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  1. When a player riding a beefalo is put to sleep they fall off but the beefalo stays awake. Falling off might be intentional but the beefalo shouldn't stay awake. Also if falling off the beefalo is intentional I think it should be changed because it just makes it easier to steal them in pvp servers (or servers without pvp because mandrakes can be used).
  2. Attacking a charged goat with a fire staff or an ice staff causes the player to get electroshocked but attacking it with other ranged weapons doesn't. Attacking a player with a scalemail with any ranged weapon (whether the attacker is a player or not) will ignite the attacker. A player wearing a scalemail will also be set on fire if they fail to catch their own boomerang. Even if getting set on fire with ranged attacks is intended there are some bugs here. (Also this isn't a bug but when a player is killed by their own boomerang the death message just states that they were killed by a boomerang. It would be funny if it would actually say that the player was killed by themselves)
  3. The beefalo actually does the emotes too nice
  4. I once did a speedrun on it, started domestication on a new world on day 3, finished on day 23, used Wilson, no special world gen and no cheating involved.
  5. When someone dies by attacking a charged goat, the death message will state that they were killed by "shenanigans".
  6. So I redid the cyclum puzzle and got a second tragic torch like people have been saying they did but this one actually doesn't have the "loyal" rarity but instead has the "timeless" rarity. I believe previously the only skin item with that rarity was Nome's potato cup. EDIT: Actually, the old tragic torch has turned timeless and the new one is just loyal.
  7. The desert with the oasis has a sandstorm during summer. This will slow you down quite a bit and make it hard to see things but it prevents smoldering although you can still overheat. You can get blueprints for goggles that let you walk normally in the sandstorm by fishing in the oasis.
  8. I found that as well after the trailer was released and posted it in that thread but didn't repost it here since it seems like it's not puzzle related
  9. I'm hoping that the gateway will do something once the puzzle is completed.
  10. Huh the puzzle is progressing I hope I wont miss it
  11. Isn't thulecite a metal? So maybe they built their whole city out of it? That would mean that dead bug people is not the only source of it unless they had a lot of them
  12. I really don't know what's happening to me, all other sites are working fine but the metheus page and everything related to it just wont load, I tried different browsers too
  13. I keep reloading and only get this
  14. I refreshed and it took a while to load and when it loaded all I saw was the torches although it might've been a bug with the site or something although I keep getting this when realoding.