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  1. With the Krampus Sack equipped, the sanity meter is hidden if the season clock is configured to above or below the day clock.
  2. Eh. Just offering up suggestions to make things interesting. Whether they would be good or not is another thing.
  3. I'm going to have to agree with MaybeBernie here, Flare. In addition to you. Combat, especially melee combat, is boring. Bait attack, run, move in for a few hits, repeat until dead. I'll use the term kiting here. You basically have two options: Tank it, or kite to the best of your ability. Tanking is really only an option with Wigfrid, and even then she can't do it forever. I can make mincemeat out of the Bearger with the latter strategy, even with Wendy. It's just really slow. The only cases where enemies have ever caused me grief are: Where the number of enemies I am facing is greater than the kitable total, this can be anything from more than one to five. (Depths Worms being a repeat offender) Enemies that attack from a distance (Mactusk, Spitting Spiders, Clockwork Bishop) Speed (Dragonfly) Extended range (Deerclops) To make an enemy difficult, give it varied attacks. Avoid patterns. Either give an enemy increased range or speed, to make kiting difficult. Maybe an attack that occurs twice in quick succession. Say, if the Bearger would have a low-power attack where it swipes with both of its paws twice. However, it would not draw them back, so they player would not predict it until they already were hit by the first attack. Perhaps a debuff attack? The Ewecus is a good example of this, as it can stick the player in one place. Perhaps the Spider Queen could have a similar attack, where it simply slows the player's movement and attack speed? This would only be passable for enemies rarely encountered.
  4. What do you mean? One is bound to have a walking cane, among all the other advanced items Asparagus has on him, at Day 2045. On another note, has this ever happened to anyone else before?
  5. I was playing in a world as Wigfrid, and I soon found a desire for some variety in my diet. (Bacon and Eggs, while efficient, gets boring after a while.) So I browsed some meat-based recipes, and decided to make some Fish Tacos. Luckily, I always plant seeds in the farms around the Metal Potato Thing, so corn proved to be easily obtainable. But soon, I desired more. I set up 9 farms and began farming corn. I fed the crops to my bird, and this gave me many crop seeds, The corn ones I have planted, while the others I have stored for future planting. I have discovered that I somewhat like farming, even though Wigfrid reaps no direct benefits from the harvest.
  6. Ah, what is this I have discovered? It is a comic, well-drawn and interesting! Needs apostrophes, though.
  7. Remember kids: Don't do drugs.
  8. That experience did not seem to be very well-received.