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  1. I can't play on my controller/keyboard

    Hi, Could you start by attaching your client_log.txt? Thanks
  2. [Game Update] - 386213

    The tragic torch bug is still being investigated. (It's very strange, it only happens in the final version and only on XB1 which makes it really hard to figure out what is going on)
  3. Are you sure that is the file it's complaining about? I just loaded it in regular lua without any syntax issue.
  4. dst xbox crash

    We are aware of the issue and are investigating but it's proven tricky thus far.
  5. Constant Crashing

    Yes, I am stumped how I didn't run into the crash myself, I've had the game running for hours on end with the memory leak that caused the crash.
  6. [Game Update] - 168

    Thanks - Yes, we are aware of it, and I was looking into a fix for it, but the crash issue came up so I got distracted. Due to the holidays the fix for the issue you mentioned will likely be delayed until sometime after the holidays.
  7. Hi, Could you try opening the debug console in the main menu ('~' key) and entering the following command ResetControllersAndQuitGame() ..followed by <enter>? It should quit the game. Let me know if things improved if you then restart the game.
  8. Ps4 Controller issue

    That is correct re touch button, unfortunately the changes needed for Catalina lost that button, although you can use the small button to the left ot it (forgot the name). I am glad it worked!
  9. Ps4 Controller issue

    Wait, I think I have something I'd like you to try: - Close Don't Starve - Go into your steam library, right click Don't Starve Together (or Don't Starve) - Select properties - In the general tab set 'Steam Input Per-Game Setting' to 'Forced Off' - Launch the game Does that make any difference?
  10. Ps4 Controller issue

    That is really strange, do you have any helper software installed for your PS4 joypad? Any special drivers? Is it a Sony pad or third party? Are you connected wirelessly? Asking because normally OSX returns a string showing it as a PS4 controller and on your system it doesn't which is very odd.
  11. Ps4 Controller issue

    Hi, no, I mean could you attach the client_log.txt to your reply, as outlined here:
  12. Ps4 Controller issue

    Could you submit your log? Because that is really strange - it correctly identifies PS4 joystick for me.
  13. Horrendous lag in base

    Thanks - I'll keep it in mind, but I'll first attack things with the profiler (and can't write out PC compatible saves as is)
  14. Horrendous lag in base

    Okay, have a few saves now and really hope to get a chance to look at them in the near future. Sadly I am stupid (yeah, old news), I asked people to save in spots where perf is bad, but of course the game will treat me as a new player and not as you guys, so I get spawned at the portal. So if there's any places where perf is really bad, feel free to highlight them in some way or shape (map screenshot or something?) as it will really help trying to zoom in on any potential issues - regardless, thanks for the saves
  15. [TUTORIAL] Fun With Food

    Just stumbled across this - not sure if this could work, couldn't you make the item a unique foodtype and only extend the character to have that in their diet? I don't know much about the game code, so I may be way off but figured I'd throw it out there.