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  1. "Built in the US of A!" -CnC:Generals

    That's the quote i always have to think of when i read your location.

  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ThURNXM6Q2Q&feature=youtu.be
  3. Hey I'm not streaming right now.. Maybe I am it depends when you read this. I try to stream just about everyday around 5pm/EST, it is usually Don't Starve and I keep up with the chat. If you want to follow along go ahead over to here.http://www.twitch.tv/quadroman1And smach that follow button
  4. My winter started at day 21, ended around day 40
  5. You can still make Dragonpie with 1 Dragonfruit and 3 Sticks
  6. This was back when the game was way to easy, so I decided to fight **** with just dapper clothes on.... The Beefalo is what finally got me
  7. Well with the world destroyed he'll have nothing to look at
  8. Was really bored in school and had finished all my work so I did what I rarely ever do.. Draw
  9. I winterometer is getting lower everyday - - - Updated - - -
  10. Carrots are very limited in original sandbox.. I personally love having a food that I can get excited to see pop up in my farm They nerfed eggplants so Carrots are all i really have to look forward to you know
  11. This game definitely needs a tutorial, just to cover the basics of day 1, if you started having no idea what the game was you would just hate it because you'd die by day 2
  12. Im currently on Day 15 just started my new game after I got the update today, looking forward to winter ;)EDIT: My goal is to have 2 meat effigies by winter (Day 30) then on the second day of winter I'll be able to make 2 more meat effigies, then the walrus hunting begins