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  1. If the perf issue wasn't there before, maybe also submit a performance report in that specific situation, as outlined below
  2. Weird ruins generation

    Replied to your thread.
  3. We are aware of this issue, but we haven't had time yet to come up with a proper solution. If you get stuck in this situation, the easiest way out is to move the cursor to a save spot, open the debug console ('~' key) and type c_move(GetPlayer()) followed by the enter key.
  4. Weird ruins generation

    You mean one that was submitted from game? If yes, I can't confirm those - they are anonymous, but they have helped greatly in tackling bugs. What was the bug about?
  5. Weird ruins generation

    Could any of you submit a bug when this happens through the game (Main Menu>Options>Report Bug). Mention the issue and what saveslot it is (preferrably save in that location so I can easily find it). It'll upload your savefile for us to look at. Thanks
  6. Some optimizations may give me insights, some may transfer easily or directly to Vanilla, others would be purely Hamlet. Can't promise anything, but your voice is heard. Feel free to submit perf reports for badly performing Vanilla/ROG.SW builds - Hamlet had a few issues that were really bad, so that's why the thread is there, but I'm interested in low perf situations across the board. But to an extent you are right about it being integral to the engine, the high moddability because of 99% Lua does come at a performance cost for sure, but that doesn't mean we can't try improving it - when DST was originally created performance was much, much worse than it is now, but it took time and work for sure.
  7. I am aware - I read it, but performance drop is a problem, regardless of whether the beetles get re-balanced, which is a discussion to be had as well.
  8. Did you upload a profile as outlined here?
  9. Thanks for submitting an ingame bug report - it'll help. Out of curiosity, how many pigs were there approx? Because, while a bug, that really shouldn't slow down the game that much.
  10. Invisible Land

    If you still have this save could you save at the invisible land, go to Main Menu>Options>Report Bug and file a bug report? Mention what save slot it's in - it should upload your save game for us to look at, I'd like to see if it happens for me as well.
  11. Hamlet won't update

    Are you sure you're not on a beta branch? If not, you can try uninstalling and re-installing the game. If the game doesn't update it is really a steam problem, and we have no control over that.
  12. A fix just went out that should fix it for new worlds. For existing worlds a fix will go out Monday that will attempt to repair a ruin that is in this state (and should allow you to continue if you're stuck in a black room)
  13. We don't release different for different regions. We just set it live on Steam for everyone, what happens after that is as far as I know not under our control
  14. Heartwarming family reunion

    Hi, yeah, that's not ideal. Will discuss. Out of curiosity - how did the game crash? Error screen or crash to desktop?
  15. Does this still happen for you? A small patch was released earlier today to address this specific bug.