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  1. Out of Memory!

    Hi, Could you attach your dxdiag? I suspect your system is low on graphics memory. You could try enabling "Small Textures" in the options.
  2. This will be fixed in the upcoming patch. Your description is dead on, the bug caused it to happen when you revisited the room.
  3. Can't join the party

    You could contact the mod's author to let them know - they may be able to fix it based on your save file or log file.
  4. Don't Starve Hamlet bug

    Hi, thanks for reporting. Can you try what happens if you enable Small Textures in the options?
  5. Royal gallery bug

    I suspect it's the same, but I'll have to test. For the 'stealing without key' I have a fix that will go out with the next update.
  6. Can't join the party

    Hi, Does this happen reliably for you with that save? I just tried going into the pig-city in that save with the current version on Steam but had no issue.
  7. Could you submit a bug report from in-game? Main Menu>Options>Report Bug, mention the issue and saveslot and if possible save next to the spot? It'll upload your savefile and I can try to reproduce it. Thanks
  8. Hi - thanks for reporting. Does it crash to desktop or show an error screen? To make sure - is this 100% reproducable? Thanks.
  9. It's not your hardware specs. It could be that your laptop starts to throttle...but I am not sure how to combat that.
  10. crash on world customize

    Yes, the presets deleted are the 5 custom presets and no, to the best of my knowledge (and testing) this should not affect the worlds already created.
  11. crash on world customize

    Hi - I have seen your bug-report, you and one other reported this issue. We have a local fix for this, but that will come with the next patch. If you want a way to play *now* with customized world settings, see the post below:
  12. Strange. I need to ponder this. Could you attach your dxdiag?
  13. Hmmm, your profile is a bit strange, but can't put my finger on why. 2 odd questions: Do you know what the refresh rate of your monitor is set to. Does it also happen if you don't play with Wilbur (I think you do?)
  14. Wormwood blooms continuously

    Thanks for reporting AND submitting. The combo really helps because we get all the files we need and have a feedback point (since the submitted files are anonymous)
  15. Transported to ocean by BFB

    @Lillie.1 Could you please go to Main Menu>Options>Report Bug and submit a bug report? Mention the issue and the saveslot and it'll upload your savegame for us to investigate. Thanks