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  1. Someone please make a mod that extends the temp overlay to like 16 or 32 colors. someone please add a kitchen room that kills gems super fast or increases moral boost of food.(edited) Please add locker room which has at least one shower. Please add master bedroom which has to have comfy bed, toilet, sink, shower, and high decor. This could have a lot of cool effects because to have one of these for each dupe would take a lot. these would be good to set up for rocket pilots. someone please It would be really nice to see a mod or feature that sets a max and min temp for materials that dupes use. Like on rime they can't pick up items below -20 or something and can't pick up items over 70. It could also be incorporated into check points. So they can't pass this check point if they have an item outside the acceptable temp range but you can use that stuff in the place it is found in. I would also like to see fission and fusion reactors. Bio engineering: Possible would help extend that range of temp plants can live in or change the type of resource they need to live. So like make it so meal wood can survive in hydrogen atmosphere and temps down to -20. Create dupe hybrids with critters. Think about dupatch that can eat the things a hatch eats. This could also be a way to make crossover characters from don't starve. ROBOT dupes: they use power instead of food and oxygen. No rocket suit required you can add combustible fuel to their recharge pods to power their rocket boots. they do not suffer from moral requirements. Klei crossovers: Bring your other games characters in as dupes. OMG I now want DST and ONI to have a baby. I would like to see glass or diamond + refined metal to make a block (like kinetic foot path) which gives a small amount of power as dupes or critters walk across it. Even if it is just a copy of the weight plate that gives power each press instead of automation signal. ( ) Please add Advanced reservoir with automation slot. Teleporter for dupes. Basically it could be like the tube transport but use fiber optic wires instead. It would use x2 the power of the tube transport but it would be instant travel. when a dupe steps into the teleport pod it scans it and then transmits its data to the other side. Then the dupe is fried to ashes (for continuity of course, you don't want a bunch of clones running around. I think when the dupe is fried it could give off sour gas polluted dirt and polluted water. just dropped into the world no exit piping. Alternatively you could use the Disease clinic model and have the dupe get into it then transport and get cremated. What ever you pip out of it has to be horrible and unusable or difficult to handle. It could be made to fail on occasion and cause the dupe to get zombie spore or something.
  2. thanks that worked
  3. old code to get list of all tasks that will be used to generate the world. local tasklist = require("map/tasks").sampletasks local task_names = {} for _, task in pairs(tasklist) do table.insert(task_names, end this no longer has a table "tasklist" to insert stuff into. I am trying to add layouts to any task on the map including modded in tasks from other mods. I have tried many things but I just don't understand enough.
  4. how does one make the xml for a tex that has multiple 64x64 icons? I have used the whole inventory tex for 6 items before and just cut out all the extra location information in the xml using only the info for those 6. i guess i could keep using this file and just put every icon for all the mods in it but it would be nice to be able to make a tex and xml per mod with out all the extras.