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  1. I believe it became available about 28 minutes ago..........
  2. I had a hunch you folks would be on this right quick! Best devs evar.
  3. Noob stories

    It is a pretty good way to farm nightmare fuel.
  4. Hrmmm, I hadn't considered this aspect of things. I actually believe the best way to learn DST (like learning rogue) is to die ... A LOT. Try something, die, then don't do it again. I like Wes for the challenge, and the humor value. It hadn't occurred to me that a natural consequence of a higher difficulty character would be that you would learn to deal with the challenges and become a better player than if you started with someone easier. But, that makes sense. It would be a particularly brutal way to learn the game, but once you had you would be a better player than someone who hadn't. Just makes sense. ZOMG, you and Pyr0mcow are right! Wes IS best at something, and obviously so! Wes is best at sucking the hardest!
  5. It sounds like we're drifting into debating specific tactics and items and individual player skill-levels ... in a thread about which character is a good choice to learn the game on. I mean, is a garland being good or bad pertinent to which character is good to learn with? Just sayin'. To keep it on-topic I'll note that my favorite, Wes, is NOT a good choice for this. I still think Wilson is the best, as he is the most generic and will teach you less character-specific habits. (barring his beard making cold a bit easier -- but in defense of "still Wilson" most really new people won't make it to Winter anyway) With that I'm off. Time for laundry and dinner, and to go donate several boxes of books to charity. Toodles!
  6. A bad chemistry simulator?

    Given all the help you gave me regarding the code and command line instructions when DST was first starting .... I am completely unsurprised. *grin* (oh, and thanks again, never forgot how helpful you were to all of us)
  7. I'm just curious what you think Wes is best at -- besides humor value of course (where he really shines, especially running around w. a flower parasol or a whirly-fan)? I grant, he's not bad for nightmare fuel farming, with the balloons being a good way to get sanity down and keep it there. In fact that's my favorite way to bail on a game when real-life interferes, just crazy-up and farm until I miss enough kiting to die and then bail out. But, realistically, Maxie is better at it. On-topic: I'm of the opinion that Wilson is best for new players. No really important special advantages until winter -- where they do often find the beard useful -- and no disadvantages. (but, really, Wes w. a parasol or whirly-fan is my goto character)
  8. Despite the text saying so Learning only effects the speed of your research. It doesn't help w. getting new skills higher.
  9. I have to admit I have no clue how to use tents/straw-rolls/bed-rolls. It's probably because I main Wes, but trading hunger for health or sanity seems really pointless to me because sanity is so easy to manage and health can be dealt with by using a low-risk style.
  10. Regarding farms -- not that I love them, or use them much -- I think we're not analyzing them correctly. What they really are is a way to convert seeds into a different food. If you have a better use for seeds then they're pointless, but most people will just eat them or (maybe) use some for a bird-cage and then to trap one bird. If that's all you're doing with them then a farm (of any kind) isn't terrible, even carrots are better than seeds after all ..... (Please note, not claiming farms are great, and most people really do think to highly of them -- but they're a food upgrading machine, think of them that way. As for whirly-fans ... oh, sure they're useless .... but I still love to run around as Wes with a whirly fan in my hands -- it just feels ..... well .... right.)
  11. That One Thing That Is Trending

    I think a Wes running around with a whirly-fan is pretty iconic myself.....
  12. I like the idea of putting a sci-machine, firepit, and crock in a cave near the portal and then telling people to find the cave for initial setup. Heck, as a Wes player I might even leave a trail of balloons to it!
  13. A beginner's guide

    Thank you JahwsUF. I think this is a pretty solid intro guide for someone who has never played it much and goes looking for some basic guidance. (I also like your writing style.)
  14. Depth Worm drops

    That's fascinating -- but I'll still avoid the worms until I get better at kiting......
  15. Meatballs tweak

    Ice is good for putting out fires on beehives. (which I start so as to get the bees out -- after which I fight the hive for honey and combs) (obv. not addressing meatballs, so -- to stay on-topic -- I'll note I'm fine with them, they don't seem OP to me; besides, I'd rather make bacon 'n eggs w. MM anyway......)