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  1. I thought I was completely fine without multiplayer, I mean it would have been nice, but whatever.But now, when I honestly look at it, the fact is, I don't really play this game anymore, and if they added multiplayer, I would instantly start playing it like crazy, I know there's people out there who feel the same way, its just the truth.and having two people on the island could easily fit in to the theme, it's supposed to be about being lonely and stuff, but I've never got that feeling while playing this game, if the klei people really wanted that theme, they wouldn't have put in pigmen, or tallbirds, those are companions too right? When you're near the other player, it would be good for your sanity, it would make you rely on the other person, because I would assume if multiplayer was ever added, you would have less health, hunger, and sanity, right? that pretty much solves the issue on how it wouldn't work.
  2. Hoe do you delete all your progress, characters, and research? i tried disabling updates, turning off cloud, turning off backup, and obviously, deleting the game content after that, i even tried un installing steam. how do you do it?
  3. Sleeping Hounds

    sleeping darts i believe
  4. although not super important, does anyone know the official names for the biomes and what exactly spawns in each one?
  5. Question about pigs

    if you kill them the day of the full moon, so they arent alive during the full moon night, will they turn?
  6. Holy Cow the Yogscast!

    Im so glad this game is getting good reception, having high hopes for the future.
  7. How does the were-pig cycle work, does the pig itself have to be alive for a certain number of days, or is it just every "blank"th day( i think its 7 or something) no matter how long the actual pig has been alive? as in, can you interrupt the were-pig cycle by killing them. I've been avoiding making pig houses near my camp, because i thought they would attack, but i was hoping i could just make a couple houses and kill them like everyday without fear of were-pigs. im sorry i took so long explaining one simple little thing, i just need to make sure you guys get the question (not like you're stupid..just making sure, here i go rambling again, oh god) thanks, Jowii:D
  8. what do you guys do in this game after a while? im at day 80 and researched everything, have massive farms of all kinds, and explored the whole map. i don't know what to do anymore, did i win?
  9. Exp

    Do you guys know what actually counts towards exp. will day 60 unlock much?
  10. Exp

    How does the exp system work? i want to play as other characters, but have to die for my exp to count. Im at day 60 or so.
  11. How do you guys make meat farms? i tried just building pig houses by spider nests, like i thought i was supposed to, but theres never any drops there when i go, ive been checking it every day . any advice?
  12. This changed my life. Thanks so much. I always die trying to farm stupid silk . Thanks - - - Updated - - - This changed my life. Thanks so much. I always die trying to farm stupid silk . Thanks
  13. All these suggestions look really exciting so far. Monkey men backpack/pets etc. But thats more long term. For the next update all i really want is fences. Maybe they can be attacked or something as to not be too op, but i use trees to fence off my camp now and they block the view soooo bad. Gets really annoying. Whatt do you think? Ps. Writing from a phone, sorry about spelling etc.