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  1. I haven't played this game for about two months because of school reasons. There have been several changes to the game since (obviously) and i don't know what to do with these changes. help anyone?
  2. There is this one island on the map that is only swamp and forest. I don't know what to do about it and I don't like that island. What are the consequences if I burned it all down?
  3. Oh true. I didn't think about that. (English is not my first language)
  4. Wilson seems to know him too...if you click "examine Maxwell" at the beginning of a game, Wilson says "I hate that guy".
  5. Spiders: I got this... B| Pigmen/Werepigs: Oh you can friend them!? (few in game hours later) i wonder if they'll sleep at my cam- OH MY GOD WTF!! KILL THEM! KILL THEM WITH FIRE! Tentacles: MUAHAHAHA! you cant catch me! Frog: I'm gone go kill i- oh you son of a- what are you doing! Jumping spiders: they're like regular spi-oh you little s***! Hounds:whats that noise? it sounds like barking. it stopped so i guess im ok...oh look a pupp-RUNNNNNN!!! hehehe you died! Fire hounds:GET OFF MY LAWN!! (pigs come) yeah hit them with! WAIT!! MY GRASS!!MY SAPLINGS!! MY STUFF!! OH LORD JESUS ITS A FIRE!! Tree guard: im just gonna cut this tree...(optimus pine appears)dafuq is that? hi there gentle beast of the fore- (I died) Beefalo: im gonna kill it! (slash) OH MY GOD THEY'RE AFTER ME!! WHY SO MANY!!?!?! Tallbird: that suspicious looking egg looks good! GET AWAY FROM ME YOU STUPID BIRD!! Krampus: havent seen it... Queen spider: not yet encountered