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  1. I agree with all but one I think. That would make killing rabbits nearly impossible, though I kind of like it too because it would really be a challenge to get food.
  2. Yeah, you should of not have done that. That sounds like an awesome map, that is now lost forever. Test brings up nice results, however it often does not have pig kings.
  3. Taking a little break too really, making new worlds and testing stuff out. :3 By the way Lil Teemo, I must say, your mushrooms are very lethal.. I wonder, what do you put in them?
  4. There's already a topic, but happy new year.
  5. Great idea, and kudos for actually recording and making it, though the lag does indeed make it unwatchable.
  6. I don't see why it would need a name, really.. I think it's good as it is now, without any name.
  7. TylerTheDragon; have you even read the topic? And as far as I know it is not possible.
  8. Yes, I guess that's the way to do it now. Warrior Spiders are actually better now after the hotfix, before.. oh.. god. I do not even want to remember about these times. That was the day when I lost all my meat effigies.
  9. Yes, the second picture is pretty awful.. but it's still better than any of my drawings. I've been planning on drawing some stuff about Don't Starve, but don't think it's even worth it. The first one is great, though! and I know these moments so well..
  10. Warrior Spiders. Just Warrior Spiders. That's all. The Darkness? Nah. He ain't got nothing on me and my automatic fires. But Warrior Spiders..
  11. Yep, they turn into werepigs on a full moon. Sorry I didn't include it in my post, it's because I never experienced it. Yep xD. And no, I'm not new.. it just seems if I based with pigs I'd be away / sleeping through full moon without even realizing it. Going to make a base in the pigmen village just to experience it :3
  12. Petals are kind of useless except for feeding them to pigmen so you can get manure. You're not being one hit at all, unless you have low health then yes. This is why you should invent in getting a logsuit and then get some pig skin for a football helmet. These will lower the damage you take HEAVILY. Infact, you barely loose any health untill they get broken. The only thing you keep over worlds is indeed research points and things you researched. There is not a FAQ, but there are a few fan-made guides and there is a wiki where you can look stuff up on.
  13. All great ideas except broken bones and new life. I don't really like the idea of breaking your bones, yeah it's realistic but too much I think. What if someone likes the world they are on right now and want to keep playing on it?
  14. No w00tyd00d, you can't plant grass already. I'm not sure about bees not coming out as I died on my last stable world but you can't plant grass.