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  1. It appears that there are no strings for announcing that the thurible ran out of fuel @KrisRF
  2. You can actually also get it from Klaus as far as I know.
  3. Wait I thought that was only supposed to happen to the duplicants... Do I have to worry about getting diarrhea when playing the game now?
  4. I found one hidden in an ice biome
  5. Actually the gobblers got on the throne already when no one was looking. Why do you think they got their own event?
  6. I don't know why because it doesn't make a lot of sense now that I think about it but I always thought it was so people can hammer their structures after they burnt down in summer in case their research machines also burned and they didn't craft a hammer beforehand.
  7. Dupes are currently immune to high temperatures although plants are not.
  8. You can also destroy gasses by pumping them into a hydrogen generator.
  9. The mechanical airlock can be opened much faster than the manual airlock.
  10. Probably a bug or unimplemented because if I remember correctly mercury can be spawned in debug mode.
  11. Narcoleptic duplicants can be woken up by telling them to go somewhere. This means that as long as the player always notices them falling asleep immediately the trait is completely irrelevant. I guess it should be possible to wake them up so they don't die to things like falling asleep when they're about to suffocate but maybe waking them up should raise their stress level? (Actually now that I think about it maybe that happens but it doesn't as far as I know)
  12. Would be nice if we could tick something to make the dupes not store anything that emits gases in a compactor instead of having to select every material that does that individually.
  13. Hand sanitizers
  14. I think pufts just float up before they make slime and contaminated oxygen and the normal oxygen is usually at the ceiling but they don't float up because of the oxygen.