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Reign of Giants public test: March 20th Update

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March 20th Update: Build 131117

Thanks everyone for continuing to help us test. An important note: you'll probably have to regenerate your world to get your plants to grow back! Sorry about that, but this is why we're in a testing branch. :-)

Have a good weekend everyone, I'm sure we'll have lots to do on Monday!

Here's what we fixed in today's update:

  • Rain sounds doubling up
  • Range of flingomatic not correctly represented
  • Invisible deciduous turf
  • Crockpot items rotting prematurely
  • Wigfrid's "reject food" animation is strange
  • Invisible catcoon houses
  • Crash when feeding birds in cages
  • Moles have finally poked their heads up!
  • Tumbleweeds crashing when they drop moles
  • Crash when examining repairable items
  • Rapidly procreating lureplants
  • Fertilizing with rot made bushes unusable
  • Crash in amulet spawn
  • Crash in deerclops combat
  • Crash when feeding butterflies
  • Crash when spiderdens change stages
  • Crash in deciduous tree schedule

Original Post:

Hi everybody! As you know we've been hard at work on integrating Reign of Giants into Don't Starve Together, and we're just about ready to launch it! The main challenge at this point is that RoG is a whole lotta game and we need your help testing it to make sure we didn't break things as we converted it over to multiplayer.

It's not quite ready for prime-time yet, but if you want to hop in to our testing branch, we'd really appreciate letting us know if anything is crashing, broken, or missing.

Instructions for getting the RoG test version:

  • You must already own Don't Starve Together. (Reign of Giants not required.)
  • The game must not be running.
  • In your Steam client right click on Don’t Starve Together Beta and select “Properties”
  • Select the “Betas” tab
  • Enter the code “rogtogetherbeta” in the text box and press the “Check Code” button. You should see a confirmation message that the RoG_Together_Beta is now available.
  • In the drop-down under menu select to opt into RoG_Together_Beta. You should see a message that you have successfully opted into the RoG_Together_Beta. Press “Close”.




This uses the same save slots as the normal game but the saves aren't compatible. Make sure you create a new save file for your RoG test as the save files won't transfer back to the normal game.


Please keep all bug reports and related conversation in this thread so that all the feedback related to this special testing branch is in one place. Thank you!

Current known issues:

  • Bearger, Dragonfly, and Goosemoose (Moosegoose?) are still missing, they'll show up sometime soon though!
  • Moles and Moggles are missing due to technical challenges with night vision.
Major changes from single-player Reign of Giants to be aware of:
  • Deerclops shows up all winter long to harass everyone's bases.
  • Heat stones have been reworked to more clearly display if they'll help you or not. The graphics change to show if the stone is warmer or colder than the current ambient temperature.
  • Updated smallbird lifecycle so they can grow up in the wild.
  • Crafting menu has been altered to be more dynamic, so scroll arrows only show when needed. Mouse wheel also works on it!
  • Full moon has been retuned to 1 night every 22 days, starting on the 11th day.
  • Flingomatic no longer has an on-off switch.
  • The Old Bell and Bigfood are absent from multiplayer due to their extreme destructive potential.
  • There are also many small changes and fixes, but keep your eyes peeled for anything weird!
  • We will be continuing to address balance and tuning issues for multiplayer, so your feedback is appreciated!
Thanks for your help, everyone! We're excited to get RoG out to you!

Don't forget to post your feedback in this thread. The test branch is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Dedicated server instructions:

If you are running your server through the steam interface: Simply go through the above process with the Don't Starve Together Dedicated Server in the tools list to join the rog_together_beta branch and launch the server.

If you are running from the command line using steamcmd:

Launch steamcmd and run:


app_update 343050 -beta rog_together_beta -betapassword rogtogetherbeta validate 
Further information can be found at: https://developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/SteamCMD

Thanks @Kzisor!

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Spawned in broken clockworks. Tried to add gears. Crashed.
 Those are ruins things, so they're not supposed to work yet, since caves/ruins aren't added.
--V2C: hack to loop the tree rain sound without having to change the sound data :Olocal function DoTreeRainSound(inst, soundemitter)    --Intentionally (lazy) not caring if we kill a sound that isn't still playing.    --Log spams should also be disabled for that.

Poor Vito :(


Also, the battle in the Klei offices between Tab-users and Space-users is real. Space-users were winning over the last few weeks, but today there was a Tab sneak-attack in the forest prefab. Go Tab resistance!

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OHH MY  GOD,it's spring after our first winter,then it starts to rain ,and  then ,there are  lureplants all over the world,too many of them,you can see them everywhere!!It must be A BUG!


And the umbrella didn\t work!!!All people get wet,and then frozen !!!


And I  see The Deerclop destroying the bones  in the desert after the terrible rain!!!  It/s killed in our first winter,why it showed up again,and in spring  ?


After that,we all got killed hundreds of frogs.......

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Got crash,error as follow:

[02:16:48]: Warning: Can't give item because it's not the correct prefab.
[02:16:49]: Stale Component Reference: GUID 151115, scripts/components/perishable.lua:224
[02:16:49]: Stale Component Reference: GUID 151115, scripts/components/hauntable.lua:90
[02:16:49]: [string "scripts/components/perishable.lua"]:226: calling 'SetPosition' on bad self (number expected, got nil)
LUA ERROR stack traceback:
=[C]:-1 in (method) SetPosition © <-1--1>
scripts/components/perishable.lua:226 in (method) Perish (Lua) <199-230>
   self =
      onperishreplacement = spoiled_food
      inst = 151115 - meat_dried (valid:false)
      frozenfiremult = false
      _ = table: 2740DA38
   goop = 151123 - spoiled_food (valid:true)
   owner = nil
   holder = nil
   x = nil
   y = nil
   z = nil
scripts/components/perishable.lua:109 in (field) fn (Lua) <44-112>
   inst = 151115 - meat_dried (valid:false)
   dt = 10.007462792851
   modifier = 1.875
   owner = nil
   old_val = -616.00053270813
   delta = 10.007462792851
scripts/scheduler.lua:187 in (method) OnTick (Lua) <161-217>
   self =
      running = table: 0678D400
      waitingfortick = table: 0678D7E8
      tasks = table: 0678D608
      waking = table: 215A5040
      attime = table: 0678D680
      hibernating = table: 0678D658
   tick = 245186
   k = PERIODIC 151115: 10.007463
   v = true
   already_dead = nil
scripts/scheduler.lua:398 in (global) RunScheduler (Lua) <396-404>
   tick = 245186
scripts/update.lua:162 in () ? (Lua) <146-213>
   dt = 0.033333335071802
   tick = 245186
   i = 245186
[02:16:49]: SCRIPT ERROR! Showing error screen
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There is small typo in the fx.lua prefab file.

Prefab file:

        if t.fnc ~= nil and t.fntime ~= nil then            inst:DoTaskInTime(t.fntime, t.fnc)        end

Now in the fx.lua file from the scripts folder:

 {	    name = "multifirework_fx", 	    bank = "firework", 	    build = "accomplishment_fireworks", 	    anim = "multi_firework",	    sound = "dontstarve/common/shrine/sadwork_fire",	    sound2 = "dontstarve/common/shrine/firework_explo",	    sounddelay2 = 26/30,	    fn = function() TheWorld:PushEvent("screenflash", 1) end,	    fntime = 26/30    },

So since the actual function is called fn in the scripts folder and called fnc in prefab file, its nver true and fireworks don't have flash effect. This bug affect all versions of the game so far: DS, RoG, DST, DST:RoG, maybe even PS4 version of the game.

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I don't remember eating honey poultice to heal. Next is that flowers don't turn evil when a full moon is out.
... eating it? It says "Heal" and does the normal animation when I use them. Is it possible it's mod-related?


I seem to be getting the same thing with flowers, though. Also not seeing mushrooms becoming mushtrees.


Also, after doing a ton of testing with days (for Season Clock), I realized that the full moons are actually every 20 days. So day 11 is a full moon, then there will be two sets of each of the 3-day phases, and one day of new moon (3*3*2 + 1 = 19), making the 20th day a full moon again. But I suppose that's fairly convenient, as remembering it's on days 11, 31, 51, etc is even easier.

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@F1sh, Nope! I was looking through the files, and clearly someone at Klei had a moment of complete clarity where they saw the future and how everything played out, so they added invisible non-functional moleworm burrows in, which will now get replaced with the visible, functional ones. :-)


Edit: Comment from before this patch, molehill.lua:

-- placeholder version of the prefab so we can prepopulate new worlds
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Hotfixes a while ago: every week or so

Hotfixes now: every day B)

From what I can see, 2 or 3 of the bugs I reported have been fixed, but jot all. I'll check to see whether these bugs have been fixed or not, but keep up the good work :)

And I think that now that the moleworms are back in the game, lets-players can start to make DST RoG series now. Moggles and giants will come later on their own without the need to make a new world (unless you set the giants to none). One of the problems in terms of moggles though is that they won't be possibpe to craft until caves are implemented. When caves and/or ruins are in the game I would suggest that the way they would work should be that the wprlds are generated at the beginning instead of every player going inside caves and ruins at the same time to generate a new cave and ruins world. Reason why players entering caves and ruins at the same time world generation would jot work:

* Players come and go, so bad errors could occur if say 3 players generate the world in a cave when all enter at the same time and later a 4th player comes in, who did not participate in the world generation, which could cause massive issues (I had another reason as to why this would not work, but I forgot. If I remember, I will inform).

Also, while the cave and ruins world generation at the beginning might seem legit, the cave loading screen would have no use. Also there might be issues if the host spawns in sinkholes or the world generates more sinkholes than worlds.

My suggestion: the worlds of caves and ruins would only be generated when entered. The first person who enters a cave or ruins would make the cave or the ruins world generate and the world generation screen of caves would be shown to the player. If while the world is generating another player enters the same cave or ruins entrance, they would see the world generation screen, but a instead of both playersbgenerating new worlds for each other of the same cave entrance or ruins entrance, the second player would see the worldbgeneration screen just to wait for the world to be generated by the first person entering the cave or ruins. So, basically be it client orbhost, the first person to enter a cave or ruins, would activate the world generation for that particular entrance and when others join, they would see the world already done with generation. This would not only be simple but also would work a lot like in single player DS in a way.

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@XirmiX: A lot of the cave items are already in, it seems. Depth worms included. However, Moggles are not there as far as I know, I'm guessing since they pose a different issue: the same one as with Woodie's Werebeaver. They should only light the world for one person, however, then there's the issue of Charlie. Charlie can't be seen, but someone with moggles or werebeaver would be able to see her attack a player in pure darkness.

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@XirmiX: A lot of the cave items are already in, it seems. Depth worms included. However, Moggles are not there as far as I know, I'm guessing since they pose a different issue: the same one as with Woodie's Werebeaver. They should only light the world for one person, however, then there's the issue of Charlie. Charlie can't be seen, but someone with moggles or werebeaver would be able to see her attack a player in pure darkness.

Well, there's Woody character mod, so really charlie isn't much of an issue. Just because the player can see it. A simple solutionnwould be that all the players near a player that got attacked would see total darkness themselves for a split second when a player gets attacked by the night and nearby them. Does that seem like a simple solution?

Also, the werebeever thing and moggles, even though have the issue with the night in all honesty have nothjng to do with the caves or ruins. They can be implemented without having Moggles or Woody in the game.

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I just realized something when I was playing. Volt Goats never spawned anywhere, even when set to default. not sure if intended.


They appear in desert biomes. I have seen some prior to the latest patch (have not played post-latest patch).


not spawn moon rock in game


They are definitely in, but rare, because they come from meteors. Or were you trying to say that you can't spawn them with console?

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Even after this latest update, I continue to rarely and infrequently experience a bug where night falls and all torches and even a well lit Fire Pit produces the visual light radius of an almost dead fire, and Charlie kills all players regardless of proximity to those light sources. I think I've discovered a pattern (It's only happened 3 times) in that a player encounters a crash shortly before night falls.

In addition, it is my understanding that meteor showers only spawn in, or close to (x number of screens away), Rockyland Biomes. One game found meteor showers falling frequently near what was only Meadow Biome and turf-less ground.

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