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  1. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    Someone save my soul.
  2. Not only that but even if he did make it home why would he want to? The people in his town would want to kill him hes half giant spider.
  3. Maybe he doesnt want to be in the spider.
  4. Ban Dragon for banning Pyro for banning L for welcoming new members to the forums.
  5. Ban Big for using a =
  6. Nothing actually I love league. I play it a little to much I guess.
  7. Nick says ban Blazing for playing league.
  8. Ban Waddle for pointy spear.
  9. Ban Asparagus for giving me nightmares.
  10. Nick says to ban Dragon for hugging that pink bunny dats my bunny.
  11. Nick says ban blewcheese for using the term scrublord
  12. Nick says to ban Mack for playing Ahri and not playing Ekko instead.
  13. Nick says to ban greenglacier for using L's Abreeable against him.
  14. All Skins Concept Art

    Maybe a skin for the Bush hat that turns it into that bush with the long leafs?
  15. All Skins Concept Art

    gg hate on league confirmed call riot we got to get the reinforcements lawyers.