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  1. Thanks! He was meant to look like he'd eat you, but I failed at that.
  2. First off, I'm very new to art and this is one of my first attempts at digital art.Have a red bird. It's riddled with mistakes (body is out of proportion, colours are a bit wrong etc.)I'll probably improve it later.Here's the image(Forum glitch doesn't let me upload)Critiques are appreciated.
  3. It's excellent except when you use 'freakish'. That spoils the quality.
  4. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Gameplay] Platform Chrome Version Number 69338 Issue title Rabbits pop up at night Steps to reproduce Camp near a bunch of rabbit holes whose inhabitants aren't killed. Describe your issue Rabbits pop out of the holes at night and disappear in a split second as long as you aren't too close to them. If you are quick enough, running towards the rabbit will produce the 'alarm call'. This can be exploited to trap rabbits at night.
  5. Believe me, it is very irritating.
  6. Upon my travels, I have uncovered many befuddling species of my prison. It is indeed strange how these creatures manage to live without throwing the ecosystem of balance, yet they manage to do it. There are a great many secrets I am not able to discover. More to come!
  7. The reason for which an assortment of stuff appear when pigs die is because you fed them that. Any thing you feed the pig except raw meat and honey will appear after the pigs dead. So, you can use the pig as a portable food source. Kill it when you want to by getting it to attack beefalo.
  8. Looking forward to all of this. Any chances of rainforest in the distant future?
  9. The only thing that are aggressive towards you in this game at the moment are wild bees and spiders. Coincidencially, they are the only arthropods here. It would be nice if we could have more, like stingless bees that produce less honey and can't attack. Or scorpions and such. Maybe have a giant praying mantis. Maybe even cockroaches and crickets that can be kept as pets . About larger wildlife- The only large hunt-able non-sentient animal here at the moment are beefalo, if you don't include pigs. I wonder what the megafauna update is about, but does it have elephants or gaur? Maybe even domesticate some of them. Or have animals that should be hunted using stealth. Probably animals who can hunt you such as tigers. That would be something to be wary of. Plants- PLEASE add variety to the game's forest. I have never seen a forest that has only one kind of tree.Also, tall grass could give us an advantage when hunting for rabbits, as it allows us to stalk our prey... There should be more forageable fruit. No one could be a vegetarian like myself only eating carrots and berries. A jungle section and a desert section would be nice.
  10. Megafauna could mean ANY particularly large animal, it does not need to be a part of a specific country.