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  1. My only suggestion is if they are going to make weapons weaker at least make them more durable as they seem to break to fast now. Armor also breaks so obnoxiously fast to the point where it feels like a huge waste to even make it.
  2. This might be how I unlocked the Wickerbottom. She just appeared unlocked one day.
  3. Why not, make bee boxes break after a while and give the player the ability to harvest hives. You could also make something attack bee boxes and steal honey like a bear or something although we know what happened to the gobbler.
  4. Well as far as the samey worlds go, kevin said somewhere that he wanted to fix that.Scattering the parts around the world would be super obnoxious because it first requires you to explore every inch of the world and then if you missed one well good luck finding it. They shouldn't be scattered randomly, they need to have some logic or sense to where they spawn.
  5. So I decided to play the new adventure mode and I made it to floor 5. Before that though on level 4 I found all the trees on my map to be burned to a crisp and others were mysteriously chopped down which was weird. But anyways I get to level 5 and it has some of the weirdest generation I've seen yet. I went into a nice green grass biome and I see this The entire green grass area was filled with killer bees from one end of the map to the other. I go into the forest and no matter where I was in it I could always see atleast two spider dens. I found a pigman village in which in the center of it was about 10 closely packed berry bushes and berry bushes were scattered around it. There were random circles of trees. I found hay walls just lying around the map. What is going on?
  6. Day 5, stuck on a bridge between a treeguard, a tallbird, and the hounds.
  7. I actually find it rather fun, it gives me something to do late in the game.
  8. I'm not sure about you guys but when 5 spider nests turn into queens in the same spot, it gets kinda difficult.
  9. Spiders: DIEDIEDIE Bees: DIEDIEDIE Pigmen: Lul Tentacle: WHERE DID THAT COME FROM...WHERE IS MY HEALTH Treeguard: ATTACK!!!!.....RUNAWAY!!!!!! Tallbird: WHY ARE YOU CHASING ME, I DIDN'T DO ANYTHING TO YOU LEAVE ME ALONE Hounds: (While said tailbird above is chasing me) WHAT THE **** ARE THOSE THINGS, OK GAME I GET IT YOU DON'T WANT ME TO EXPLORE. Runs back to pigmen village but on the way THE STUPID TREE IS STILL CHASING ME!! Being caught on a bridge with hounds and a tallbird on one side and a treeguard on another and only being armed with an axe I fought to the death. Flame hounds: Good thing I'm immune to fire, ooh shiny gem Jumping spiders: Ow Ow Ow Ow, oh hey these guys are easy to kill Spider Queen: urr haven't seen one.
  10. Takes a liesurly stroll through the swamp Decides to explore a new area of it 7 tentacle spikes spawned in the same relative spot Gets hit by them all GG
  11. Day 46 but that is because I kill myself every time the game updates.
  12. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Gameplay] Platform Steam Version Number Dec19 Issue title Test Map King Pig Spawn Issue Steps to reproduce Create a new world with the test generator Occasionally a king pig won't spawn in the world. Describe your issue I spawned a few worlds in the new test generator and the most recent one I made had tons of pig men villages and houses but didn't have a king pig.