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  1. Deerclops VS Beefalo Herd (No Audio)

    Because he can do whatever he wants =3
  2. "Built in the US of A!" -CnC:Generals

    That's the quote i always have to think of when i read your location.

  3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ThURNXM6Q2Q&feature=youtu.be
  4. Hey I'm not streaming right now.. Maybe I am it depends when you read this. I try to stream just about everyday around 5pm/EST, it is usually Don't Starve and I keep up with the chat. If you want to follow along go ahead over to here.http://www.twitch.tv/quadroman1And smach that follow button
  5. Winter balancing

    Beefalo are very OP for food, if you can manage to lure one far enough away from the herd they can be very easy to kite, especially with a tentacle spike.
  6. Winter balancing

    Fair enough haha, rabbits aren't an excessive food source anyways.. Even when you live right next to a field of them
  7. Winter balancing

    But they do get cold
  8. The idea is awesome! And with all that work put into it I'd feel bad to not support it haha
  9. Wow this is amazing, I really hope they use this character
  10. My winter started at day 21, ended around day 40
  11. Kabobs->Goop?

    You can still make Dragonpie with 1 Dragonfruit and 3 Sticks
  12. This was back when the game was way to easy, so I decided to fight **** with just dapper clothes on.... The Beefalo is what finally got me
  13. Well with the world destroyed he'll have nothing to look at
  14. Was really bored in school and had finished all my work so I did what I rarely ever do.. Draw
  15. I winterometer is getting lower everyday - - - Updated - - -