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The irritant of other people's play style

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I played vanilla Don't Starve for a long time so that by the time DST came along I had pretty well-established play patterns. My husband plays, too, and our play styles evolved pretty much the same since we watch each other play. So the way we play feels "right".


Now when we play with strangers (and even watching Twitch streams on YouTube--I wanted to see some PVP), other people's play styles feel "wrong".


For the record, I recognize there are lots of ways to play and there isn't a "right" way, but damn if some people's behaviors don't drive me straight up the wall!


What are some of the things other people do that drive you crazy?


Here are some of mine:

* Harvesting from farms without replanting again afterwards

* Taking food from the crock pot without setting up the next recipe

* Planting sapling farms near camp (I like to plant them along roads instead; I bet this drives some people nuts when I do it, though!)

* Not filling the stack (watching on Twitch I would see players running past, say, poop and not picking it up even though they had a stack of 1--FILL THE STACK!)

* One guy came to camp, took our huge stack of small jerky out of the fridge, fed it all to the bird, took the eggs and fried them, and put them back in the fridge. Now they are rotting faster and are less versatile, gee thanks.



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Seeing people use thermal stones drives me crazy the most.

Also, people which tank everything for no good reasons other than being lazy are pretty annoying (in my opinion).

And finally, people who play Wigfrid or WX just to make game's experience easier overall.


Oh yeah, and respawns. Really, really hate them.

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-60 chests where not even half of them are filled (honestly you dont need more than 5-6 tops even in Together)

-cooking meatballs after day 10 (yeah day 10 I said it)

-randomly placing all structures farms and grass & twigs all over the place.  Im real OCD about it when I do it but whatever

-stuff all over the ground everywhere especially when you build 60 chests and dont fill them

-cooking corn.  fyi its better raw

-I hate the whole crockpots near the fridge so you can cook straight out of the fridge.  I know its faster and everyone likes it but me, I HATE IT.  so cluttered

-Have I mentioned it drives me nuts when you build 60 chests?

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I think a lot of people who are playing DST right now are very new to the game. Naturally you'll see a lot of players being inefficient and it's very easy to notice when you're in the back seat. The mutiplayer environment is one that will probably breed a lot of bad habits.


-I hate the whole crockpots near the fridge so you can cook straight out of the fridge.  I know its faster and everyone likes it but me, I HATE IT.  so cluttered


This is me- I admit it. 

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-When people play Maxwell and not realize how weak he is

-When people leave pine cones and trunks on the ground

-People using non renewable resources for fire

-People immediately making crockpot recipes as soon as there are ingredients to make it I.E. 10 fistfuls of jam when I put 40 berries in a fridge

-Picking all the flowers at the beehive

-Woodies that try to stay werebeaver ALL the time

-People shaving their beard when winter starts (This ones a bit forgiveable cause I didn't know the beard gave any insulation for a LONG time)

-Attacking beehives with their fists. Like what the hell are you thinking?

As you can see I'm a pretty cynical person

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Funny, I love the thermal stone! What don't you like about it?

I don't like it for different reasons, and it's not only about playstyles.

What is a thermal stone supposed to be? (quoting from the wiki)

"Its purpose is to delay body temperature loss, preventing the player from Freezing in the Winter."

The thermal stone is supposed to be an item that slows down player's body temperature interaction with environment's temperature, or, to literally slow your temperature decrease/increase down, depending on its temperature-range stage.

That being said, thermal stone's most hot stage has 120 points of insulation.


There are 2 things I really hate about thermal stones.


First one, the thermal stone it's NOT actually what it is supposed to be.

The way they work is very flawed. Thermal stones have their own temperature, and do not delay player's temperature loss, they actually set player's temperature according to their own temperature, meaning that if you try to use warming clothing, let's say beefalo hat, it will basically overwrite thermal stone's temperature effect on the player by delaying it, just like it does with the environment. In simple words, wearing clothing and thermal stones makes no sense, cause only clothing will delay your body temperature loss, both from the thermal stone and the environment.


That's not only it. Frozen thermal stones, either you are or are not wearing, will increase negative delta temperature power, meaning that it will take for you a longer amount of time to start gaining heat from heat sources as long as you have a frozen thermal stone in your inventory. So even though thermal stone's insulation points are equal to a winter hat insulation points, thermal stone is actually worse.


Where it starts to get really flawed is when you try stacking multiple thermal stones, also changing them from player's inventory to backpack's inventory. They bug out pretty hard, and have a very weird behavior. Basically, with 2 or more thermal stones in your backpack, your temperature will constantly increase till it reaches game's maximum temperature of 90 C as long as no environmental temperature conflicts them (you can try it yourself in DST, type in console c_select() while hovering yourself with the mouse, and put 2 thermal stones in your backpack in summer, your temperature will max out even if the thermal stones are frozen), and if environmental temperature does conflict them, all you need to do is to stay near a fire while doing this, it will allow thermal stones to max out your temp without obstacles.


That being said, even if your temperature increases/decreases faster with thermal stones in your backpack, they still start cooling off if you try to explore using them, meaning that in about 4 ticks of the clock, you'll have to go near a heat source again, to not suffer from freezing damage. Also, thermal stones take longer to gain/lose temperature than the player, so you'll have to wait more for thermal stones to get hot than you'll have to wait for your character to do the exact same thing, using clothing instead. So it's pretty clear that using thermal stones it's not very efficient, and it's not as good as clothing at keeping you warm in winter.


Second one, most people use thermal stones so they have acces to backpack, but my playstyle is very different from that. I'm more about efficiency, and when I need to combat, i simply quickswitch from my clothing to armor pressing a hotkey. Backpacks mess that up because when you unequip it, it goes out of inventory, so say I am in a bad situation (like, 10 hounds come after me), I may forget something important in that backpack, but if I try to grab it back, that could kill me, cause hounds will bite and stunlock me, making me unable to access the backpack. I'm not saying that's gonna happen, but I'm more about playing safe.


Also, using clothing instead is way more efficient, cause you can warm yourself faster than thermal stones do, you can last up to 8 minutes with best clothing instead of 2-3 minutes (thermal stone average time), and as I know to manage inventory pretty well, quickswitching from clothing to armor without having to rely on a backpack is worth the smaller inventory space you'll have not using one (also, chester is better than backpack, cause eyebone occupies 1 slot, and chester has 9 slots, so 14+9=23 slots, and inventory+backpack also equals 23 slots, the difference is that chester doesn't stop in place like backpack does)

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Dipps, thanks for that thorough explanation! The thermal stone will always hold a special place in my heart because it took me forever to survive winter in the beginning, and it wasn't until I discovered the thermal stone that I was able to make it through. Inventory management is my least favorite thing, so it would be hard for me to give up the backpack (especially in DST when someone else might have Chester, and other people might take stuff out of him anyway). Still, this is great food for thought and I will experiment more with clothing!


Clwnbaby: I admit it, I'm one of those fridge-to-crockpot people, too. It drives me nutty to have to run back and forth! But I don't understand what you have against meatballs? I'm big on meatballs myself, so I would love to know what you are making after day 10! (Although it does drive me nuts when people make meatballs with four meats--I like to stretch out my protein I guess.)


Weird Wanderer (Tried to link to your member name but it complains about the space?): YES! Stop making jam you idiot! Make meatballs instead!  :friendly_wink:


Hundreds of hours into the game and I didn't even know you COULD go after a beehive with your fists! You learn something new every day! (Sometimes I wonder if I was stunted by playing for so long on the PS4 instead of the PC...)

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Edit: Realized I didn't add mine. 

I have one pet peeve, really, only one. There is only one thing that makes me get upset and start wanting to kick people, and that's the base-hugging leech. This person joins, usually on a later day so they had no part in setting up the base (fine), immediately ask where the base is (fine), seems nice enough as a player (good), but then they hug the base and spend the next 20+ days never leaving and begging for each thing they need. I can't stand it. They are never outright rude or anything but this will make me dislike you as a player faster than anything else. I can understand day 1 being like, hey is it okay if I take food? Is it okay if I have a flint? Yes, please, get up to speed and get productive. But then 5 days later they are just sitting around the base, not even cooking or farming, going "Hey does anyone have silk??? can I have silk?" and ignoring replies of "there are spiders just north of camp." "Does anyone have gold? I need gold." "Could I have some rocks?" Etc. You have to identify them and either set them on the right track or boot them quickly because they are a gaping maw that will never stop consuming your resources. 

Then usually they die and ragequit on the first wave of hounds, as helpless people tend to do. We all laugh and collectively sigh relief that they are gone.


The meatballs thing really depends on where you made camp and what food sources are available to you. Sometimes on a huge world there isn't a swamp anywhere within a day or so of travel from camp, so we're delayed in making a birdcage (unless we have a wickerbottom who sacrifices her starting papyrus to us) until we can get to one, meaning eggs are not a consistently available food source.

Morsel/MM + 3 Berry/Carrot/Mushroom is a perfectly fine and efficient crock pot recipe. Personal favorite is Monster Meat + 3 Red Mushroom. Nothing edible going into that, and it makes a good meal. 

I don't have a defined early game start that I always follow-through on, I prefer to play it by ear and make use of what is nearby so that I can have slightly different games every time. 

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The only thing that makes me really crazy is when you've gone to the effort of getting a bird-cage filled and someone comes along and takes the bird.  (usually to eat it, and then they usually complain when they get a feather for murdering it because they don't know to kill it over a fire to guarantee the cooked morsel)  Close to that, but not quite as bothersome:  picking the flowers near the bee-boxes.


So I guess I can phrase it more succinctly:


Players who don't understand the birds and the bees drive me crazy.

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-People who pick up carrots near base. Those are for Winter you idiot.

-People who don't leave a bunch of Dragon fruits/Pumpkins/Eggplants out for Winter.

-People who harvest Berries right before Winter

-People who don't even glance at Green Mushrooms, stuffs amazing when cooked

-People who burn down forests for charcoal

-People who murder Beefalo for the hat, We need those for hound attacks

-Webbers who just keep dieing and then Placing down Nests in Wilderness.

-No one's fault, but I hate it when I'm on a server and everyone's the same character

-People who own way too many Crock pots, My fault though, I really only ever make taffy



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People planting too much grass, sapplings and berries. They're often burned by someone and the more you plant the less new people have to their disposition, especially berries. Plus, I find it tedious to fertilize them all, and small berries are ugly ^^

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Hate list:

-people burning down my lureplants on rocky turfs

-people destroying my spider dens

-people who do not download geometry mod

-People asking where I am when I don't have the compass(oh btw, mini map hud and compass mod seem to bug each other out)

-Wiffrid is fine, I just want to murder stuff

-people trying to help me kill stuff <- yet they don't know how to kite and they die in the process

-Willow players who still use their lighters as if the lighters have unlimited duration

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- People designing camps without logic and geometry. I always express my OCD in my camps.

- People dying in front of you for silly reasons. "Yes, I will resurrect you, since you drain my sanity..."


You can never have too many crockpots.....especially in Together

Indeed you never have too many crockpots, but to minimize cooking time, I plant them in a circle around two fridges and a firepit.


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Some more:


- People who come on to my Wilderness server and say "come and get me, I'm at spawn!" (it's always annoying, but WILDERNESS)

- People who pick the flowers near the bee boxes

- People who murder pet koalefants to get food / make breezy vests 

- People who never reload the crockpot, replant the farm, reload the drying rack, or replace a popped trap

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I hate it when people take //all// of the hard-to-find/non-renewable resources. Granted, it's not usually their fault because everybody needs, say, flint, although it'd be nice if there was some left in the map for other people.


I also dislike it when people go and dig up berry bushes or grass tufts from near their base and move them so that they have a neat little farm. It's cool looking, but it's more practical to leave them in the wild! If they're close to your base naturally, you don't need to walk too far, and they never need fertalizer until you move them! It's a waste of rot/manure!

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-people who facetank: bad enough, but without armor. Yea u know, the stuff that makes a hound bite less painfull.

-Wx users who hog stuff and if they lose like 1hp use all the healing items.

-Bullshit lag is bullshit

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- People designing camps without logic and geometry. I always express my OCD in my camps.




*initiate rage*

Also for me, I hate it when:

  • I make a base camp near the portal and I leave resources there for new arrivals and they take all the items and scatter them around the place... just placing stacks of flints and grass randomly around the map... who does that? O__O
  • Players take the dried meat from racks without replacing them and instead makes FRIGGIN' MEATBALLS ARE YOU SERIOUS?! 2 DRIED MEAT AND SOME OTHER SH*T?! to make meatballs?! >:(
  • People who pick up traps and puts them in an odd angle/place instead of just resetting them with the RMB!! OCD kicks in!!
  • Players who still find it amusing to kill Abigail and take her flower... haha... funny O__O (recipe for that thing is easy enough if someone would just...)
  • (Stop) taking all the dark flowers meticulously placed in rows so bees could do their job to replenish them! I mean, sure, pick them up, about 4 at a time if short then make nightmarefuel... but don't friggin' use them as FIRE PIT FUEL!! T___T
  • players who try to kill chester the moment I take my eyes off them...
  • Players don't replant a tree after cutting them down... seriously...


*end rage*

Tea anyone?

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OMG this is a huge one!

Ghosts who haunt the enemy you're fighting in order to  "help you" especially when you're fighting a mob and it screws up all the attack timings.  I don't need help fighting, there is a reason why you're dead and I'm not.




People who murder pet koalefants to get food / make breezy vests


Yeah Im gonna have to disagree with you here.  Breezy vest is useless.  Rather eat and heal.  Also I wear backpack ALL the time unless Im wearing armor to fight so all the vests are useless to me.  Koalephants aren't hard to come by so if you really want a vest make your own but you cant really fault others for not.  But I guess thats the point of this thread "the irritant of others play style."

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