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  1. Nice bump.Anyway, multiplayer, perhaps as an unlockable, but I'm against multiplayer in a game like this. And multiple saves, no. That helps to defeat the hardness of this game, it's not meant to be relaxed and such, and having multiple saves makes it easier, although in another thread I saw, having 1 save for each character seemed good.
  2. Chicken, I wouldn't say so. I normally have a stack of tufts, bushes and saplings as well as all tools (flint that is, and not hammer either), also with a stack of logs and enough food for 2-3 days.
  3. Johnathan? It has to start with "W", I like the basic idea, but I feel the details are a bit, well, badly thought out.
  4. What role would a fish bowl serve? Feed it... fish feed? And it gives you... caviar of whatever fish you gave to it?Nah jokes.
  5. Because my kiting sucks, 14 pigs.
  6. I thought you were talking about beefalo...Anyway, how did you spawn krampus on day 6? So, answering your question, it's to stop total abuse of rabbit farming with 1 carrot, and bird farming where you stand on the seed, it's not meant to inconvnience you, but rather to balance the game.Sir Spielesocke, he isn't just coming, he's coming because of your naughty actions, don't do too many of those, and you'll never face a krampus.
  7. I've had this issue, but I know it's a feature, but why? It makes it less convenient while not adding much at all?
  8. Well, isn't it fast enough? Anyway, bird traps, never used one, but given that you practically need bait and then I would assume you need to a wait a minute or two. Yeah, anyway.
  9. No, this isn't a do this and get more stuff game, you're meant to do it yourself, plus, I recall them having quests in early alpha, they're gone, for a reason.
  10. Put seed on the ground, stand on the seed, kill any birdds that land, 1 morsel and some feathers every 15 seconds.
  11. Hmm, I'd like them to be farmable though, I'll add some stuff to make it not entirely abusable, appleguards, nah, I'll think of some origional stuff.EDIT: Okay, should be better, on average a tree will get 1 or 2 harvests, sometimes 3, for it's adult lifetime, some other small changes, so you won't be punished, but without a ton of poop and a ton of trees, you won't survive off them.
  12. I don't know, I'd like something more intersting, rather than, he gets shot and dies with your super-duper day 100 pistol. But a crossbow, I'd like that.