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  1. I'm on version still slow mo. Yes I am on a laptop too
  2. It works fine for me. with steam cloud. sometimes half way through the night my friends want me to play something with them so I just alt-f4 the game. later when I load it up. save still there. hopefully they fix it for you though
  3. When they die they drop everything you gave to them potential storage?
  4. Alright that works I guess. now we wait for them to get bored XD
  5. How can I tell my pigmen to stay somewhere. I like them with me but I have set up spider dens and pighouses near eachother to get some meats and silks. hopefully they will keep killing each other every night then i have free loot
  6. Fully updated my drivers and still no change Hopefully they can bring an update to help us out. other than that the game is fun it just drags on because of slow mo
  7. I'm messing around with little things to see If I can get mine to improve. other than that will an update in the near future fix this problem for us?
  8. Ah thanks. I thought there was alot more than the recipes I had on the side of the screen
  9. As the title says. I would like to know if I can store items in a crafted chest of some kind
  10. I am experiencing the same problems. I3 processor, 4GB ram. Intel HD® HD Graphics. intergrated
  11. Trade has been completed. sorry for anyone else who wanted the key
  12. Just had a very interesting offer come through. will have to get back to this.
  13. Trading my spare key for any other steam game you can offer. I bought this game for myself so I will be quite generous with my key. If a game takes my fancy then straight away we can trade. I also hope whoever i trade with playes multiplayer with me if it gets introduced add me on steam: EliteUK_RaVeN Any problems finding me on steam search: madmansam it's the one with the dog picture