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  1. I had this idea as well although a bit differently. My idea is that after a bunch of prints, the printer will run out of fuel. From that point on you will need to supply it with power and produce your own genetic ooze for it. Genetic ooze could be created out of materials that organism are made of such as carbon, hydrogen and water or also be extracted out of existing organisms or their remains (both of these options at a machine with a relatively high power cost). This would not only balance the production of creatures and plant seeds, but also make it so players can't just waste dupes or kill them for free morbs. To obtain the genetic blueprint of organisms, you would need to sacrifice one or multiple ones of it in a scanner. Other rebalances might also be necessary to make this not overpowered, for example making it a harder to maintain wheezeworts (which I believe the devs are planning to do anyway).
  2. I've noticed this before but forgot to report it, it happened before the sweep fix
  3. So I decided to replace the pipes in my generator room with insulated pipes and it worked as usually, with the white blueprint being visible on top of the normal pipe. However when I saved and reloaded the file, the blueprints turned invisible, but still existed.
  4. I had this idea as well, although I think instead of changing the current pumps, these pumps could be different ones that are on a higher tier of research.
  5. I wish we could just enter a value
  6. Yes but even then they should change it, maybe make it so normal switches don't require dupes to walk to them either.
  7. But natural gas doesn't actually smell like anything by itself
  8. So when a player rides on a beefalo, it will look angry while running and the character riding on it will have a frightened expression on their face. This makes sense since beefalo are wild animals. However when riding a beefalo that is domesticated it doesn't really make sense since both the beefalo and the rider should be used to riding at that point. Even in the cinematic part of the DST launch trailer, Wilson and a beefalo he's riding look much calmer than they actually do in the game. So what I'm suggesting is that the animation should change when the beefalo is domesticated to fit the fact that it isn't a wild animal anymore. Beefalo even already have a calm running animation which is used when they run towards a player to greet them or to beg for food and when they panic. Below are images of WIlson riding a beefalo in the game and in the launch trailer.
  9. When you ride a beefalo in a sandstorm and you're not wearing goggles it will squint just like your character will. If you put on sandstorm goggles it will stop squinting which doesn't make sense since the beefalo still isn't protected from the sandstorm.
  10. Those appear in adventure mode in single player although I thought they were completely removed from DST
  11. So the last update added sounds to emotes for beefalo but when a beefalo yawns because it was put to sleep by a mandrake or bearger it is still silent.
  12. Using /bye can either lead to the character waving with a grumpy face or clenching their fist. I'm not sure if this counts as a bug since it could be intended because /wave, /sit and /squat can also lead to two different emotes each but in my opinion the two emotes that are done by using /bye are too different to be random variations of the same emote. When I use /wave, /sit or /squat it usually doesn't matter which of the two emotes happens because they are quite similar but with /bye I often have to try multiple times because I always only want to use one of them. (Also beefalo do almost nothing when the grumpy waving happens but they have an angry face when the fist clenching happens)
  13. The ground under a siesta lean-to is visible but there is no animation for sleeping in it so basically sleeping in it turns players invisible.
  14. When beefalo do the /happy or /yawn emote it looks they are making a sound but they are silent. Their death sound (which is used for various other things as well) would probably work well for those emotes. Also sounds would probably be good for some other emotes too, for example their attack sound or the sound they make when getting hit for the /angry and /bye emote (the version of /bye which makes the beefalo have an angry face).
  15. When a player riding a beefalo is put to sleep they fall off but the beefalo stays awake. Falling off might be intentional but the beefalo shouldn't stay awake. Also if falling off the beefalo is intentional I think it should be changed because it just makes it easier to steal them in pvp servers (or servers without pvp because mandrakes can be used).