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  1. Doesn't need to be! Also, that concludes Season 2!
  2. A full stage 4 beard provides 135 seconds worth of warmth during winter. This gives him room for armour. In addition, everyone seems to forget Stats. Wilson has 150 Hunger, 150 Health and 200 Sanity. You need to consider all of these before trying to revamp a character.
  3. 4 episodes worth of being harassed by Bees! Those angry little buggers!
  4. Guys. CHILL! We've solved the puzzle. Take a break, have a nice cuppa, write that novel you've been meaning to write. We've only got a few days left anyway. Speculate where we're going to find Maxwell's / Charlie's rose.
  5. I probably should have mentioned what I meant. I'm on about "In with the New". Does it mean anything? Because I'm having a hard time just trying to find out what it is even referring.
  6. "They thought Max was too overpowered so they gave him a new item for DST!" In case you didn't care.
  7. Okay well... The background has officially been removed or changed or something. And this link: doesn't work any more. On topic, why the name?
  8. Unforunately it was me. else it would be Blah blah blah (mouse over it) or something like this. Regardless, I'm downloading Resumptus and shoving it through Vegas Pro. Edit: Nothing. Nothing at all. Looks like that's it for this puzzle.
  9. He's right. According to the Inspect Element - Frames this is the background: Off-topic - what's this? Looking at it, that actually may not be Charlie's Rose. Look at Maxwell on the left. (Also I think it's back now)
  10. To be fair I just thought this was implied :/ Also someone check out the page source or something.
  11. at 0:59 Wolfgang's Skeleton gets destroyed by the Meteor. Yay, they made it so we can destroy skeletons! And also, Rocks are now an Infinite resource! - The Meteors leave Rocks behind (Or whatever that is behind Wolfgang's Ghost) Edit: Oh ok, yeah the background has been removed. Either they are going to change it to some sort of Don't Starve Together Background instead... Or there will be a new background secret or something.
  12. Anyone want their art in one of our videos? Just say, we'll be glad to put your Don't Starve Art into our videos (And link of obviously )