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winter is here

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Yeah on a related note is the snow purely visual or doe sit do anything with the mechanics of the game? I was expecting pigs to be shouting something dumb like "HURR ICE FALLING FROM THE SKY" or plants to grow slightly slower or something. I guess this might be just a visual taste of the future winter mechanic that they're planning on implementing.

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Guest Dandytard
Or we don't spoil the game for people...

Seriously, shut up.


Put some muscle in it, Though.

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yeah, u can't plant grass when it's snowing and bee stop coming out......i have a bad feeling about the real winter that's coming up now XD

Nah i doubt it, Kevin's said that they need a lot of work done on winter still, especially in the graphics department. This was just a small taste, he said we'll most likely see the sanity meter before we see winter, and THAT I can't wait to try out. :p

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No w00tyd00d, you can't plant grass already. I'm not sure about bees not coming out as I died on my last stable world but you can't plant grass.

Oh no no no, I know you can't plant grass while it snows, I wasn't doubting that lol. I thought what he was saying in his post he thought Winter was going to be in the next update and that's what I was doubting, but then going back to read it again I think he meant about winter in general.....Sooo, that's what I get for reading posts too fast. :p

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Even this mini-preview is enough to whet my appetite for real Winter. No farming, no planting, no regrowing plant-based resources (grass, saplings, trees?), just you and your ability to hunt and trap and stay warm and conserve your stack(s) of Grass and Twigs and Logs until spring comes again.

Bart Scott me. "Can't wait!!"

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