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  1. I think that birds being able to consume 40 monster meat in a row was more of an issue with suspension of disbelief than birds being able to be woken up and fed while sleeping.
  2. I would like a bird that's awake at night, too. It would encourage the building of more than one cage. Or maybe the bird can only eat so many things per period of time, then a short cooldown (2 items per bird and then the ability to eat one item restores with each clock segment?) At night is the main time I feed it, so this is irritating to me. I also don't like encouraging people to hang around the base during the day even more. Day is for explore, night is for build and maintenance, that's how I loved things... I would rather be encouraged to build more cages or such, even if it's resource-heavy to do so. It would make a good late game goal.
  3. When people can't navigate well enough to take simple cardinal directions after joining. "Walk directly East until you see the path, follow it South until you see the base" etc shouldn't be too hard. It is a waste of my time and sometimes risky to drop what I'm doing and waste half the day going to get you. Then, when I do go to get you, you make walking there take forever by stopping to pick up every bit of grass on the way home.
  4. They don't want to suddenly do a full release of a broken, buggy game that might cause worlds to be deleted or need to be abandoned to the full playerbase. Many people who have NO IDEA that DST is even in development will suddenly see they have a free thing on steam, go play it immediately despite beta warnings, and be like "omg, this new Don't Starve expansion SUCKS, why didn't they beta test this ****? I am pissed that I got tricked into involuntarily testing this broken thing for hours of my life and now I got killed/my world got wrecked/whatever dumb thing because of a GLITCH." Maybe they will stop playing and never pick the game up again, which wouldn't have happened if they had started playing at a time when more features had been added and there is more stability. But now their initial impression of the game is from an unfinished beta. Enough people may even feel that they've played enough to be "done," leading to the community dying before the game has even released. It's not good news. Having a small cost of entry or a specialized sign up for betas is a way for a company to funnel in only people who know what they're getting into and are interested in testing. Otherwise, we get communities like Steam full of terrible reviews for a game that is NOT FINISHED, and people who have no ability to delay instant gratification burning themselves out on the game before it even releases. Putting a tiny price on it ($5 for 2 keys is extremely fair, and very little to ask) ensures that people think about what they are getting into and understand that they don't HAVE to beta test, and in the end, the game and the devs are spared a lot of unnecessary bad publicity and forum whining from people who actually do not want to play an unfinished game but have duped themselves into becoming invested because "it's out, why wait?" If you don't want it $5 worth, you probably don't want it "2 hours of time wasted because of a bug, go to the forums and write a lengthy bug report, have to restart game" worth, either. Let's be honest.
  5. This is just sort of a "vague feeling," thing, but it seems like trees that are attempting to spread to a nearby object stay burning for much longer. I thought I lit three trees all in a row, just 1, 2, 3. The first two trees burned out fairly quickly with what I felt was normal timing, but the tree that was close to a grass tuft (seems like the smolder distance is further out than the spread distance used to be?) that I kept smothering kept burning for what felt like much longer. Is the spreading somehow resetting part of the duration on the tree's burn? I didn't exactly have a stopwatch out, but I observed this a few times. It could just be that it felt like longer since I had to actively watch in order to smother stuff out, but I felt like it was a bit odd that the tree kept burning long enough for me to lose most of my HP just to save that one grass tuft that wasn't even very close. It really seemed to burn for quite some time.
  6. Those changes seem REALLY nice for making fire work in a non-frustrating way for multiplayer while still being a problem.
  7. Maybe the sanity aura would go away after a certain (sort of long) period of time. Like, your allies are no longer upset that you are dead. They're over it.
  8. Admins should have the tools to deal with it themselves, just for the good of the multi-player ecosystem as a whole, but Klei themselves don't need to be involved in babysitting the children.
  9. They should focus their efforts on Don't Starve for the Commodore Amiga series first. Clearly, getting the highest number of users in as soon as possible was an arbitrary and pointless goal.
  10. What... is this!?

    It looks like an evil Dr. Seuss character.
  11. Take it up with steam support if you want a refund due to your computer being unable to run it. Klei can not directly issue any kind of refund.
  12. I believe you can, by their steam name? But you have to edit the server's blacklist somehow? I can't confirm, this is just what I've heard.