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  1. Mr. W, I'll give you this fancy schmancy cookie and whatever the contents of my left pocket are in exchange you tell me a good joke

  2. Hey everybody. Anything related to account issues or action that requires an answer from us, please visit the support site at so we can make sure your request is seen and responded to. PMs and @mentions are very hit or miss and it's best that a ticket be created so we can be sure to follow up. In this particular case, we won't move items or retroactively award items to an account unless in special circumstances where some sort of error needs to be corrected.
  3. We have been talking about making changes for a long long time - However, there is only so much time to develop things. ANR took a significant amount of effort and the moment that it was "out the door" so to speak, these changes were being made. The thing is, like always; we try not to say anything about something until it's ready and we know for sure it's going to happen as we think it will. This was the team's highest priority post ANR, so now It's ready! =)
  4. This is a video game forum, where people come to talk about Klei Entertainment games, perhaps share some thoughts, ideas and art. Not a platform for you to just say and do as you please. If you can be here and participate constructively without insulting anybody who doesn't agree with you please, by all means do so. But you are fully expected to adhere to community standards: And, to be quite frank; you're not going to have any luck trying to strong-arm everybody help you change our game so that it's something different because you alone feel it should be made how you want. However, if you have a game idea that you truly believe in. Go do that, pursue it; make it and don't let anybody stop you.
  5. Hey everybody. Just want to step in and ask that everybody be respectful, polite and constructive. You don't have to agree, but you are expected to be constructive and polite. If you cannot, please find a thread somewhere else where you can. Thanks.
  6. Yeah - they like to crawl for "relevant" topics so they don't get caught. I turned off the normal protections right now because at the moment we have a lot of posts happening and it was getting in the way. It's not as bad as it used to be - we used to have about 300 spam account signups a day In the future, just report it please - replying to it and giving it exposure is bad because they see the results when people click. Thanks!
  7. Just a reminder for everybody to stay polite, constructive and on topic. Thanks.
  8. If or when a platform has the content and capability to participate, we will update the page accordingly.
  9. This issue should be fixed.
  10. It's called forum upgrade for bug reports back when I did a substantial upgrade to the forum. i just never took the section down. Thanks for the suggestion.
  11. Bugs are fixed on a priority basis - sometimes priority depends on how quickly a bug can be fixed. How quickly a bug can be fixed can depend on who touched that system last and how quickly it can be figured out. And sometimes, if it's a rare or infrequent bug the priority goes way down and could potentially not be worth fixing at all. (nothing is entirely bug free) I mean, sorry that some of you can be inconvenienced by not being able to take advantage of something that has become your preferred method of doing things, but the stuff that allows people to easily cheese their way around things sometimes just need to get fixed. We don't like that sometimes things stick around for a while either, but it's a constant balancing game between doing new stuff and fixing bugs and right now, bug fixing is a priority.
  12. Can I have a title now?

  13. Think you could hide your old Let's Play footage of Don't Starve from me, did you?

    1. JoeW


      You know what I have to say about that.... 

    2. TheKingDedede


      Now that's amusing!

  14. If you're not the title fairy anymore, then who is?

    1. JoeW


      OMG HI

      It is still me =)

    2. minespatch
  15. Hey there, Don't Starve Players who purchased before June 3rd, 2015 had a free copy of Don't Starve Together added to their Steam library. This did not include an additional copy for a friend. You can find information about that when it happened below