpawns: Sanity <13 13% of spawning though.When your Sanity is <13, consider yourself, "I'm gonna die! ;_;". because the Banshee will scream when spawned, infact, the Banshee will scream everytime you see it on the map, thus making you loose Sanity MORE than ever. If you defeat this Screaming Horror, you might get the Rare Pandora's Box. If you use it, it'll spawn a random Hostile mob right next to you. Be warned, this will spawn Bosses and Buffed up mobs.Faded ShadeHealth: ?Damage: ?Drop: Nightmare Fuel, Beard Hair(If Wilson), Torch(If Willow), etc.Spawns: Sanity <7 4% chances of spawning.The Faded Shadow is the Character's imprisoned shadow from the Real World, When you find your Faded Shadow, their name will be ??? and take the look of the Character you are playing. When the Player encounter these, the Shadow will have the Same Health and damage done, and it'll follow you once you get your sanity up, and also drain your sanity to negative -1 The Shadow will copy your movements. if you simply attack it, you attack yourself. It'll not assist you in fights, You'll also get weaker... and weaker......X_X.Once Proper AI is added, the followers will follow you more properly and efficiently, Chester doesn't get stuck in one corner and keeps moving forward and touching the ocean barrier... RIGHT? RIGHT?!?!Man this is pretty long, I hope you like the idea, if you have anything else to say or any MISTAKES and RAGES at me, pls comment. kthx.
  16. It would be great if Klei added multiplayer in an update after the launch, so they don't have to worry about finishing the single-player. Kinda like how Mojang is focusing more on the multiplayer after the release of Minecraft on updates like the upcoming redstone update.
  17. hello everybody, I'm new in your community, so i want to introduce myself at first. My name is Tobias and i'm from Germany. My english is terrible though i've learning it since 7 years..^^ And don't be worried of the name "TheFighterC4", it's the name of my steam-account. My idea is to ride on a beefalo. It's not a important thing, but the imagine is very cool. The concept is copied a bit from a picture I once founded. You must tame the beefalos like wolfs and ocelots in Minecraft (feed them a lot). saucebottle007 explain the taming in his thread very detailed: I think the greatest use of a rideble beefalo is that you have a lots of space for items. Something like a backpack on each side of the beefalo. The beefalo must walk so slowly that it is balanced with the piggy bagpack. Bigger load, slower walk.. It runs for example if you feed them with 6 reeds. I think:"...and the saddle should require a really hard to make/craft item." -TheVukelich The use can be expanded by equipping the buffalo for fight.. "Armor for the beefalos, crafted from gold, is definitely cool..^^ horn protection with spines looks certainly amazing, too..^^" -I Now it's your turn: tell me what you think.! And if you want, improve my english-mistakes.. Mit freundlichen Grüßen ( I know it's German..^^) Tobias NEW: I made ​​a sketch of my idea:
  18. All the current peoplein don't starve should get like a short video on them like some kind of animation and thing about them lore wise more lore for the lore junkies!
  19. I think it would be cool to be able to change the location of a wormhole with an item like this. You have to cook 2 in crock pots. One of the Worm baits have to be placed on the wormhole you want to move and it will eat it. Next you place down a second Worm Bait and after a few seconds, the wormhole will appear where you placed the second Worm Bait and eat it so it will then be at that location! I find this helps people with there maps, though they can't get it to early because they may need monster meat and something else to cook it on the crock pot. :applause:Obviously if anyone actually reads this and it is a possibility to the game, the guys at Klei can just change anything they want about this idea.
  20. I wish i could have a final fight with Maxwell in an other dimension (maybe shadow or hell dimension) once reached the portal (the wooden thing that now allows us to change world), and after defeated him, i wish to see Max transforming into Grue, for a new and more difficult boss fight (perhaps in more phases).In this way we should direct all our efforts to preapir this final battle. And so that portal would be good for something else ;)After we have defeated also Grue we could choose to remain in our world (maybe with some advantages, for example: nights not completely dark, the absence of the monster that kills us in the dark (actually grue xD), and cetera), or choose to leave and return to the world we belong to (with an ending movie perhaps).I hope that my suggestion will be considered.
  21. When a treeguard appeared... T_T, i was at day 7 or 6 i think, nothing to defend myself...
  22. Thanks!I opened a poll for it... How does this make the game easier?.. except for the marbles the item effects are quiet "low powered".
  23. WolfGang's Title IS The Strongman