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  1. 1. What do you think of skins in DST?

    • They're are going to be awesome!
    • They're ok.
    • I don't like them.
  2. 2. Do you want a Frogger skin for Webber?

    • Definitely!
    • I'm fine with it.
    • Nope.
    • Hello it's me MarkL, it's called "Frog man", please change this before Jamie sees it.

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I thought it's a good idea to bundle everything related to skins in one thread.

Skin concept art made by Klei
Mad Science Wilson:


Military Wolfgang:


Future WX-78:


Funeral Wendy:


Work in progress WX-78:


(Most likely) skin related things found in the files


Willow's orphan hat:


Treasure map:


Stem cell


Skin suggestions
(From this thread)

General Suggestions Suggestions from movies etc.

Wilson: Know-It-All-Student, Aristocrat, Bald, Gandalf, Wilbur Robinson, Doc Brown

Willow: Orphan, Firefighter, Girl Scout, Witch, Evil-Looking, Rin

Wolfgang: Sailor, Chef, Butcher, Cossack, Farmer

Wendy: Emo, Amish, Shaman, Red Riding Hood, Alice in Wonderland, Twin("The Shining")

WX-78: Broken, Overcharged, C3-PO-78, Bender, Pinocchio, Soldier-Bot(TF2), Wheatly-78, HAL-7800, Iron Giant

Wickerbottom: Schoolteacher, Academic, Paleontologist, Witch, Hippie

Woodie: Hockey Player, Different clothing colours, Monthy Python Lumberjack

Wes: Jester, Clown, Prisoner, One-Man-Army, Scarf, No Make-Up, Cicero(Skyrim), Clown Murderer, Ballon Boy(fnaf2)

Maxwell: Tallbird, Puppeteer, Shadow, William Carter, White tux, James Bond

Wigfrid: Winnie, Knight, Aztec, Samurai, Warrior, Non-Acting, Silver Valkyrie, Little Orphan Annie

Webber: Frog, Warrior, Spider King, Cave, Spitter, Albino, Black Widow, Human, Web-Covered, Spider Man, Daddy Long Legs

Also thanks to everyone that uploaded skins and stuff from the files!

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Here's another skin for you guys.





Well how about this...

Skins can't be pieces of equipment the player wears in their current backpack/head slot, I mean what hat/armor could WX wear to look like that? In my opinion skins will be an option at the character selection screen and will simply change the look of the char you select from the moment you spawn in the world.


Nice WX skin either way!

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In my opinion skins will be an option at the character selection screen and will simply change the look of the char you select from the moment you spawn in the world.
 mainfunctions.lua supports this:
local function OnUserPickedCharacter(char, skin)    local function doSpawn()        TheFrontEnd:PopScreen()        TheNet:SendSpawnRequestToServer(char, skin)    end    TheFrontEnd:Fade(false, 1, doSpawn)end

I believe the current skin-related items may each fill one of two roles:

  1. a pseudo-equippable that occupies a slot unless something else is in it (this is kind of how the top part of Wilson's hair works, for example, it gets hidden when a hat is worn). There was a recent change to the symbol names used to hide/show hats and hair on equipping and unequipping hats -- before it would hide/show HEAD_HAIR, now it hides/shows HEAD_HAT. That seems to suggest this kind of skin "item".
  2. A reskin of a normal item. E.g. Mad Science Wilson's axes look like bonesaws. Maybe he'll even have a separate animation for sawing down a tree.

I'm not seeing a good fit for the treasuremap or stemcell in that model, though. I'm still hoping treasuremap is map-related rather than skin-related... stemcell might be a general-purpose item that allows one to change skins.


welp... now that I wrote it I made a nice dichotomy and then said it was false. but maybe it helps picture how the other skin-related stuff may work, e.g. Military Wolfgang's hat could be either of those roles.

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