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  1. I couldn't find this bug described anywhere, so here goes: Due to the Famine of Cycle 325 three of my dupes died. All three were wearing snazzy suits, which I believe now haunt the colony. My hypothesis is that the suits the dead dupes were wearing (hereafter referred to as the haunted suits) persist in the game, but not consistently such that some objects/behaviors treat the suits as not existing. My game has three haunted snazzy suits. What I have noticed so far: - The suit can be sitting on the ground, but not visible. Dupes will come and collect the suit (as demonstrated by the overlay, "Picked up snazzy suit") and will deposit it in a compactor. - Compactors behave very oddly once a haunted suit has been inside. The weight of snazzy suits as shown in the compactor list might not agree with the weight of snazzy suits in the element filter list for that compactor. Or sometimes the compactor list will show the weight of a suit but no snazzy suit will show up in the element filter list. My hypothesis is that the compactor list counts the weight of the haunted suit while the element list does not. Notice in the attached screenshot that the compactor list shows 120kg of snazzy sweater (3x40kg per haunted sweater) while the element filter list does not show any snazzy suit weight at all (the weight of the other two articles of clothing match in the two lists). - Notice also in the screen shot two compactors that are missing their fullness gauge: the one selected in the center, and one a few to the left of it. The center compactor currently contains the haunted suits, and the one to the left once contained the haunted suits. - Notice also that the master list of materials in they upper right shows that my colony has 1 snazzy suit, which is a suit the dupes made after the three dupes died. This suit is not haunted and behaves as expected. Please let me know if you have questions, want the save file, etc. Cheers!
  2. [When running through a spider forest with Chester] "No, leave him alone, LEAVE HIM ALONE. HE NEVER DID ANYTHING TO YOU." "Do you mind if I take this poop?" "Oh great, the fridge is full of rot." (Not sure if this is DS or my house, ha ha) Variations on this theme, over and over, ad infinitum, ad nauseum: "There is no spawn, this is Wilderness." "I don't know where you are, this is Wilderness." "You can't be at the portal, this is Wilderness."
  3. La la la OH GOD ITS DARK, oh god oh god what can I make how does the menu work wait is there--WHAT WAS THAT SOUND? am I dead? dammit! (darkness)