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  1. First off some of these are almost enough to get me into modding oni but I have so little time I would rather play the game. Evaporation Pools: These pools would be an alternative to the desalinator that requires power. In the real world ocean water it stored in huge shallow pools and the water evaporates and leaves behind the salt. So my Idea is to have Salt pools that take in heat from the are and use that to evaporate the salt water or brine. It would take like 10 of these pools to produce as much salt as the desalinator and would require salt water above 50C The product would be salt at the the same temp as the input liquid. Dupes would have to manually collect the salt when it was ready. The water would be destroyed you would get a little heat destruction and you would get salt with no power input. What about the Dasha Salt Vine you say. Well this is so much simpler to set up and doesn't require chlorine gas. Electric Smoker: New cooking items that use lumber to make smokey dishes. Like Smoked Pacu and Meat Jerky (no or very long spoil time) BBQ Grill: Like the electric grill but uses charcoal instead of electric. (possibly uses electric grill model but doesn't require electricity and the recipes require charcoal and give off carbon dioxide) Salt Curing Process: (Or maybe something like the drying rack from DST) Add a recipe to use salt and pacu fillet to make Kippered Pacu (no or very long spoil time) Add other recipes to use salt, meat, and plants to make cured meats like Balm Salami (Salt, Balm Lilly, and Meat) or Salted Hatch (Salt and Meat) Fire Place: Decor Item that works like a heater and burns lumber for heat. (want this for rime or 100k maps) Sweepy Automated Mining laser: Sweepy seems useless to me. The one place I can see it being used to to clean up regolith in space. So If you could attach a laser on top of him to automatically dig it would be cool. Or maybe a sweepy that just goes out to dig. Call him Diggo. Alternatively bring back Shaft miner robo miner. 3 tall 50 deep miner something to not have a robominer every 6 cells
  2. Another mod I installed that adds shipwreck and hamlet stuff to the game had an animation called which is the same animation name for my pig queen. I have searched and searched and was able to rename my pig queen to pig_gemqueen and the problem is solved.
  3. So I stopped modding and playing DST long ago. Recently I am getting back into the game and I am playing with a bunch of mods including my pig queen mod. When I have just the pig queen mod enabled there are no problems. She spawns on every map I make and she is there ready to eat all the meat and give gems. When I have all the other mods enabled her prefab spawns and I can use myqueen() to teleport to her but she is invisible and you can only see her shadow. She takes up space in the world but does not exist in it. I can not feed her for gems. Even if you use c_spawn("pigqueen") it is the same issue. I can take the time to isolate the mod that is causing the problem but I have no idea what to do with that to even figure out what is causing such an issue. After writing this I did some searching and it seems hamlet has a pig queen and i figured maybe the problem is with the return of them mods. If I leave off the return of them mods, volcano, and creeps in the deep. She works fine. So I guess there is some kind of mod conflict going on. But how do i fix this? I am looking for guidance on where to start to solve this problem, what kinds of things might cause this type of issue, or flat out this is how you fix it. PLIX HELP
  4. old code to get list of all tasks that will be used to generate the world. local tasklist = require("map/tasks").sampletasks local task_names = {} for _, task in pairs(tasklist) do table.insert(task_names, end this no longer has a table "tasklist" to insert stuff into. I am trying to add layouts to any task on the map including modded in tasks from other mods. I have tried many things but I just don't understand enough.
  5. @Muche that is exactly what I am looking for thanks. I still don't understand 75% of this stuff.
  6. @Muche it has two sets and loads one or the other. That is how mine works now only with more sets of prefabs. I had to edit the thread because after reading it I thought it sounded wrong. I want to add prefabfiles to the list instead of having multiple lists.
  7. I need help with loading prefab files. I would like to load only what is needed for the options chosen. I want to add prefab files to the list only if the option is enabled. for example have base prefab files that are needed then add prefab files needed based on options. If option 1 and 5 are enabled only add those prefabs to the list for loading. Currently this is what I have. modinfo option { name = "chester_config", label = "# of extra Chesters", hover = "Max atm is 3.", options = { {description = "One", data = 0, hover = "This will add Blue Chester."}, {description = "Two", data = 1, hover = "This will add Blue Chester & Big Daddy."}, {description = "Three", data = 2, hover = "This will add Blue Chester & Big Daddy, & Party Chester."}, {description = "Four", data = 3, hover = "This will add Blue Chester & Big Daddy, Party Chester, & Afester."}, }, default = 0, }, modmain if chester_config == 0 then PrefabFiles = {"bluechester","bluechester_eyebone","basic_commands","console_0"} elseif chester_config == 1 then PrefabFiles = {"bluechester","bluechester_eyebone","basic_commands","console_0","console_1","bigdaddy","bigdaddy_eyebone"} elseif chester_config == 2 then PrefabFiles = {"bluechester","bluechester_eyebone","basic_commands","console_0","console_1","console_3","bigdaddy","bigdaddy_eyebone","partychester","partybone"} elseif chester_config == 3 then PrefabFiles = {"bluechester","bluechester_eyebone","basic_commands","console_0","console_1","console_2","console_3","bigdaddy","bigdaddy_eyebone","afester","afestertoy","partychester","partybone"} end I would like to be able to enable or disable different chesters like this modinfo { name = "afester_config", label = "Enable Afester", hover = "Even in his own dimention Afester didn't fit in.", options = { {description = "Enable", data = true, hover = "This will enable Afester."}, {description = "Disable", data = false, hover = "This will disable Afester."}, }, default = true, }, { name = "cavester_config", label = "Enable Cavester", hover = "Cavester is all about the underground scene.", options = { {description = "Enable", data = true, hover = "This will enable Cavester."}, {description = "Disable", data = false, hover = "This will disable Cavester."}, }, default = true, }, The problem is I can't get it to load only the prefab files for the enabled chesters. I have tried a few things and can only get this to work if I load all the prefab files and then elsewhere in the mod change things. like if disabled it won't spawn on a new map but you can still use commands to get the eyebone. I also tried to look around for other mods that might have something like this and I couldn't find any mod that loaded different prefab files based on options.
  8. Disregard Kooky's post I have found the problem. I changed line 136 to local tasklist = require("map/tasks").sampletasks
  9. how does one make the xml for a tex that has multiple 64x64 icons? I have used the whole inventory tex for 6 items before and just cut out all the extra location information in the xml using only the info for those 6. i guess i could keep using this file and just put every icon for all the mods in it but it would be nice to be able to make a tex and xml per mod with out all the extras.
  10. I put the second code block in my modwoldgenmain.lua and i get this error modworldgenmain.lua"]:135: attempt to index global 'tasks' (a nil value) line 135 is local tasklist = tasks.sampletasks before this i was trying to access tasklist from tasks.lua but I couldn't figure a way of doing it. That makes me feel good that I was on the right track although still a noob at all this.
  11. Okay I am trying to use this to put 1 layout on the level. and i want it to go in any task. is there an easy way to populate tasks = {} will all possible tasks including those from mods? also can you do this sort of thing with prefabs. like a unique world object that is spawned at random on the level.
  12. kooky and I have made a working blue chester mod. it adds a blue chester to the game and leaves the original alone. if you want any help with minimoose let me know.