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  1. Cooked seeds also help regenerate health. I use them all the time.
  2. thank you toaster for backing me up. I wasn,t trying to spoil anything.
  3. I made the winter hat and put it thing I knew winter was here and the snow is beautiful!
  4. Thanks. I didn't think so but I saw something in a post somewhere else but I think it was someone saying they too wanted to ride a beefalo. Also, does the tent just allow you to change characters? And do the spider eggs do anything special or just allow you to plant spiders? I don't think I would want a nest near my camp, atleast not that close.
  5. Is there any way to travel other than foot? I am on a huge map and get tired of having to go back to so of the other islands for stuff. If anyone knows how please advise. Thank You!
  6. A little off subject but is there anyway to travel faster? The map I am on is so huge it takes me forever to get back and forth to my base/farm.
  7. Yea, I get the Pig Skins by Hammering down the pig houses. I am not going to deal with they werepigs because my fighting skills are not up to par. I take the safe way for now atleats. I even us my rabbit traps to catch the spiders instead of dealing with them, unless it is a snall nest tha I will kill the four and hack the nest.
  8. Oh I know who Krampus is. He is that devil looking thing. He came after me only twice and I was wondering who he was.
  9. Where is the naughtiness meter? SO many things I didn't know about the game. I now know about the moon cycle. I need to know about the naughtiness cycle and also how does it effect you? Also, what can you do with the killer bees after you capture them?
  10. what is an optimus pine? I have 64hrs into the game and I am not sure I have seen this? Learning as I go.
  11. Thanks! I was using the beefalo poo. I planted berry bushes and grass but cpuldn't figure out how to make them grow but now I do. I used the monster meat with the crock pot but I didn't think of it as bait for the hounds! Thanks for the tips!
  12. WHat do you use the pig poop for? And also how can you tell when it is a fullmoon. I was on day 45 and then I feed them Monster meat..........that was a bad move I learned from because I died right after. I was sooo mad. What is a good use for the monster meat?
  13. I wanted to know why/how do the pigs turn in a wolf like creature:confused: I was pretty far into my farm and I made a few pigs houses. They were killing spiders for me after I fed them and then a few "turned" and started killing other pigs and then also me. Is it when the don't go into there house when it gets dark? or is it because I fed them monster meat? I don't want to make this mistake again. Also what can you do with the hounds teeth and also what does the tent do? Thanks for any feedback.