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  1. After day 10 getting food will not be a problem, but it should always be a challenge to get food. here are some changes I think should be made to food gathering: 1) If the player is closer to a rabbit's hole than it is, it will run away from the player similar to when it doesn't have a hole. 2) Traps cannot be placed within a certain range of a rabbit hole. 3) Birds do not land on unbaited traps. 4) Birds will not land on seeds within scareing range of the player. 5) Pigmen are slightly faster than the player and don't get stunned as easily. 6) Tallbirds don't get stunned as easily 7) Crows will "attack" planted crops and need to be scared away by the player, are also scared away by the Pumpkin Lantern 8) Beefalo do more damage 9) Beefalo will try to avoid Abigail (will wake up if sleeping) 10) Berry bushes grow berries slower The game is called Don't Starve, shouldn't starving be an issue? ----Updated---- 11) crockpot recipes that use monster meat should damage alot of health
  2. I don't grind them that's just a normal day in Don't Starve for me.If I was grinding them I would triple my production
  3. they're already doing this.. Apiarist Hat: no damage from bees Mining Helmet: Lights the area around you Football Helmet: Armor and i think they're adding an ability to Beefalo Hats when there are Beefalo Calves
  4. I think Iron ore should randomly drop from stones (like gold)
  5. Prussia mentioned a recipie (not a good one though IMO)Flint + Gold = IronI find this weird because1) Flint is a rock, it doesn't melt easilyAll you would get is gold with flint in it2) Iron is an element, not a compoundYou can't combine anything to get iron, iron is iron
  6. I like this idea. It will add more of a danger to graveyards, because usually when I go dig up graves I stay there for a night or two. With this I will dig graves for a while then get the heck away from there before sunset so then I don't die (from the way you described them they seem fast, so if sunset comes i'm doomed) this will make gravedigging more tideous and dangerous. Though with the new changes to research i'm not sure if the gravedigger items will be worth getting or if they're useless
  7. I did that once too Silk and Monster Meat EVERYWHERE!Luckily I was willow at that time
  8. I highly disagree with this.My reason is that, In my world i have found 3 behives (and there might be more) so I currently have 3 beeboxes and every time I harvest honey bees come out, I kill them, their friends come, I kill them getting me 7+ honey. Then I harvest the next one, in total i get around 21 honey and 20 stingers. and in between harvesting I get so annoyed by the sound of them that i kill 30 more before i harvest again.This is alot of bees, I would probably get 2 honeycombs every time this happens.After that my honey/stinger/honeycomb production will almost double.p.s. I have no idea why i felt the need to mention my honey/stinger production the point is i'm constantly killing 50 bees
  9. I think the character should make the "taking damage sound" while on fire, I never even knew that if the fire is shown on your screen you're taking damage. It always seemed to me like a "Theres fire nearby!" kind of thing.
  10. after 12 days of shaving your beard (shave after 8 days then 4) you can craft the Meat Effigy which will "Resurect you with science!" if you die (assuming you have some meat) OR after 16 days you can craft 2 Meat Effigys with one Beard Hair left over. The game is designed around a Hardcore Ruleset where if you die you die and unlike alot of other Hardcore games this game gives you the Meat Effigys and Amulets (both renewabe) to resurect yourself if you die. I highly doubt they will ever have a save option where you come back 10 days earlier if you die without having a Meat Effigy or Amulet.
  11. The night is the most important part of the game, it's the time that makes the game dangerous and exciting. this is how the game developers like it, which is why they made the sleeping mat a one time use item and penalized you by making you hungry. what you're asking for is to sleep every night without having to replace/repair your sleeping area and be rewarded by making you less hungry than if you stayed up the entire night while also having no nighttime monsters bothering you, does that sound like a survival game to you? It sure doesn't sound like one to me...
  12. LOL when I first heard your suggestion I instantly thought of Mr. Monopoly, when I saw this I instantly burst out laughing This really made my day.I think the idea is good, the game needs an old-timey person, but what are the benefits to playing him? (other than his amazing look)
  13. I don't think this is a problem, how I see it is that it takes more effort to put it in your backpack than it does to just put it in your inventory, so to compensate for that you have to manually put it in your backpack.
  14. I think The Day/night cycle is fine how it is (exept it needs dawn). and as for the no fire supplies situation, I always carry: twigs, grass, logs, and flint at all times, usually in a backback along with: a log suit that I use when nessecary (i drop the backpack and get it back when I'm done fighting), a torch, and honey (to heal myself). these items will keep me safe most of the time and I still have inventory space for anything I find.