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  1. The section of code should explain it all if GetClock():IsDay() or GetWorld():IsCave() then GetClock():SetNightVision(true) GetWorld().components.colourcubemanager:SetOverrideColourCube("images/colour_cubes/mole_vision_on_cc.tex", 2) else GetClock():SetNightVision(true) GetWorld().components.colourcubemanager:SetOverrideColourCube("images/colour_cubes/mole_vision_on_cc.tex", 2) end That line executes nightvision if its day time and if your in the cave, the else executes true if its not in a cave or its another time besides daytime. So Thats why your night vision activates if you go into a cave and executes because both booleans are set to true.
  2. Help

    inhabilitar a la mod: finder (https://steamcommunity.com/workshop/browse/?appid=322330&searchtext=finder&childpublishedfileid=0&browsesort=textsearch&section=home), la autor abandonado esto mod en octubre de 2016.
  3. Hmm I see, looks like hamlet changed the character design again(it was working before hamlet came out).... well there's no easy work around that I know of.
  4. Yeah... just download the shipwrecked version either on klei or on steam: https://forums.kleientertainment.com/files/file/950-extended-sample-character/ https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=567405519 Its face 15.
  5. Newbie Problem

    The error is simple just change enK to end on line 17.
  6. Real Names of Crafting Table Values

    probably reply to a post that won't be looked at but eh. Tech Name(LUA) CommonName NONE Nothing Required SCIENCE_ONE Science Machine SCIENCE_TWO Alchemy Engine MAGIC_ONE Has no purpose yet.... MAGIC_TWO Prestihatitator ANCIENT_FOUR Ancient pseudoscience station (fixed) ANCIENT_TWO Ancient pseudoscience station (broken) CARTOGRAPHY_TWO Cartographer's desk (don't starve together) CELESTIAL_ONE Celestial orb (DST) CITY Key to the city (hamlet) HALLOWED_NIGHTS Hallowed nights add-on (DST only activates with options under events or in October) HOME_TWO Renovation tab (hamlet owning a home and being inside it) LOST Lost recipes that shouldn't be accessed by normal means MADSCIENCE_ONE Hallowed nights machine (DST only activates with options under events or in October) MAGIC_THREE Shadow Manipulator OBSIDIAN_TWO Obsidian workbench ORPHANAGE_ONE Rock den (don't starve together) PERDOFFERING_ONE Gobbler shrine (incomplete) PERDOFFERING_THREE Gobbler shrine (complete) SCIENCE_THREE Has no purpose yet.... SCULPTING_ONE Potter's wheel SHADOW_TWO Codex Umbra (DST) WARGOFFERING_THREE Varg shrine (complete) WATER_TWO Sea Yard (shipwrecked) WINTERS_FEAST Winter fest add-on (DST only activates with options under events or in December) YOTG year of the gobbler (DST for building the shrine during the event) YOTV year of the varg (DST for building the shrine during the event)
  7. Asymmetrical limbs?

    The only thing that comes to mind was this post: Even though its don't starve together I think only a few lines of code require removal.
  8. For hamlet compatability the two main pieces of code to make it work with hamlet are needed in modinfo: dont_starve_compatible = true porkland_compatible = true they both need to be true even if the mod isn't dont starve (regular game mode) compatible. If the first line is false it doesn't matter if the coding is right the game will automatically disable the mod.
  9. Whaler

    @Matrix_Prime The problem is obvious this mod doesn't work on don't stave, it works only on don't starve together. I did mention in the main body of the text, that the stalker mod (where the mod originated from, that's why I'm mentioning it) got a lot of negativity from the don't starve workshop on steam. Considering what the workshop (both single and multiplayer) is "producing", someone has to show shame if its disliked so much.
  10. Specific kill counter

    There is a counter a while back that can be written to what you want (and I've used it for one of my mods): https://forums.kleientertainment.com/forums/topic/91008-solved-simple-counter/ otherwise your free to check my mod: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1440494809 under whaler.lua to see how I adapted the code to count kills but it's messy to say the least (cause he's programmed heavily for upgrades). Its under the deathcount variable and killcount function. It is linked to leveling up mechanic (as its needed to save the count when you load the world) like wx-78 but hopefully you'll be able to see what I did. If you need some explaining on some parts, i'll try to clear it up the best I can.
  11. Unexpected symbol

    Yeah...its probably good to make a thread on the DST section, as for what you gave me the game is mainly complaining that a lot of variables are undeclared or arithmetic errors but nothing about this 'ï' error. This modmain is missing a lot of basic referencing and "starting code" for a lack of better words like "local TUNING = GLOBAL.TUNING" or "local multiplayer_armor_durability_modifier = 1" and such. While you make a thread on the DST forums read this link (https://forums.kleientertainment.com/forums/topic/73967-how-to-ask-help-for-modding-include-tutorials/) as modders don't like to keep guessing what your trying to do (and neither do computer science majors). So be as detailed as you possible can, as for me I can't see what your doing as the modmain has multiple references and will require a lot of different starting code, as it is it wont run at all.
  12. Need Help Fixing Names Tex

    "Names" titles are dst specific (I'm saying this because this is the ds mod forums and you won't get much help here for a dst problem) and I did have a solution to this problem posted but it seems that its lost in the garbage pail of 220+ posts now. Either way the solution is simple, read the notes (updated v1.2.4).txt in the images folder of the character template, it tells you to change the text of xml: <Atlas> <Texture filename="names_characternamehere.tex" /> <Elements> <Element name="characternamehere.tex" u1="0.00048828125" u2="0.85498046875" v1="0.1533203125" v2="0.9990234375" /> </Elements> </Atlas> as by default its still estemplate after you build the tex and xml files (even though the png's name is different) and like the last post I said related to this problem "choose either gold or the regular color as I don't know how to make them both work".
  13. Unexpected symbol

    K, well the next step is to upload your mod to zip file and maybe I (or another modder) can see what the real problem is, otherwise I'm stabbing in the dark. If I can't solve it then its advised to ask in the link that bravechicken posted, as the single player coding is different (even some cases a huge difference) from multiplayer.
  14. Unexpected symbol

    I'm not seeing any syntax errors from what you posted (besides that idk what restart_required line), and according to the api version that's don't starve together. Are you trying to convert it to don't starve? Or are you posting in the wrong forums section?
  15. Its a problem on steam's end a lot of the time, i've heard of different solutions to the problem but I don't know which one solved this issue. One of them I think is launching the game-click play-go to mods- go to server mods (and maybe client as well)- and click the button at the bottom of the window/table that looks like the end of a broom labeled clean all- press ok. From there go back to the mods and let them download. The other solution is go to your steam library and right click don't starve together and click properties. From there go to local files and press verify integrity of game files... and see if that fixes it.