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  1. Yeah I must say I can't really see the benefit of this because its more of a personal preference than a true improvement. You will know the status of your weapons and armor before 99% of engagements. And you're able to run away from most monsters in the game or at least kite them long enough to check. I'm sorry but I'm not a fan of this suggestion.
  2. It makes me sad that people don't like my epic MOUSTACHE crafting suggestions Think of Wilson... Top hat, dapper vest, monocle and a cane sporting the most gentlemanly moustache you have EVER seen...
  3. LOL! I swear this game conspires to kill you sometimes... It's almost as if Klei somehow programmed HATE into the code...
  4. LOL! Sounds like someone has run out of rocks in his current game I like the idea though. I was thinking about why you can't do that the other day.
  5. Yes! Simple and functional improvement (I would prefer it not to be Roman numerals though). I cannot tell you how many times I've tried to equip my logsuit by pressing a number on my keyboard only to inadvertently end up eating monster meat... which you can imagine isn't the best thing that can happen when you are URGENTLY trying to put your logsuit on to avoid taking damage!
  6. Define "excessive" But seriously I can understand why you wouldn't want bad language in the forums. Even though the way in which it was used in this thread was more for comical effect. I think the spirit of the Community Standards Policy on obscenity was targeted towards those individuals who swear at others. In that case it would be a simple application of banhammer according to policy.
  7. My stance is that it should be something the parents monitor if they allow their kids onto the internet? Also there is far worse out there on the net that the profanity in here... and profanity in general. I think it isn't not our job to modify our language to make up for someone else's bad parenting. Though I do respect your request and will try to limit my profanity going forward.
  8. Unlucky is when the game **** you over... stupid is when you **** yourself over. I like these threads as it mixes up the usual threads about game-mechanics, tips, show-me-your-base, etc. I was once organizing my inventory and got eaten by the Grue since I forgot to add fuel to the and it died... Though I think this qualifies as more of a stupid moment
  9. LOL?! Sorry Artem but I'm not understanding your comment mate Do you LIKE the idea? Or do you think it wouldn't be a good fit for the game? I (obviously) think it's a great idea as it partly addresses the current Meat Effigy party that Don't Starve becomes. The game loses any challenge once you create 10+ effigies and are practically invulnerable within your base. Plus the use of the beard to create a moustache is pretty cool no? With the status effects etc. I guess that I was just hoping for more feedback?
  10. I often use the helmet when I go on my righteous spider extinction crusades... If you're going spear + logsuit offensive then you will take a couple of hits from jumping spider that are spawned by the Queen. Even more so if you're trying to kite 2 Queens at the same time. And though I agree it isn't really all that dangerous once you have 10+ meat effigies it is SO annoying going back and retrieving your stuff when you die. So I value pigskins over meat. I get ALL my meat from killing Tallbirds (I have 7 of them close by... thats 14 meat per day because they respawn PLUS eggs which are great if cooked. A first world problem here but I really do hate the way spiders infest a map
  11. Haha! Nice thread! Hounds: What is that barking soun... OH **** WHY ISN'T MY PICK AXE KILLIN... Bleh (the universally accepted noise of death) Tentacle: WTF?! Ahahahaha... I'm too fast for the purple linguine monster trolololol... Bleh Treeguard: Ok... So I know that I could spawn a Treeguard at any moment... and it's getting late and I'm cutting into my 13th consecutive tree... HAHA THERE YOU AR... WHAT? THE WIKI DIDN'T SAY TWO OF YOU COULD SPAWN AT THE SAME TI... Bleh Werepig:: *I knew about these via wiki and forums already* And now I'll just pull this Spider Queen to this camp of... ... ... werepigs... YOU HAVE GOT TO BE SHITTING ME... Bleh Spider: OMG it's a 6-legged head... of DOOM!!! Spider Queen: WELL IF YOU COULD STOP SPAWNING ******* JUMPING SPIDERS AND STICK TO THE 25% CHANCE AS PER THE WIKI I MIGHT JUST SURVI... Bleh Beefalo: Day 5 Journal Post 1- I will attempt to down the strange beast for meat and perhaps a remarkable trophy. Day 5 Journal Post 2- Ow. Day 5 Journal Post 3- With my attempt at downing the strange Beefalo an utter failure and my body a broken shambles to boot... I shall have to resort to eating this monster meat that I have cooked... Bleh Day 1 Journal Post 1- Damn. Toad: Oh look at this utterly cute jumping toad!!! THWAK!!! OWCH WTF WAS THAT FOR!!!
  12. PLEASE DON'T IGNORE THIS POST IF IT IS TOO LONG I HAVE INCLUDED A SUMMARY AT THE BOTTOM OF THE POST SO PLEASE JUST READ THAT!!! (IT TOOK ME SO LONG TO WRITE LOL) Hey guys, I just had this idea but then realised there was a GREAT suggestion from Monkeyman discussing some of the things I wanted to say. So I believe this thread deserves another look for being the first to pioneer the idea. http://forums.kleientertainment.com/showthread.php?4534-The-Beard My suggestion revolves around the beard shavings being a key component to the meat effigy. Currently there is NO other use for the beard shavings apart from making the effigies. This is partly the reason why late game is so easy... you can put up a ton of effigies and you are practically invulnerable and will never die if you keep your head screwed on correctly. In order to dissuade the creation of meat effigies the following should happen: 1) You should be limited to one effigy 2) There should be plenty of alternative AND VERY USEFUL applications for your beard hair BOTH of the above are key. You can't just be limited to one meat effigy and not have alternative uses as players would just stockpile shavings and create another effigy once they use the current one. And you can't JUST have the alternative uses as surviving is paramount and people would use their first 3 or 4 sets of shavings to create PLENTY of effigies and then only start using it for the alternatives. With BOTH SUGGESTIONS the player will always look at all those shavings sitting in his stockpile as a waste of space (because we all reach a point in most games where we get slightly overconfident), he might use them then die (using his effigy) and, all of a sudden, he is in a risky situation where he might die permanently. What could the alternative uses of the beard be? You can use a MOUSTACHE crafting kit (new item) to create an amazing MOUSTACHE! It would slow down the rate at which sanity is lost. You would be required to maintain the MOUSTACHE by crafting it every couple of days. Shaving your MOUSTACHE should give you MINIMAL beard shavings (like 1 or 2) BUT a player could let the MOUSTACHE grow wild again which makes it into an elderly beard in 10-13 days (following the same beard progressions that are currently in place). Why not go CRAZY and include a whole host of different MOUSTACHES that you can craft that provide status effect bonuses (like the hats currently do)? Imagine a "VIKING BEARD" that reduces incoming damage (much like a logsuit and football helmet). This would be definitely make the player think twice on the decision to shave the beard for the effigy or create a MOUSTACHE for the bonuses! Other suggestions: A constant effect bonus for keeping just a normal beard (like a slight reduction to hunger since you always find leftover pieces of food in your beard). Make it such that werepigs don't attack you out of fear if your beard has reached elderly stage. Recipe uses for the beard (maybe as an antidote if poison ever gets introduced) or crafting uses for items that are useful (maybe for the bug net, or future items) Any other ideas? I believe this idea could lead to more deaths due to the one meat effigy limit and the many other alternative uses for the beard + beard shavings. There should also be ways for you to lose your beard (either through fire or other means... but I won't discuss it here since the post I linked to earlier had some awesome ideas). THE SUMMARY I PROMISED EARLIER!!! You are limited to one meat effigy. You can craft your beard into a moustache that makes you lose sanity at a slower rate. There are a whole host of moustache styles that provide bonuses in much the same way hats do. LIKE A VIKING BEARD!!! WHO DOESN'T WANT A VIKING BEARD!!! Beard shavings have alternative uses in recipes for items. There should be ways for you to lose your beard. Tell me what you think!
  13. I think everyone is missing the OP's point. This is NOT a new system. I think it would be pretty cool to get dirtier as you do stuff. What I don't agree with is the suggestion that the world should react differently to you if you are dirty. Bathing would also be a great way to restore sanity (since this IS a meter that will be introduced). So I'm all for the aesthetic of seeing your player get dirtier over a number of days. It wouldn't be a meter, it wouldn't affect the game world in any way, it WOULD restore some sanity when you bathe (yet this doesn't need to be linked in any way to how dirty you are, maybe limiting the sanity bonus you get from bathing to once per day).
  14. I'm all for any mechanic that takes away the drudgery of small tasks (like moving things in and out of chests). There should be a command that makes Wilson pick up all of the items in a small radius around him. This is similar to a "collect all" command when looting corpses on any mainstream RPG. The fact that it MAY diminish the challenge of mining while being attacked by hounds (LOL you're a brave one ) doesn't happen often enough to justify not having a mechanic that takes the drudgery out of some of the more menial everyday tasks in Don't Starve.