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  1. Okay, yeah, I'm in adventure mode. Didn't make it. Will see what happens next life!
  2. Has anybody else gotten unlucky enough to get winter this early? I didn't build the meter, but I didn't think it would hit that early so I might be a goner.
  3. Kinda hadn't played with the turf update cause I just got Borderlands 2 and ... well ... yeah. But with this new update I'm going to load up DS as Soon as I get home from work and play it till I waffle-face on my keyboard.
  4. I use picked flowers to feed pigs for manure. I'd rather eat the berries myself.
  5. Okay. I really like this idea overall. Honey. Using honey in the preservation process and allowing bees to hibernate in winter makes it so people have to decide whether to use it to keep their food fresh, or to heal. It will make the resource naturally more limited without overdoing it. Honey doesn't spoil and was used in the preservation process because it is actually antiseptic. They even use it to treat wounds because it kills germs. If you try to make it too hard to get regular food during winter, people will be playing sim-canning instead of Don't Starve in order to make it through winter. No veggies is awesome, of course bees hibernate in winter so no new honey till spring either, but pigs respawn slower now and other sources should remain available. Making it so that the dried food takes a lot more to keep you fed will result in grinding, and I know you are trying to avoid that. We could make drying racks out of rope and sticks to dry fish and meat on. Edit: And about the meat effigies... I disagree that they should spoil, but maybe they should have a limit to the number you can make, like only 1 at a time?
  6. That's why I liked the randomness of the farms. Made people make different items as opposed to just getting certain seeds for harvesting only the ones that heal the most and making it so the whole thing has to be nerfed.
  7. I like to keep 2 nests around, on different areas, for silk. That's in case I destroy one by accident so that I never totally run out.
  8. Oh, yeah. Sorry. My browser has the general discussion set on default cause I usually check it first. (~_~)
  9. I loved the style of animation. That old Victorian charm.
  10. It takes a lot of hits to kill them, and fire works but can be just as dangerous to you if you're not playing Willow. They are kinda cool once they start wandering around by themselves, or if you put them back to sleep with pine cones but... don't forget where they are cause they'll get ticked again if they see you chopping up their relatives for firewood.
  11. Ugh. Maxwell. Don't get me started. He's left me here to die and right now, I only live to spite him. My first couple of days were easy enough, like the camping trips father insisted we go on every summer. But I knew I couldn't live like that forever so I dug in my heels and got to researching everything I could find of this place. First off, I never go anywhere without protection. I could make a backpack easily to carry more around but I prefer the safety that a good logsuit provides against all the things that seem to want me dead around here. I've put together a makeshift residence in which to keep my things for long term storage so carting around unneeded equipment would be just silly. I also have found a way to make myself less vulnerable to the ravages of an untimely demise by the creation of effigies and some mysticism involving an amulet, though I prefer not to rely on such unscientific foolishness. The giant spiders are a particularly foul beastie I have noted and I have been careful to remove nests while they remain small and weak from any areas in which I frequent. I shall leave them to the barren rocky plains which I have already stripped of any needed resources. While I do require silk from time to time, I have discovered that camping near to a single nest at night allows me to destroy the creatures much more safely (and without attracting those nasty jumping variety) than an all out assault in daylight. I have a few farms about my residence, which I keep supplied with fertilizer via some yak-like creatures roaming off in distant grassy plains. I take a trip every couple of weeks now to gather what I need, camping out so that I may take the opportunity to also shave a few of the beasts for their wool before returning home again. I have created a home for some bees I located as well so that I may have honey for my tea, and even planted a lovely little flower garden about them. Truly, this may have not been such a terrible thing. There's no one to interrupt my research anymore. Perhaps Maxwell has done me a favor. It is a bit lonely at times, and the pig-men which inhabit this realm are not exactly much for conversation. So, I have taken a pet or two. A little redbird which lives in a cage, and an egg I hatched after a rather fierce battle with a rather tall, one-eyed bird. Having imprinted on me, the little thing follows me everywhere and is as fine as any hunting dog I have seen. ... to be continued? I know people have talked about self-imposed rules and whatnot. I don't tend to move grass, saplings, or berry bushes. After seeing a post about it, I started using a smallbird to hunt with to save on silk because spiders are probably the #1 thing that kills me. Currently about to break my 50 day record, have a couple of effigies so feeling pretty good that I'll make it maybe even to the triple digit mark. (^_^)
  12. Okay, that is partly what I was checking. Means they won't get out of control on me. I do know they tier up without visiting them so wasn't sure if they'd start expanding their territory on their own.
  13. I culled back a huge number of nests, leaving only a couple to become queens and repopulate. I'm hoping to be able to track them on the map.
  14. Okay, do newly formed nests appear on your map? Or do you have to re-explore an area to make them appear there? I haven't encountered any yet and so was just wondering.
  15. You have to go into your computer files and erase the information without deleting the files. There is a thread explaining how to do this somewhere on here... that's how i reset mine.