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  1. Signs, signs, everywhere there's signs Bleeping' up the scenery, breakin' my mind Do this, don't do that, can't you read the sign
  2. Wow great update! I really look forward to the signs. Just out of pure curiosity is there any say.. ahh bad word detection built into the signs
  3. I got another one. How about when clay (Klei) will not implement locked boxes and instead watches over us like a god in amusement as we squabble over resources stolen and plundered . lol. Do I have to sacrifice more volt goats upon the stone just to make you happy and bring upon us the technology of locked boxes. I have been forced to turn to black magic (aka mods) to prevent chaos and keep DST out of the dark ages. What kind of gaming god would turn his back on his people like this?
  4. when a new person joins a map and expects everyone on the map to drop what they are doing grab supplies and search for them? Ok, your turn now!
  5. My server crashed twice last night. Once as robot WX picked somewhat spoiled jerky from a drying rack. When I rebooted jerky was 100%. Second crash was trying to pick from crockpot as wx, food was in the red I think. Sorry I didn't grab the logs.
  6. Oh ok someone can bold the word effort but god forbid I say selfish. lol Other than a Willow nerf what has Klei done to stop griefers? You are just bitter about Willow and your words give that away. And what, Klei can't work on content and griefers at the same time. Is there only one programmer? On another note. I mentioned locked boxes that would help the greifer problem. Lets come up with solutions not deny there is a problem. Heck, the thread title is laid out like a fact not a question open for conversation.
  7. Ya ok I am lazy? effort in bold huh? . I run 2 dst servers and I have 4 admins that I trust helping me out. I do this because I enjoy the game and want others to as well. There may be times when an admin is not present and then Rollback does no good. Natbagle I do agree that if you browse the forums looking for good players and maybe pressure some friends to try out the game and then get a private server the griefer problem is gone and the only issue I see here is that the only people buying the game are diehard dst fans because the casual gamers that want to jump in and enjoy the game won't be there ergo Klei doesn't sell as many copies so I think you may be a little selfish
  8. I am sure everyone has 6 or so friends that can all join a server at the same time and start playing the game so lets just get rid of public servers where those whiny players are that need babysitting. lol not! Here we go again. This has already been discussed at length and currently it is just to darn easy to join a server take everything and drop out... it can literally take all of a second once you find a base. A SECOND OR MAYBE 2 to mess up the game for 16 or more people. This is an issue that needs to be addressed. What this really is is another Willow player that is bitter and that makes me
  9. While we are on the topic of console commands. I summoned deerclops and when I tried to use TheInput:GetWorldEntityUnderMouse():Remove()‚Äč with ctrl first it did not work. Using the command without the ctrl crashed my game. Is this a bug?