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  1. That gif of a hatch's life-cycle is really disturbing to me for some reason.
  2. I could still burrow out through a biome, but I'd have to dig through one side of the vein only, since they're 4 tiles thick that would keep the biomes still separate. However that requires me to either deal with the environment or play really micro-managey games to retile over my head as I dig out using the ability to tile through a corner to keep myself out of the atmosphere and that ... sounds really not like a game I want to play. (I don't strip any biome beyond the starter, which I turn to really low-pressure CO2 or vacuum, so it's not breaking into biomes I'm thinking about, it's literally playing termite to scout out through the veins in two-tile wide tunnels) Anyhow, I'll adapt, no matter what. I just like a low-tech nomad style of mid-early-game.
  3. Hey, I'll take it for so long as it lasts..... (I'm not unaware how things change on a dev-branch, gotta try new stuff out to see what it does) Anyhow, I was fine with the averaging for walls and having insulated walls use the lower of the two values. Tiles in the wild were pretty much all I cared about, and only because I like to mine out through the abyssalite veins in a low-tech exploration phase. I can explore later in suits, or by forced-air mining, it's just fun to burrow out and use terrariums to set up O2 way-stations -- but not so much fun I want to let the biomes bleed into each other.
  4. Does that mean we can safely mine out the cores of the abyssalite veins again? (without exposing the surrounding biomes to heat-bleed)
  5. So wait for the changes to make it to the main trunk, simple. (I know, everyone wants new things as soon as possible, but if it slows you to a crawl then just play the working version and accept that some suffering is inherent in life -- sorry.)
  6. We all have differing personal visions of Charlie -- and even if we all had the same tastes in style they would still differ depending on when in Charlie's timeline you choose to visualize her from. "My" Charlie is from wayyyyyyyyyy back, before DST at all, "My" Charlie is an innocent young woman desiring to help her mysterious new employer (whom she may be falling in love with) who is horribly transformed into the Grue. It's not that I don't know the rest of Charlie's timeline, or even that I don't acknowledge it -- I totally do. It's just that my mental image of Charlie dates to an earlier form, so even if I had the same stylistic tastes I wouldn't gravitate towards a Queen Charlie of any form so much as my beloved innocent -- taken and betrayed, but hoping for a savior. {edit: I have to agree with whoever it was who said that Queen Charlie is smoking hot though -- she and the "Regina" character from "Once Upon A Time" .... yeow.}
  7. Maslak wins it. Of course Wes's "voice" would have to be an accordion! So Paris streets! (but we all know Wes would never speak, he's the perfect mime)
  8. Your server "Absimiliard's Kitchen" was the first Don't Starve server i ever played on :D

    1. absimiliard


      Awww!  I'm glad you liked it so much.


      Thank you for letting me know!

  9. Does anyone know what happens if you try to link worlds with different modes? (survival and wilderness for example) I kind of like the idea of having a "hidden" world in wilderness that can't be reached except by going through a survival surface and a survival caves, or maybe a cave inside a cave -- the interesting bit being having a permanent world linked to two temporary worlds. Having it difficult to reach/find would help somewhat with griefing, I hope.
  10. Hey, could you ban a griefer in your wilderness server right now?

    1. Zinglon


      http://steamcommunity.com/id/simeon0052/ this is a griefer's steam page. Remember no Russian lol... Maybe you're a bit later to rollback server when you check this message, but I would appreciate your efforts if you could find his/her klei account and reserve him/she on permban list. Thanks in advance.
    2. absimiliard


      Thankfully I was able to confirm things w. Rayram. Problem dealt with.

      For anyone else reading this, please mention griefing in the in-game chat. I can read that after the fact in the chat log, which makes investigating things easier for me.

    3. absimiliard


      Oh, which isn't to say don't bring it to me here, or in a message to me here, or via steam if you're my friend. I do want to keep the server friendly. It's just easier when there's evidence I can look at after the fact (and burning/hammering doesn't show up in any logs).

  11. So I tried the migration via command console, and it worked, I did migrate to the caves. I then grabbed the new world ID re-opened my console from the web and tried a c_selectnext('cave_entrance_open') c_sel().components.worldmigrator:SetDestinationWorld(2853381999) (the new world ID was 2853381999) That didn't work: Sorry this one's proving to be a puzzler. Hopefully once you figure it out the info will be useful for future debugging. I haven't tried regenerating either world as of yet, since this is my Wilderness server I only regen it ever week or two. I'd been planning on skipping that regen, so we don't overwrite any usefil information. However, if you think it would help I'm due to regen the world this weekend, I could even push it earlier if you wanted.
  12. Hey IPSquiggle, in the previous thread you said: "That error is fine, it just means you don't have any open entrances in that world. But yes, it only needs to be run from the server console. After each one there should have been a "Validating..." message as well?" So when I first ran the command I did not get any validating messages, oddly, when I re-run it now I do get them. However there's still a problem with the connection. So I found where you took the DestinationWorld from, and noticed that it changes every time the cave server bounces. I have most recently tried snipping in the correct ID for the current session, but when it attempts to validate the cave_entrance_open connection to the caves world I get the following error back: "[00:20:28]: Validating 7: status: INACTIVE world: 3592438217 available: false" (I got 3592438217 from the most recent restart, in the console it reads "[00:19:31]: [sHARD] Slave 'caves(3592438217)' connected from [LAN] IP:[00:19:32]: [sHARD] Slave 'caves(3592438217)' ready![00:19:32]: World '3592438217' is now connected " There is another, possibly-related, oddity on this server. Somehow my server_token.txt got munged, not sure how. Re-loading the server_token.txt and restarting fixed that handily though. I'm not sure how that could be related, but figured it's worth mentioning. I'm attaching the current logs from both servers in case they're useful. ( log (2).txt is the surface master and log (3).txt the cave slave) log (2).txt log (3).txt
  13. So I tried that from the command console, not in-game. I think it error'd out, but just in case I ran it ten times: [11:03:29]: ConsoleInput: "c_selectnext('cave_entrance_open') c_sel().components.worldmigrator:SetDestinationWorld(2552721356)"[11:03:29]: [string "scripts/consolecommands.lua"]:464: attempt to index local 'inst' (a nil value) Do I need to run that from in-game? (because there seems to be an issue w. bringing up a remote console on that world as well)
  14. Just noting that my server also is spamming these lines once per minute on both cave and master: [00:03:26]: [cGiftingManager::Update] Not in gifting state![00:03:26]: [cGiftingManager::Update] IsConnected true[00:03:26]: [cGiftingManager::Update] IsNetworkGame true[00:03:26]: [cGiftingManager::Update] IsOnlineMode true