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  1. first off, wickerbottom, really? maybe in normal DS but in DST she is a boss, sleeping isn't the only sanity regen method, i mean, make one science machine and you got a alchemy engine for everyone, bases get found and setup far quicker and all bosses are a breeze, as for wolfgang, stay in wimpy and he eats just as much as wilson does, only go to might for fighting. if anytihng wx 78 and wendy in the longrun will have the most trouble but wickerbottom and wolfgang are the best lategame willow (if not a griefer) and wilson beeing in the middle.
  2. except it IS available, and if you can't spare 5 bucks, you need to get your income on track (directed at the original poster)
  3. i guess thats a rather...dark....pun
  4. mine was getting killed by the sight of a gobbler- wait are we talking about in game or real life?
  5. kleis not the only one who grabs a big bucket of popcorn....
  6. SPOILER now all of us who have defeated the might adventure mode have heard of them..the being(s) behind the scene some say they are the shadow creatures...thats what they want you to think, some say charlie others say its a union but here..the secret will be revealed but first lets get some facts, first off the 3rd tip is "don't talk to strangers" in the DS trailer what does DS remind you of? the DS which is a remade gameboy, the 3rd character is a boy as of now who eats a lot to get strong, which so happens in real life what is also in real life? Hallucinations, what is addicting? Drugs, what else is addicting? Don't Starve, now the 3rd most dangerous drug causes hallucinations and hunger of which are in this game which can only mean one thing...Don't starves lord known as Them are real they are in our world. but how does this relate to 3 you might ask. well thats what they want you to think. to think i am a madman, but there is so much more that needs answering, no this is a story we don't just cannibalise half a guy then leave the rest to rot! this has to happen fully. now them's name and who they are shall be revealed now for they are..it's all piny! now we can combat this threat! knowing what they are we CAN win, now all we need is time before we can combat an army of gods who seek to destroy us, good thing were all buddies, like two bullets in a mag! to peas in a pod! two cannibal midgets in a fat guys ribcage!
  7. well like i said it would be harder too defend with barely any resources which if you were too die early on you would already have less later on its not a big deal but early on yes it is so maybe a different tactic later on? still trying too think of one any suggestions arew welcome to add on the my current one too but i guess the penalty would have to change to be more dire late game
  8. maybe the items decay so you lose them and you temporarily lose a perk like wolfgang would be stuck at low hunger or maxwell would lose his dapperness this sort of thing would last probslly 10-20 days of course you're freinds could defend you so how about we throw another thing in how about you're hunger goes out rather fast which will mean less reasources for all and you cant contribute making going low on resources very easy it would be a game of decisions which can mean alot especially whenthere are 4 players so do you want to rush effigys or amulets or do you wanna lose a bunch of perks (probally more then i listed) sure 4 people would defen each other but there are so many conditions that can happen like the deerclops AOE freeze it could be very problematic very fast only upside is you to be the pig to all the food. Oink Oink!
  9. you said you're against sliders that change core mechanics yet you also said to just change the current sliders to make it perm day which night is also a core mechanic other games you just run around in the night here you just die in total darkness you also appear to be against things that dont affect you whatsoever you're being against what you say and against stuff that wont affect you but you don't want others to have it. why you don't want others to have something you don't care about (as in you wont bother with it) is confusing i mean you don't want it but you don't want others to have it? how does that make sense?
  10. exactly! and btw taking away a game mechanc doesn't ruin the game as a whole i mean some people just dont use creative mode it doesn't affect them. you dont wannna play on a private server with no perm death? then dont play on it. simple as that