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Game update - 128953 - 3/3/2015

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128953 - 3/03/2015


  • Dedicated servers now check to see if their mods are out of date, and announce it to the server when they are out of date.
  • Top mods is now displayed on the Mods screen.
  • Added MOD API call: SetModHUDFocus(focusid, hasfocus) for mod widgets to block player input the same way as other HUD widgets do
  • Updated icon art
  • Wendy changes:
    • Abigail flowers will automatically disappear after being abandoned for 3 days
    • Abigail flower can now be crafted
  • Players will have a better chance of finding basic resources when spawning into long running Wilderness servers
  • Modified threaded renderer, threaded physics and alternate gc experimental options so they can be set from settings.ini (use_threaded_physics and use_alternate_gc under [MISC] and use_threaded_renderer under [graphics]
  • Implemented Steam friends join on Dedicated Servers.
  • Added “-backup_logs” command line option. Saves up to 99 backup copies of log.txt and chat_log.txt. After you reach the limit you will need to clear the backup directory to continue to receive backups.
  • Steam backend for dedicated servers. Steam authentication port defaults to: 8766, Steam master server updater port: 27016.
  • Ports can be configured through command line by adding:
    • -steam_authentication_port 123456 -steam_master_server_port 123457
    • or through settings.ini, under the [network] heading
    • steam_authentication_port = 123456
    • steam_master_server_port = 123457
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a bug where controller crafting could access all character specific recipes
  • Fixed some client crashes when using controllers
  • Dedicated server console input now accepts spaces
  • Krampus won’t hiss if world gen was set to not use Krampus
  • Fixed fullscreen switching and resolution changing with threaded renderer.
  • Fixed issue in lua command c_connect( ip, port, password ) preventing it from working when not logged in, or when an unexpected password was required.
  • Fixed search filter “character” to show all results.
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Any explanation on the Steam backend and port stuff? Not sure how that's different from the current ports we set up / what we use it for / how we use it.


This. Does this affect normal portforwarding the 10999? They need to be disabled to not interfere or something?


I tried running my server, from the executable, with steam open, but unlike before, now I can't see it either online or on LAN. The last lines on my log are a Reset() and a GetSteamID something right after. And after I close the server because I can't do anything with it, two assert errors appear, that I can't get because they don't get recorded on the log somehow.


Will try downloading everything and resetting everything.

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Wendy changes: Abigail flowers will automatically disappear after being abandoned for 3 days Abigail flower can now be crafted

nuuuuu!1!!!!!11!1!  U ruined Wendy For ever!1!!!!!1!!!1 

Edit: just started watching the last stream. Now I know who is the designer to blame...

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  • Developer

@rezecib, Dedicated server backend ports are optional (if Steam communication fails, the server should still start).   

The Steam integration released in this patch allows you to join your friends on Dedicated Servers through your friends list,  and will provide more of the Steam browser protocol moving forward.   Pieces will slowly be added.

@jrose78, LAN was broken in this patch, but an update come out today which restored functionality.
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How is the multi threaded renderer working? I have it enabled but don't see much of a performance boost .... I added it to my settings.ini and instead of 1 core at 100% its, core 1,80%, core 2, 20%, core 3, 5 percent, and less and less...I realize it's still a WIP.

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@Bellina, Well, offloading 20% of the load is still a pretty nice improvement. I don't think the threaded renderer will be able to pull much more off, the rest of the bottleneck is coming from the game simulation. Have you tried the threaded physics? That should offload collision, I think, at least.

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  • Developer



The threaded renderer can only give back time that would be lost on rendering. Depending on your system, and what is going on on screen that can be more or less. Unfortunately in your case it's apparently only 20%, but it does at least free up those 20% for other stuff. Similarly with the physics, it really depends on the scene and the system what the actual gain is...it can be as little as 5%, or as much as 40%.

I'm definitely looking into gaining more performance in other areas.


Do note that the features are experimental, stability is still being tested, so please report any issues you might attribute to using them.


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[s_API FAIL] SteamAPI_Init() failed; SteamAPI_IsSteamRunning() failed.

CreateBoundSocket: ::bind couldn't find an open port between 27016 and 27016

[Warning] SteamGameServer_Init Failed!

I can't start my server.

I tried with 27016 UDP & TCP but nothing...

How I do ?

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