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  1. Thanks for letting me know. You could try contacting the mod author.
  2. Hmmmm, if that's the case (it not happening on OSX) that is indeed somewhat interesting, as it happens on Windows because the game does not register the key-up while in the background.
  3. Hmmm, I would suggest disabling mods once again and verifying your game files, as the sound related issue was fixed back then, this seems to be another issue, but given that I haven't seen any other reports of it I'd suspect it's still mods. If it still happens without mods and with game files verified please report back.
  4. Well, I have no real idea what causes it so can't really ask for specific info, but - since you are an active Mac user you likely frequent news sources I don't. If you stumble across any lead in your travels I wouldn't mind hearing about it.
  5. I am stumped by this as it doesn't. I've been looking into why Catalina is saying it is - if you Google this message you'll see many apps have this problem. It's likely to do with how the game listens for keypresses or maybe the fact that we try to respond to Command-Q to quit. We're definitely not actively trying to monitor input from other apps
  6. SetMultColour() issues in Hamlet only

    Can confirm it's engine side, very strange. I'll have to investigate.
  7. SetMultColour() issues in Hamlet only

    It does not. @pickleplayer I don't have the time, but Wagstaff infroggles set the multcolour on pretty much every entity in range, could you try setting that alpha to a non 1.0 value and let me know if that crashes?
  8. Can I hide my server?

    Ah, I can clear that up. That option is not to hide your own server, but to block out servernames that offend you, so you're shielded from seeing it again. As for hiding a server for specific people, no there's no option for that.
  9. The shadow creatures should be fixed in the next update, the scaled furnace I am still fighting.
  10. We have confirmed this issue and are investigating.
  11. Hmmm, could you attach your log file?
  12. @Mobbstar Could you try validating your game files in Steam? If it still persists, could you give a few more details like platform, what branch you're on and whether it happens without mods as well?
  13. That is correct, however the 64 bit support on Mac is not for performance or memory reasons but because the new OSX can't launch 32-bit executables.
  14. Mac is a hybrid build. The executable is 32 and 64 bit.
  15. We'd still have to support 32 bit though, so there would be not much to gain from it. I'd rather have a solution where texture budget is less of an issue overall.