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  1. I'm scared of the dst market prices and see how much it'll fluctuate. I've seen people put down some distinguished items for like 3-5 dollars; I hope they don't rise to like 20 bucks. Although I don't think that'll happen anytime soon, what with the trade inn; the whole trade up system should show how much they're worth. Besides, the whole commons for a couple of coin is fair!
  2. Tuning: Health values for a lot of food items are higher! Rejoice! Default stomach size reduced to 150 Spoilage happens *slightly* faster overall Three new crockpot recipes: Honey Nuggets, Meatballs, and Fistfull of Jam Teenbirds take longer to grow up crockpot works a little faster Well now I feel dumb for posting a suggestion to lengthen teenbirds grow up cycle!
  3. Yeah, mod compatibility sounds a lot better in my opinion. I'd like to see what the community can make.
  4. There's some things that need to be put into question if co-op would be considered, like "How would co-op players use a straw roll?, would both have to be using it for it to become daytime?", or "What would happen if another player died without a meat effigy?, would they respawn or leave the game?"
  5. I don't suppose you guys would consider having a teenbird's lifespan be longer than 10 days?, It really sucks to have them leave you after all that hard work taking care of them. It would be really neat if the teenbird stage lasted longer, or the time to grow a smallbird into a smallish tallbird was shortened. Besides, if this were to be considered unbalanced, once they're smallish tallbirds, they're now carnivorous, which means they'd eat basically anything, making them hungry more often! P.S I didn't know Smallish tallbirds were cannibalistic until they started eating the eggs I laid down to hatch.
  6. It's great that you can raise a smallish tallbird now, but if it were to grow into adult form and leave you, it'd be nicer if they grew up into the adult form in a longer time, like 20-40 days, rather than 10!