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Here Piggy Piggy- Porkine experimentation


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Have I been experimenting with the wee little pigs? YES I have.

Pigs- Can be found in the wild usually in colonies. A Little bit of meat and you have yourself a PERMANENT temporarily loyal companion.

He snorts. Talks and follows you.

What you get-

A body guard or an army- they attack things you attack including trees. But not rocks.

A manure producers- Feed them petals, carrots, berries... oh anything not meat and they poo. On Cue!

Defense- At night they will go for any spider in the area

Bee haters- They attack bees on sight without any provocation.


They steal your meat if they want it

Feed them too much monster meat and they turn monsterous.

They attack bees without help

When attacking a spider nest they don't do it a 'little' at a time. They just hit it and all spiders at once pour out at you.

They are annoying

They stand in the way.

At the full moon they turn feral and Eat you. Each other. Beefalo. Spiders... Everything. Anything.

Other piggy facts

THey have names now- I think named after some Klei developers and other humourous ideas.

If you eat Mandrake they fall asleep

They attack tentacles and get lost in swamps a lot.

When you hit sunset unless you have light they run stupid and stop following you.

When they die they can turn into all kinds things- petals, carrots, meat

Ditching pigs at sundown/night is a great way to get rid of them.

As Soon as you go back along path where there was a pig you ditched he normally finds you again....

They turn monsterous and take a few days calm down and turn back to normal- they do this no matter where they are

Pan pipes and pigs- Haven't tried this. Anyone tell me what happens?

They go to sleep. Even if you are trying to get spiders to sleep pigs do too- Thanks Toaster fu My Pan pipe expert.

Edited by LadyD
Additional information- Thanks Taoster Fu.
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The reason for which an assortment of stuff appear when pigs die is because you fed them that. Any thing you feed the pig except raw meat and honey will appear after the pigs dead. So, you can use the pig as a portable food source. Kill it when you want to by getting it to attack beefalo.

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In my experience, pigs only stay loyal for 1-2 days after being fed, at which point they get hungry, demand more food, and promptly abandon you like the shameless gold-diggers they are. You can feed them more meat at any time to make them follow you again for a day or two.I have only fed them monster meat. I don't know if other kinds of meat, cooked or uncooked, make them follow you longer.

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One thing I've found that's very very handy is after building a Pig house you get a free pig man who respawns every morning (if he dies) feed him all the flowers or berries you want and he will poop out that many piles of manure then you can kill him and take the flowers or berries back plus a lump of meat!

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One house is quite safe I think. But if you build to many it can be dangerous.And the thing when you get the berries and flowers back, thats a bug. Will be gone by the next update I think.

really thats a bug damn i like killing them and getting the stuff back
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*sighs*Someone dragged up my thread*bustles off to fix the out dated information*

Is it okay if I post here, then?I just found two named pigs who were attacking a werepig, their names are Antonio and Eugene. I gave Antonio the monster meat and he followed me around until he attacked a spider's nest and got killed. Now I am sad because he had a name! Was he special? :(
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I forgot to add that...

*sighs and goes back to editing*

I can start a new thread, if you'd prefer?

- - - Updated - - -

The pigs have names now (for I while I hear), someone even had one named Kevin.

Well, that makes me even sadder that he died! ;)
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