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  1. If you're not the title fairy anymore, then who is?

    1. JoeW


      OMG HI

      It is still me =)

  2. Hey there, Don't Starve Players who purchased before June 3rd, 2015 had a free copy of Don't Starve Together added to their Steam library. This did not include an additional copy for a friend. You can find information about that when it happened below
  3. Hi. If you have something constructive to contribute, please do. But arguing about arguing doesn't contribute to the conversation. If you can't reply without getting upset, perhaps it's best not to reply. Thanks.
  4. @TheKingDedede - You came SO close to a new title for that....
  5. It's important to be clear here that all feedback is important to us. Please feel free to discuss and elaborate or explore different approaches to how that feedback can be processed. But, also please don't shut down that feedback for us. I appreciate where you are coming from, but I would prefer that people feel they are free to provide their individual feedback and not be so concerned about how others process that same information. This particular sort of feedback regarding input/output and filtering is actually quite important because we have gone through a lot of revisions and understanding how different people are processing that information is valuable to us right now. Thanks.
  6. These are the rules: Essentially, if it's not being mass produced, we're cool with it. But there is also a lot of counterfeit stuff out there, which is why we're providing item codes so people know what is genuine. Stuff like this is tricky because if we ever say something is allowed, it really puts us in a rough place legally. So we have to basically say, "follow the rules" rather than giving explicit permission without a contract. -- I do believe @Corey is talking to the person who makes those cool standups though.
  7. Oh, yeah. Sorry - I didn't notice this thread earlier. S3 was all being a jerk. Glad it didn't last long.
  8. We don't have any plans to bring Shipwrecked to ONI.
  9. A sticky isn't going to solve the problem either. It's just going to create arguments for the people who DO pay attention. We have the Oxygen Not Included directions to buy alpha stickied all over the place here and on steam and still have a constant stream of people asking how to buy. Frankly, it should be well known by now. If we haven't announced a thing, that means for better or worse, it's not happening. The moment we KNOW for sure something is going to happen, we announce it. The last time we said we definitely aren't going to do something, we did it. So from now on we are only ever saying that we don't have plans for it. Right now, we have no plans to make SW in DST. =)
  10. That's probably not how one should interpret what I said. =)
  11. Actually - I had to remove the facebook embed because it went straight to the google play store. I mean, if you guys really really want to install some shady thing, enough info is up there to do it. But, as far as we have heard from reports, it just shows ads if you install it and doesn't open a game (and says it's a different game entirely).
  12. Yeah - You probably don't want to install it. At BEST they are making money on ads. At worst, who knows. I am going to remove links here just to not give them the traffic. I won't remove the images though. It's at least good for a giggle. Right?