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  1. 안녕하십니까. 언제든지 한국어로 의견을 말하십시오.하지만 번역본도 함께 제공하십시오. 원래의 언어와 번역 된 언어가 모두있는 시점을 훨씬 쉽게 이해할 수 있습니다. 고맙습니다. Translated from google Hello there. Please feel free to make a suggestion in Korean, but please also provide a translation. It's much easier to understand when we have both the original and translated languages. Thank you.
  2. Please keep the posts on topic, constructive and polite. There is no reason to argue. If you cannot reply without being on topic, constructive and polite, please do not reply. Thanks.
  3. @a1113405880 - Just PM me with a list of names you would like and I can change it to the first one that's not already taken.
  4. Yeah, that's not supposed to happen. @BoomChao - I talked to @Corey and he let me know that there was an issue that was an issue with sorting when we moved and that Indiebox is aware of the issue and fully prepared to get you fixed up. Contact them at [email protected] , give them your order number and the info you posted here and they will get you all sorted out. Sorry about that.
  5. When you talk about being limited and your steam level. I think you may be mixing up some facts a bit. I don't believe what you are discussing actually has anything to do with your steam level. that's just a community feature. I believe you are asking about a Limited account on Steam You can find information about that here: Unfortunately we don't have any access to your account on Steam, so outside of that link above, there isn't anything else we can really do to help you other than to tell you that you must actually make a purchase on steam for at least $5 USD through steam itself. Is it possible that you bought a key elsewhere, then downloaded steam and used the key?
  6. We're still reviewing what it means to own "All Klei Games" - In the context of the original post "All Klei Games" means if you own everything that we are offering for alpha gifts. But given all the feedback we want to review. For example, people are asking for soundtracks or Eets Munchies which we weren't planning to offer, but we certainly wouldn't want to require it to be considered for the DST Gift box. So for now, consider this as being being "All Klei Games". it might end up being less, but it won't be more (Well, aside from owning the alpha.) There is a lot to be considered when giving 160k+ people free stuff. We very much appreciate the feedback. Let us know all of your thoughts, we're reading it all.
  7. Hey @SmallFork - As long as you played the alpha, you will be fine. We built the tool before we had a chance to update it to reflect the announcement about the refunds for China. So sorry for this inconvenience.
  8. We haven't locked down the list of games available to be chosen as a gift yet. If you own every game that we are offering, you would be able to choose the gift box that contains rare DST skins. It is safe to say that if you own the "Best of Klei" bundle, you will qualify to receive the gift box of DST items.
  9. Hey @Jinxter - Can you PM me and let me know where you got DST from? And to be clear, this is on steam, correct?
  10. Probably. We're going to offer some games and some DLC - we're still figuring out exactly which we want to offer. And if you already own the titles we are going to offer, you would get the giftbox. It's not likely that we will be offering Eets Munchies though, so I wouldn't worry about needing to own that one. =)
  11. Alpha was to help us get ready for early-access, which it did. We had some people help us test the next version so it would be stable and relatively balanced for when it's ready to go out to everybody, and it is. We felt that it would be a good idea to limit the exposure of the super early version of the next update to the people who would be willing to tolerate the instability, potential lost saves and general inconvenience. The game is still being updated at the same cadence that we originally told everybody, some people just got a version that was too early for the public. Sorry that this upsets you, we have seen your posts, and we appreciate the feedback and will take it into consideration for the future.
  12. Hey there. 1 - 2 - Yes, DLC will be available, but you will need to own the base game 3 - We don't currently have plans to make soundtracks available 4- We don't currently have plans to offer our published games, such as Crypt of the Necrodancer or Darkest Dungeon
  13. Sure, if you like. The check will happen at the time that the gifts are being handed out so if you have the alpha but don't have everything else, but you have it before you claim your gift then you would be able to get the DST gift box.
  14. It will apply to anybody that owns the game that was purchased during the Alpha period. We talked about this quite a lot. The issue here is that if we give out too many high value DST items, it will drop the value of those items quite a bit. Which would be annoying to the person receiving the items as well as other people who already have them.