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List of emotes?

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As you probably noticed from watching the video, most of these are aliases for the same emotes. From the files:


wave and waves will pick one of two wave animations.


goaway, bye, and goodbye will pick one of two different wave animations.


The rest all have one possible animation, here are the groups:

  • cheercheershappy
  • angryangergrimacegrimacesfrustratefrustratedfrustration
  • sadcry
  • annoyedannoynoshakeheadshakeconfuseconfused
  • clickheelclickheelsjoycelebratecelebration
  • dance -- this is just the walking animation, though
  • bonesawreadygoingnowhereplaytimethreeminutes -- these seem to be in a special category, although I haven't figured out why yet

As for the much-coveted facepalm animation, there doesn't seem to be a way to do it yet.

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Does Don't Starve Together really have a reference to the Spider-Man movie where Macho Man Randy Savage fought Spiderman?


Because wow, Klei. That's freaking amazing. Never stop being amazing, Klei.



Here, let me quote Merasmus for this one: "Wait what?"


Like above.

What reference are you talking about? 


Btw. Thanks for listing some emotes. Most of them doesn't really suit typed expressions though. At least to me. I hope there there will be more emotes for like "yes", "no" and possibly best emote i'd love to see "wtf are you doing?".

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I don't see why they decided to reference that specifically, but it's there.


Yeah, I really don't understand why either...I just love that someone at  Klei said "Guys! Remember that scene from Spider Man 1? Yeah...let's do emotes from that" and everyone else agreed xD

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@acemurdock You might be onto something! But I realized today that the special category is so that you can draw out the emote commands and still have them work, like /boooonnnnesawwww

 Ahhh I dunno if it's anything more than a joke, really. I just love it XD That's hilarious that you can draw it out ahhahaa! 

 I wonder what shenanigans in the klei office prompted this, anyway. 

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