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  1. Frog ponds are amazing. Put some traps there and come back every 2 days. This, however, is not possible during winter, so you gotta switch to rabbit farming. The easiest way to get infinite food is to play as webber. If you find several dens in a compact space, drop your den and reap the benefits: feed one or two monster meat(s) to spider friends, then attack a lone spider. RRUUUUUUUN. Come back later to gather up the monster meat and silk. You can use the silk for bird traps, top hats and winter hats. Then, when bird cage is online, make bacon and eggs with 1 MM+1 cooked morsel + 2 eggs. REMEMBER- cook live birds on firepit!!!! If you are not a Webber, Wickerbottom is also a good choice(but since most ppl already told you about shits, im going to skip). Another good way to use the monster meats is to feed the pigs with MM for maximum lumber efficiency. You can convert pigs into werepigs(4MM) one by one and your pig army will do the rest for you. Add another thing for flare2v: 2 drum sticks 1 vegie(red caps) and 1 MM is the best starting food. Basically, you pick as many red caps as you can. Then, when you see a gobbler, drop your red caps and the gobbler will suicicde itself.
  2. If you need a tip for how to make a base, first draw out the outlines of your base on a notebook. If you don't, just imagine it in our head. What you want to do is to download a handy mod called geometric placement What then? Make a pitchfork to lay out the foundations. When you place your firepit, the firepit should be your center. Anything after than should be customizable. This is an album of a base I made back in DST Vanilla beta. Hope these will help you!
  3. A little update to what happened to the server I was in. It's called NYC survival. After constant reviving and feeding people food, I realized that I could never babysit newcomers so I abandoned them for selfish reasons. I got a basic base running near some pigs and lived away from other players. After winter had hit, everyone died. Then, 10 more people came and left as the winter's cold progressed. I was lucky to get a tam o'shanter on my first try so I decided to out live the ghost. I killed 10 terrorbeaks and 40 crawlers (you know I was serious). After few days, a person rejoined and revived 3 more people. The story repeated itself when people died again. This time, the rejoined person also died, due to crawlers. Most of the ghosts left, except that more people decided to make my life miserable. There was a point where the entire population got wiped out and I was clinging onto gloomer for a sanity sip. These are the direct quotes from the ghosts: " revive me or forever be haunted" "get him" "where's base" "where are you" "im going to kill you" "let's haunt his camp" "please just die so we can rewind" "die die die" The end? I left when deeclops came to my base. I tried to rejoin the server and realized it was reset D:
  4. Veteran player here. I don't want to be salty, but I really dislike the design of ghosts. Sure,I have encountered multiple ghosts in the closed beta stage. However, with the influx of newcomers, I feel the need to punch my fist through the monitor every time a ghost tries to haunt the crockpot or doing the following things: burn stuff on fire, break firepit, and create red hounds.Please revise how the ghost interacts with the environment. So here is my anecdote: I revived one person and didn't have enough health to revive 2 more players. So, I had been cooking fishsticks in the hope of reviving one more person. A ghost came and haunted the pot. BAM, goop. I told them before hand," don't haunt, you are making things worse". At least during closed beta, the players actually listen to your instructions and warnings. During the past week, not only did people ignore my warnings and my help, they proceeded to act immaturely. Please, if you are a ghost, don't make other people's life even more miserable. I played open servers(evade pvp cus certain LocalNoob and SigmaWhatFace) for the sole purpose to enjoy playing and interacting with unfamiliar faces. Now, I became selfish, cringey and paranoid of people coming to "help me". The concept of ghosts are just really flawed as the level of gameplay actually increases exponentially, taking away the comfort that I usually enjoy. Revise, please. dl;dr : I'm been salty about ghosts. Ghosts are awful. Revise ghosts.
  5. Guys guys, there can be only one who can read the blueprint of old bell. So, either that guy becomes a complete jerk or a careful person who has great responsibility in keeping it on him on all record. Pray to RNGesus, amen.
  6. Tried evil flower farm with homeless bees, not working at the moment. It has almost been 25days in the sever. The innate downfall for most newcomers is their shortsight of the benefits in their resources aound them. Without the experiences of controlling fuel and sanity efficiently, coupled with zero farsight of civil planning, they are bound to run an unrenewable camp. Why newcomers pick flowers:they don't know how to gain sanity using other methods. When we told a person to eat taffy on the pot, he refused. We had 3 tams in the chest, he did not try to pick them up. The good news was, we were low on nightmare fuel so I quickly took advantage of the situation.
  7. I don't bother lumbering at all since logs are useless and time consuming to collect. Also, you can fall a full grown tree with one swoop using the torch trick, it's almost mind boggling that anyone would chop a small tree for timber. Ps: see if anything is around the tree(seeds, stump). Quickly remove them.Llight one tree on fire and quickly switch to axe. One swoop, there you got three logs.
  8. Are you trying to find the news log? If so, go to steam-> library->games->click on DSTB-> scroll down until you see a subtopic called recent news BP: A) I don't have a link but I can tell you the differences. First, in single player, there are no portals, tell-tale heart, booster shots, moon rocks(bolder and the moonrock item) and ewecus. They implemented warg, deerclops(the attack modifier and aoe, not the model) and several boons from DLC content . These DLC boons are: maxwell biome, the killer rook+backpack+honey bandage, living forest(im not sure). Players don't die and come back as ghosts. Ghosts have several abilities B) efficient use of first days: dont start fire at day 1 and 2. Use a torch to travel farther and faster. Walk around the edge of the map. resources from Highest to lowest priority: gold->flint->silk->grass->twig->rock->reeds(only 8)->poop-> any food-> logs set up a base either near beefalo herd or pig village. be selfish: remember, your survival has higher priority than other players. Unless you play with friends, don't share your food unless you really have to. I learned this the hardway, until one person taught me: be nomadic: don't stay in a camp for more than three days, always keep moving and don't let other people distract you. plan ahead: know what you want to do the next day, when you sit beside the campfire. Sometimes it is better to collect all the essential things before you settle down, this may take more than 8 days. Always bring a hammer Ignore berry bush farm as much as possible. If you have to make a farm, create as many basic farms as possible(advanced is also welcome). These will prevent griefers,Willow players and you from starving the party. 3) Kill deerclops, mc. tusks, pengulls, winter koalephants and ice hounds. Explore world. Show off the pimped cane and hat. Die in dignity.
  9. Food will spoil This is Vanilla not RoG. You can make 50 pots, 50 farms and 50 drying racks to bypass food spoil. Food will spoil This is Vanilla not RoG. You can make 50 pots, 50 farms and 50 drying racks to bypass food spoil.
  10. I'm waiting for my friends to finish their finals but I couldn't stop my urge to start a don't starve together game (single player-oh the irony). After killing deerclops, I realized something very important- there are no sinkholes. So does that mean I get to eat it now.
  11. I have two laser gods in my base so I just need to keep running. I also have some flingomatics just in case. Build tooth traps (for beginners), build an army of bunnies and pigs (for intermediates), and make laser gods (if you are pro).
  12. The only drawback is the lack of loots. But who cares, this is the largest maze I've seen so far!
  13. No need to downlaod mod, there is a cheating tool called console!