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  1. I wonder why tooth traps don't work on hounds.
  2. And here I was going through this game thinking there was no way to split a stack. I'll have to remember this.
  3. Honey is also a very useful ingredient in the crock pot for turning monster meat into honeyed hams.
  4. I generally just throw on my log suit and football helmet and whatever weapon I have, be it a spear or a tentacle spike. Then I stand and fight the horde of hounds that come after me. I generally kill the first hound that shows on the screen as quickly as possible which makes him drop a monster meat, which distracts the other hounds, then I prioritize the hellhounds because for some reason the fire messes with the hound's AI and they just kind of flail about while taking fire damage. The important thing about that is that they are not attacking you during that moment, so it gives you an advantage to press.
  5. This is what this thread's title made me think of.
  6. Beefalos as of now do not respawn. As for if and when that might change, nobody knows for certain. It has been hinted at by the developers that a beefalo mating season is in the works that may cause beefalo to multiply. Nobody knows when this will be implemented.
  7. This idea. I love it. But I am curious, would seeds spoil? Because as long as they are kept dry seeds can last pretty much forever IRL.
  8. Wait, you mean I can use my gratuitous amounts of honeyed ham to muster a pig army that is more loyal than one raised off of morsels? Hmmm...
  9. Most Epic: Killing three spider queens at once. Most Stupid: Thinking I had enough food for an expedition because I was carrying a stack of cooked monster meat without realizing that monster meat, especially cooked monster meat, hurts you. Best: I'm gonna go ahead and say that my most epic is also my best.
  10. I personally tend to generate a new map every time I have to start over and take what I get. If I get a hard map? Good.
  11. I like your suggestions, but you are not addressing the fact that I am rolling in honeyed hams right now because of all the monster meat I am getting to shove into my crock pot from all the spiders I've been having to fight since the queen update went live.
  12. Oh Pig, c'mere so I can stab you and make a football helmet out of your butt.