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Well, just wanted to share my latest fanart - I call it Wilsons memories. It´s a drawing of some of the memories Wilson have made during his time in Maxwells world - Good and bad memories :-) Hope u like it, and please leave a comment - ohhh and btw i really would like some requests ;)


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Well, that's what I'll never understand. Kiddos with these drawing skills should go for competitions or whatever. They could even get by from their arts. Nah, for the thread. You're amazing kiddo! Good job!

I've come to live on likes from my bad art


Anyway, these are pretty darn good. Keep up the good work!

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post-464320-0-75605000-1413591888_thumb.OHHH the struggle i had with this one - Couldn´t figure out which colors i should use for the background, painted (and then removed afterwards) a lot of trees yada yada! + its 2 am, and im really tired ;)    

I don´t think i can do this exact painting better for now. I´m not totally happy with the result, but i guess it´s ok? Well anyways hope you like it :-)

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The art is awesome!

Only question is on the picture of Wilson's memories, when is he remembering these? did he die?



Well, i thought about that myself. That´s for you to decide. Personally no, he didn´t die - I don´t want Wilson to die. Hope that answered your question ;)

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