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  1. Farm station does nothing

    Any further info on this bug?
  2. The Forge is Now Live on Steam!

    Will we still be able to buy items with spools once the forge is finished?
  3. Duplicants get stuck at exosuit dock

    I also have the same issue very frequently, and with numerous duplicants at the same time. Some duplicants do get out fine though. They stop when I lock the door to the outside.
  4. Have they enabled building a plastic ladder over a normal ladder?
  5. Well, it looks like I will be starting a new map then XD
  6. On a related issue: I joined a server on which I was playing previously. The two other people were dead, but the counter kept on going (even though I was alive). Seemed odd. But then again, maybe that is normal. Survival map.
  7. They appear in desert biomes. I have seen some prior to the latest patch (have not played post-latest patch). They are definitely in, but rare, because they come from meteors. Or were you trying to say that you can't spawn them with console?
  8. Oh yes...I burnt trees, some of which dropped charcoal before chopping (like they used to drop pinecones). I subsequently got 2 charcoal from each of the trees when I chopped them. This was deliberately changed. You also can't attack things in the dark, either. You now need to be able to see the item/character/mob to automatically interact with it.
  9. My game crashed, and I believe the server subsequently crashed, when I witnessed a character killed by an angry birchnut. My game then went to a black screen after the error message. There were 3 mods running on the dedicated server - not sure how much influence (if any) that might have had.