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  1. how do I GET A PET CHESTER p.s. wern't you guys going to release wickerbottem first?
  2. I want a chester !!! wait wasnt the librarian supposed to be the next character
  3. This is very cool I think this is a good idea +1
  4. Oink pig no know how respond
  5. IM 12 ALSO. *clears throat* you could give suggestions currently suggestions always help some suggestions get put in the game so keep that in mind
  6. I ate neighbour yesterday how was your day oink
  7. Rainbow bacon good enoughI have alot
  8. no one still here I cook 7000000000000 rainbow bacon for nothing!
  9. * cuts some of Pig kings butt off* hear you go eat I made for you I made it rainbow style! - - - Updated - - - House party success
  10. * throws brother at Ora* take him
  11. turns normal again. this party bad * throws book about family in fire* HOME TIME *runs home screaming* sees a light and sees Wilson
  12. *eats meat* rawr chases everyone around
  13. that better be good meat can I have it?
  14. I readbook from homeland the pig king told me that story when I was little it is my favorite story do you not like my history do you hate me?
  15. I like allthe neat creepy monsters they made!
  16. new meat yummy I paint on rainbows and pony eat?
  17. 0_0 Were you talking of me turning into werepig well I dont turn my dad did but not me!
  18. hops out of bag starts a farm builds a fire pit then finds new pig village gets pig wife has children then dies of old pig age - - - Updated - - - That was the story of my birth that I just read from my book!
  19. I built meat effgy ugly monkey man showed me how
  20. raises from the dead and bites pony